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Date: Sat, Mar 6, 2010 at 3:02 PM
Subject: revised formula for provision of support and assistance to targets of predation perpetrations to help prevent such from becoming victims thereof -tx for the input from various persons incorporated herein
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no recipient of this email is not at least a security clearance level 3 activity conductor -please provide notification if  the reception of this type email in the future would not be appreciated and DO NOT READ IT in lieu of  attendance to some prior obligation in justice


3/5/10 b. …, n. p.

Third Revised and Superceding Component (as of 3/5/10) Emergency Assistance Program of 12/20/09, for Situations in which Counter-degenerate Citizens are Involved in Encounters with Representatives of Government Entities and/or Counter-degenerate Members of Government Entities Might Consider It Necessary to Procure Information, Assistance and/or Input from Other Counter-degenerates Given the Deplorable Overall Condition(s) of the Vast Majority of Government Entities in the Edomite Supremacist Movement Genocide of the Goyim System Arrangement (“Edomite Apparatus”) Which Presently Prevails in The Former u.S. of A in Order to Ascertain the Requirements of the Moral Law As They Might Apply in a Given Instance and to Procure Whatever Assistance Might be Needed in a Given Case in Order to Ensure that Compliance Therewith Would Not Remain Not Adequately Accomplished

(Note - the entirety of the description of the consideration available from the project this document concerns, can be found in the bold faced font material contained herein - everything else contained herein is either contextualization or relates to the securing of interests which ISMA must keep secured in order to prevent the infiltration, subversion and/or compromising or general deterioration of its system(s) and structure(s)).

Next scheduled update – 8-15-10


Robert J. More, Jn. 2:15, MC Cl. 61, Papal Christmas Message - 1956, Rom. 12:21 – “Captive Ransomer” - Candidate

Associate Administrative Assistant pro tem

Institute of St. Michael the Archangel (“ISMA”)

312 545-1890



24/7/365 – Conditional Non-Atty Emergency and N-E. Assistance

First Back pro tem–up - G. W. Watts – selective availability (“S/A”)

863 688-9880, - gww1210.aol.com

Second Back-up pro tem - removed by request

Third Back-up pro tem– TBA S/A

* use of the term Counter-degenerate as used herein includes those whose Counter-degeneracy is not necessarily of an unattenuated character, as if the project this document concerns were restricted to Counter-degenerates of an unattenuated character, inter alia, the number of individuals whose conduct satisfies such criteria would be far less than the not unattenuated component and because it would so rarely be the case that a Counter-degenerate of the unattenuated type would ever end up involved in any type of predation, assistance to Counter-degenerates* would almost never result in ISMA’s ending up on the wrong side of a given conflict

Initial Abbreviated Script of 12/16/09 –

Problem: Continual erosion of the barriers which are supposed to be in place to prevent arrogations, encroachments, and usurpations by govt officials and the entities who exercise influence and control over such – the member of the Edomite Slave Keeper and Slave Master Classes in the Present Post-Christian Period of the History of the Occident in its continued descent into an ever-deepening Talmudic-Barbarity at the expense of the measures of consideration the Non-Counterfieit Version of the Rule of Law is supposed to provide to Counter-degenerate members of the population.

------------Confidential Material omitted -----------

Third Priority: Procure a confirmation of acknowledgement of non-accrual of any reliance interest, and non-creation of any legal contract nor any attorney-client relationship in regard to which there would be any legally/morally enforceable remedy in regard to any alleged breach thereof

Phone Assistant (“PA”) – “Caller, in order to provide you any assistance, I need you to repeat the following conveyance back to me: ‘I understand that no provision of information and/or assistance in the phone call in which this conveyance is being conveyed in any way could possibly result in the accrual of any reliance interest, and/or the creation of any legal contract or any attorney-client relationship in regard to which there would be any legally/morally enforceable remedy in regard to any alleged breach thereof.’

Nothing personal, but without such confirmation, I am not authorized to provide any information or assistance.”


Fourth Priority- Assist in the securement of a given situation against the devil’s activity – provide possible soul, life, bodily integrity and/or legal claim, saving (after receiving confirmation that caller has been informed that what information might be provided is not advice from a licensed attorney upon which (s)he can rely, with the measure of indemnification provided by legal malpractice insurance available in this given interaction, since, inter alia there is no lawyer-client relationship created by the provision thereof) , information and instruction,

If encountering an inquiry re the structure of ISMA, the following is the appropriate response– “there are certain confidences which I am not authorized to divulge, amongst which would be an oral answer to the question just posited. Inquiries in writing will receive a response thereto w/n 60 – 90 days of the reception thereof according to the regulations and bylaws of the ISMA.

