Citizen Vigilance Bulletin - Chicago, IL - May 2015

Citizen Vigilance Bulletin in re Gray/Silver SUV w/ blue lettered plate on white background - numbered 11 422 (not either the standard Land of Lincoln, nor green lettering on white plate standard govt plate).

- seen at Clyborne and Wrightwood about ("@")1230 p.m. on 5/23/15 with 3 clean shaven face and head olive skinned males @ 25 yrs old. Seen again at Hamlin & Montrose at about 18:00 on 5/23. Seen at Starbucks on Pulaski and Lawrence @ 8:45 a.m. on 5/26 -driver only exited SB and departed in vehicle.
Investigation has been commenced into the ownership of such vehicle, the type of plate and other particulars in re this matter. Any information (factual &/or possible explanation(s) in re whereto)which might be provided in this regard would be much appreciated.

Various government officials have been notified as of 5/27/15. Inter alia, with the treasonous NDAA 1021 now in place, nothing can be taken for granted.

Robert J. More 608 445-5181,, 863 688-9880 (lv msg),