ISMA Petition for the Issuance/Procurement of  a Promise of
Forbearance From the Institution of  (a) Criminal Charge (“PPFCC”)

…. Herein petitions …. for the issuance of a promise of  forbearance
from the filing of any criminal complaint &/or information &/or  from
the execution of  any acts which might constitute component parts of
an endeavor to procure a presentment &/or indictment from a grand jury
in regard to the matter of: (…list matter here…).
The basis upon which  the position of  the Petitioner that it would
not be morally justified for the addressee of  such petition to
refuse/decline to grant such consideration as is herein sought in this
PPFCC is described herein as follows:

_______________________, _______________
Petitioner     Date

Notice of  Submission of  Petition
Under penalties of  perjury, pursuant to the express provisions of 28
USC 1746 and/or …. the undersigned herein avers that (s)he did cause
to be submitted to ________________, whose title is:
______________________________,  the PPFCC of  which this notice is a
component part on ______________, at _____________, via ….

_______________________, ______________
Petitioner    Date