I am an external screener/phone assistant who in a given case either provides information or transmits information and/or requests for assistance to an internal screener, whose identity and contact information is a confidence I am not authorized to divulge except upon the reception of a written notification, directing me to provide such from the Executive Committee of the ISMA.

My conduct as a representative of ISMA is subject to a performance review and correlatively, I have to conduct my activity according to a script produced for the conducting of interactions such as the one in which this conveyance is contained and I am not authorized to deviate therefrom. As I have a life independent of the role in which I am presently conducting activity I may be contacted at: ….., regarding ….”

re questions concerning religious doctrinal questions – refer to “6 scholarly theological works”

OTCCTNS MHFM, volume 4 of VCIW - MHFM, Papal Bull - Cum ex apostolatus officio…., Catholic Dogma – Mueller, Doctrine of the Fewness of the Saved, - St. Leonard of Port Maurice, Apostolic Digest -with quotes of Counter-popes deleted, three ways of the interior life - garrigrou – Lagrange – supplemented by all conciliar promulgations of legitimate ecumenical councils, papal bulls and encyclicals addressed to the entire Church regarding matters concerning Faith and/or Morals.

Re questions on moral matters – Moral Theologiae – St. Alphonsus Liguori, Moral Theology – Jone, Moral Theology – H. Davis, S.J. in four volumes, similar works whose first edition was published prior to 1940.

Re progress in interior purification – Divine Intimacy, Im of Chirst, - Confraternity of the Precious Blood Edition, spiritual combat -Scupoli, Preparation for Death - Liguori, My Way of Life - Aquinas



re technical assistance – computer, car, small motor, electrical, phone, firearms, ordnance disposal, ordnance, chemistry, pyrotechnics re – legal matters – “developing legal situation” criteria - objective is to either procure some measure of consideration guaranteed by the moral law and constitution of the u.S. of A. or else to at least procure (a) confirmation(s) from a given govt official or non-government source of affliction, or confirmations of refusals to provide confirmations, or evidence of a refusal to provide such refusals…. all of which involve the presentation of a demand to a given govt official demanding the identification of the “source of authority according to which the authority would have been conferred/derived in a given matter according to which a given exercise of govt authority would have been, and/or be in the process of being, exercised” such that a legal record created according to commonly recognized evidentiary principles will have been created from every such type interaction which would at least provide a minimal basis according to which it could be claimed that what would have constituted concessions and/or admissions in a given case, which would subject the source of affliction to criminal and/or civil prosecutions of various sorts and ultimately to vigilante injustice rectification measures (see URL supra (Most….) (Magnalitcharcl….) via the creation of a legally cognizable record at the juncture at which an interaction would have been conducted, which would be sufficient to procure a “stipulated record of factual predicates and legal basis of activity of govt official or ps afflictor, and provide consideration necessary to prevent any change in such positions at some later date” would not have remained not adequately procured

