Abbreviated Salute to the Demonstration of a Most Edifying and Invigorating Commitment to the Common Good Demonstrated by the Hon. Judge D. K. Kinnaird, Presiding Judge of the Chancery Division of the Circuit Court of Cook County, IL

In the month of June of 2010, the Hon. Judge D. K. Kinnaird demonstrated the type of selflessness and fearlessness that is so infrequently found in what is left of a social order in the u. S. of A. at this juncture in the tragic and heart-rending decline of the American Republic.

To wit, she granted the IL. Sup. Ct. Rule 298 petition filed in the case captioned "More v Barrett et al", notwithstanding that for a number of reasons, the petition had been addressed solely to IL. Sup. Ct. Justice R. Thomas for adjudication in the first instance.

This demonstration of a "Fiat justicia, ruat caelum" disposition has provided a most salutary example of the type of commitment to legitimacy and beyond that selfless service of the ascertainable and identifiable true common good via the exercise of the authority of a judicial office which those of us engaged in the interminable battle to prevent the complete destruction of this country so frequently lament so often seems to have gone the way of the uprightness and decency of a bygone era - no not the 1950's in what were then the "Catholic Ghettos" in America, but rather the true Halycon period of the principle of noblesse oblige - the 13th Century in King St. Louis IX's France.

For all of the reasons set forth herein and for reasons a complete explication of which would be beyond the scope of this document, AAA #4, Mr. R. J. More, on behalf of the Executive Committee of the ISMA herein salutes that component of the activity of the Judgeship of the Hon. Judge D. K. Kinnaird in regard to which RJM possesses percipient knowledge and respectfully proposes that Judge Kinnaird make it known that if nominated for the position of Chief Judge of the Circuit Court of Cook County, IL, that she would not refuse to accept such nomination nor the actual election to such position.

Signed this 7th day of the 9th month of the year 2010 Anno Domini ____________________

Robert J. More, ISMA AAA #4

Disclaimer - This disclaimer presumably is not important enough to merit the reading thereof. It is the informed understanding of the penitent author of this document that: No one can avoid spending eternity in hell except possessors of sanctifying grace at the moment of the entrance into eternity, and that no one can possess sanctifying grace if (s)he does not accept and adhere to the Plain Language Meaning of the Dogma Extra Ecclesia Nulla Salus ("PLMDEENS"), and accomplish/contribute all that must be accomplished/contributed in order to ensure the adequate coverage of (his) (her) moral liability. Should anyone possibly be interested in the content of this disclaimer, (s)he can contact: Its author is prohibited from participating in any discussion hereof without express permission and likewise regarding subjects not concerning eternal salvation and/or the prevention and/or avengin/punishment of predation perpetrations and he has to remit a fine in every instance in which he violates this rule.