Doc #3 from D/L of 5/6/14

Multi-purpose FOIA Request of 5/6/14 re Notre Dame 2009 Commencement Crimes and Crime Perpetrators

to: Anthony Zappia – St. Joseph County, IN ("SJCI") Attorney, SJCI Police, University of Notre Dame ("UND"), UND Security Police ("NDSP"), Attorney Peter Agostino


FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT REQUEST OF 5/6/14 REGARDING the current residence and email addresses, and phone numbers of each and every individual listed herein who would be a representative of any entity in regard to the processing of FOIA's ever received in re whereto that the Recipient of this FOIA would be responsible for the provision of a response whereto, respectively, Which Concerns the University of Notre Dame (“UND”) Commencement of 2009

Definitions: not needed

Individuals in Regard to Whom Information is Sought:

2. Notre Dame Security Police (“NDSP”) Sgt. Pavnica, 4. NDSP Supervisor Phillip Johnson, 5. NDSP Supervisor David Chapman, 6. University of Notre Dame (“UND”) President John Jenkins, 7. NDSP Officers John and Jane Does #1-5, 8. Saint Joseph County, IN (“SJCI”) Police SGT. Matt Blank or Blanc, 9. SJCI Police Officer Mario Cervantes, 10. SJCI, Director of Police John Doe, and/or SJCI Sheriff, 11. SJCI Clerk Rita Glenn, #1-4, 21. St. Joseph County, IN Prosecutor Michael Dvorak, 22. SJCI Asst. Prosecutor William Wannecke, 23. UND Representative Frances Shavers, 24. UND Whatever William Kirk, 25. NDSP Off. Schirripa, 26. NDSP Off. Fleck, 27. NDSP Sgt. Dossman,


1. Robert J. More herein demands the provision of such consideration as is described in the title to this document.

2. It is herein demanded that any documents which can be emailed, be emailed and that RJM be notified where he can access any documents which cannot be transmitted via email, so that RJM can access any such type documents in their paper form and that if any such type documents would be accessible via the internet, that RJM be notified of any such type access and be provided the appropriate URL's, if any exist, in re whereto.

These demands have been made upon those referenced herein on 5/6/14, via various means, an enumeration of which will be provided in a future document. If the information herein referenced cannot be procured from those to whom it has been addressed, it is herein proposed that an email address and/or other contact information be provided which would enable RJM to procure the information referenced herein, immediately. RJM demands notice of the reception of this document.

Robert J. More,, 863 688-9880, 219 588-7738, P.O. Box 6926, Chicago, IL, 60680