assistance of any other sort - given, inter alia that there are some 5 billion persons in the possession of the age of reason from whom a given person seeking assistance might seek to procure assistance, and that countless amongst such number must be capable of providing any given type of assistance a seeker of assistance would ever seek (and in many cases such providers would be capable of providing consideration of a far superior character than would any given member of ISMA), and that there is a very substantial component of the members of the population of such Occident in whom there is not enough basic decency to require them to reciprocate for assistance of whatever sort ever provided (people like Mr. D. Cady, Ms. A. Tyler, Mr. S. Herrnreiter, Ms. C.P. More, Kenneth Matthews, James Phillips, and the most ingrateful Mr. Christopher Bollyn, etc. etc. etc. , which results in the incurrment of moral arrearages to the provider thereof, and beyond that given that various members of the ISMA have questioned whether participation in the corporal works of mercy other than that of “ransoming the captive(s)”, in the past has resulted in any evident detriment to the genocide in progress and whether the opportunity cost of the participation in such works has correlatively been justified (given that such participation may ultimately have been provided in various instances to the detriment of the contribution to the accomplishing of the “ransoming of the captive(s)” type of corporal work of mercy, which is the focus of ISMA, the foregoing of which in a given instance would have resulted from the provision of assistance to a given ingrate (where an ingrate is for the purpose of this project is defined as someone who would have received the benefit of extensive and costly assistance without ever reciprocating such nor even making a respectable effort to accomplish the reciprocation thereof in a given instance, nor even having promised nor pledge some type of future consideration) the provision of assistance from a member of ISMA is necessarily predicated upon the demonstration of a commitment to accomplish the remission of sufficient consideration whether in kind or via a contribution to the “Ransom the Captive(s)/”Stop the Genocide War Chest” from any given recipient of “Non-emergency Consideration” which contribution of assistance would have resulted in an opportunity-cost foregoing cost to a given member of ISMA in order to ensure that no member of the ISMA would ever incur any moral arrearage by providing any measure of consideration to anyone which would not result in a remission of consideration to the mission of the RC Church sufficient to justify the evident opportunity cost of a given provision of consideration to a given seeker thereof, in a given instance (obviously, the types of provision of assistance that can be provided to others which in a given instance can spare grief, shield from harm and or provide deliverance from afflictions to others in situations in which no substantial opportunity cost would be involved in the provision thereof, even in situations in which no emergency would be involved, are not only permitted but are practically enjoined as there is no such thing as a hopeless case amongst those in the possession of reason and the effect of the provision of a given measure of consideration, provided with the type of purity of intention and motive the Saints demonstrated to which even “Lesser Catholics” such as the author of this document ought endeavor to employ, has been known to produce even radical conversions of heart, and are all unrealizable opportunities if nothing else to combat selfishness and sloth in the never-ending this side of the grave, battle, to eliminated the self-centeredness which inheres in the fallen human condition and can never be completely eliminated in the earthy theatre tour of duty.

Practically, only those demonstrating the dispositions over a sufficiently extensive period of time for a presumption to be in place that the future activity of such type persons will be conducted according to the same priorities and dispositions in the future up to and through the entrance into eternity of such persons, demonstrated by Simeon and Anna ( _:_) as described in Divine Intimacy Ch. ---- are accorded consideration accompanied by substantial opportunity cost(s) with no expectation/requirement of reciprocity of commensurate consideration, because in the case of such type consideration provisions, it can evidently be safely presumed that the opportunity cost of providing entirely gratuitous assistance to such type persons is not greater than the benefit accrued by the RC church in the provision of assistance to such persons according to the principle contained in Lk 6:38

– add need for indemnification against discontinuation in the prosecution of a given case due to whatever combination of contributing factors

examples – see discourse of 12/14/09 of RJM and CPD Officer Rodgers at:

, reports of Obama, Novo, Griffith, Wright, Obama-Taitz, USPS reports all accessible at the URL listed herein

proximately worst position at end of interaction – evidence of disregard of demands made that govt official or other source of affliction commit to a position regarding factual predicates and alleged legal basis of activity which constitutes source of affliction

members of policing entities ever seeking assistance in order to ensure compliance with the requirements of the moral law in a given instance in which such requirements might not be unmistakeably obvious and/or in which compliance with such requirements might not be easily accomplished without the support and assistance of some members of the Counter-degenerate Component of “We the People…”

members of policing entities and/or the military ever being subjected to some type of sanction for refusing to comply with what would constitute in a given instance a morally unjustified order, because of the morally unacceptable character thereof are to be provided priority assistance as the Claus Von Stauffenberg/genocide-sabotuer component of the population is one of society”s most important assets

the maximum time limit for an emergency assistance call is 180 seconds expandable to 240 seconds, which can be repeated 3 times in a 30 minute period with an expansion to 6 minutes in the last call provided in the 2nd to last call, the SOA would have offered to make a donation of proximately commensurate value to any assistance provided for the entirety of any consideration which would be provided

The ISMA looks forward to a day in which assistance and support of various ventures can be provided according to the principles explicated in Lk 6:38 to anyone and everyone who would ever need such, without exception but until that day, the cost of the ingratitude of so many exploitive and manipulative persons has necessitated the superimposition of the restrictions, limitations and circumscriptions delineated herein.

As in all ISMA Operations, feedback, input, observations, criticisms, suggestions and/or proposed modifications of the project described herein are always welcome and most appreciated. Where the development of a project is at a given juncture, as important as such status is, may not be as important as where such will be in the future and the input from those effected by a given project can be used to great benefit for improving a given project.

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