For Those in whom there is still at least enough of a heart, spine and sense of shame to at least be unwilling to cooperate either by volition or by culpable passivity - in terms of non-opposition - to what is beyond any doubt a genocide in progress ( a genocide of the world’s goyim, that is), the following videos and documents, all available on the internet, have been claimed to have been extremely useful to the many persons who have viewed and/or read them and recommended them to others, in terms of enabling investigators of the matters in issue to procure enough knowledge regarding the actual causes of so many atrocities in the past, the deplorable condition of most everything at this juncture, and what can and must be done to avert disasters the magnitude of which would, by comparison, make the blood baths of the baptized and of all of those not willing to pay homage to the Rothschild’s and their fellow iniquity workers, nor to render unto them what rightfully, in a given case, would be owed to God (Mt. 22:22, Acts 5:29 et al), which have been perpetrated in places such as Paris, Orleans and Versailles in 1789, in Moscow, Kiev and St. Petersburg in 1917 et seq, in Budapest in 1918 et seq, in the Ukraine in 1932, and in Madrid, Seville and Navarre between 1936-39 and in too many other places in the past few centuries, to enumerate them all here, as horrific as these abominations have been in each and every case, by comparison in terms of the magnitude thereof, to have been mere routine blood samples procured from finger pricks in the annual medical exams of whomever can still afford medical exams.

1. America Freedom To Fascism -

2. 911 Mysteries -

3. Moneymasters

4. Come Lord Jesus - on video HYPERLINK "" – also Synagogue of Satan (“SOS”)on DVD. Copies of SOS are in circulation (

5. The Actual True Price of Apparently Free Corn HYPERLINK ""

6. Council on Domestic Relations – HYPERLINK "" – the story of the two Talmudic world wars to destroy Christendom in the 20th Century and much of the rest of the Talmudic predations, enforced famines and suchlike atrocities perpetrated over the past several centuries (admitting that the founder of the site does not always succeed in ending up avoiding presenting Hitler in a posture that is unjustifiably sympathy-engendering towards him and his obviously unacceptable agenda, which phenomena serves as a reminder that victimhood by itself, cannot either constitute virtue nor confer virtue and meritoriousness on wickedness, but only victimhood - as the enormous unjustified injuries and damage, distress, affliction and destruction perpetrated upon Germany and the world by the Talmudists, still could not have justified the response that Hitler used against the abomination of Talmudism – the forced expulsion of all Talmudists from a country for which one was responsible, having been necessary was indisputably morally justified, but the murdering of non-combatants and wanton unconcern to conduct activity at a high enough standard for it to not result in any unjustified injury to others and to otherwise have been morally legitimate, obviously was not justified). The site still provides invaluable perspectives – of those amongst the victimized vanquished who exposed the work of the devil for which the United States has so substantially been used.

7. Point Magazine Online - HYPERLINK "" - excellent resource to procure a perspective of how the enormous problem of Talmudism (cf Jn. 8:44, 9:21, Acts. 20:19, 1 Thess. 2:15, Apoc. 3:9 et al) has been addressed in prior centuries in which the type of horrors of Talmudism that have born such horrifically rotten fruit in the past century were to such a large measures controlled and contained in the Centuries in which Christian Monarchs took the requirements of the moral law and the correlative responsibilities of their respective offices, seriously.

8. For those individuals who expect that if they cooperate in the genocide; that howsoever base, ignoble, mean, niggardly, reprehensible, appallingly inhuman and wicked such an agenda would be, that their temporal interests will be accommodated, the viewing of Power Hour’s Beyond Treason DVD might be of real value. An assessment of the ultimate fates of Robespierre, Trotsky, Kuhn, and Hitler, respectively, to name a few of those who have, at various junctures permitted themselves to be used as puppets in the Talmudist Genocide Agenda, before they themselves came to violent deaths at the hands of the Talmudists (Hitler allegedly terminating his own life, before they could torture and murder him) and the fates of, for example, the Polish Police who were liquidated on a nightly basis after Poland was “liberated” in 1945, could provide a valuable lesson regarding how the Talmudists deal with those they use and then, at a given juncture, no longer need. In any event, the axiom: Qui nocentibus parcit, innocentibus punit (“he who spares the guilty, punishes the innocent”) is a motto that would seem to capture as well as any other the consequences of not eliminating wickedness and punishing iniquity-workers when the call of duty compels such an agenda, for it is indisputably the case, that innocent children are the victims of the crimes and atrocities adults do not prevent and/or leave unpunished.

9. Ben Freedman’s Warning to America, is also very much worth reading regarding the subject of this document.

For any assistance anyone might ever need regarding the matters this document concerns, the webmaster at: HYPERLINK "" , ( is committed to provide whatever assistance might be provided in a given case to help stop the genocide in progress.

10. There has been a $1000 offer posted at HYPERLINK "" downlink to Ch 37 or 38 (which offer would be indemnified re collection thereof within a 20 year period, if it could not be made immediately or which could be paid via the rendering of some type of morally justified service or product etc.) for anyone to collect who could demonstrate that the atrocities of 9/11/01 were not part of an inside job conducted by the Talmudist controlled U.S. Government.

11. What do former pro-athlete Pat Tillman, FBI Agent Brad Douchette, Ok. City Police Sgt. Terrence Yeakey and the individual members of the Barksdale Nine have in common besides the fact that each of these able-bodied Non-Talmudist males have been found dead since 9/10/2001 in circumstances that many persons conducting investigations into these matters have claimed have left such investigators, respectively, convinced that such circumstances surrounding the deaths of these healthy, non-accident prone, non-suicidal in any way, adult males are entirely incompatible with the explanation of the U.S. Government regarding the deaths of each and all of these individuals who were either employees of the U.S. Govt. or recently separated from employment by such former employer whereof?