Robert J. More,

P.O. Box 6926

Chicago, IL, 60680, 863 688-9880 (lv msg)

Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission of the Supreme Court of the State of IL

Jerome Larkin, Robert Verrando, Members of the "Hearing" Board or at least "Sham Hearing" Board

Notice and Demand Re: Case # 2011 PR 00106, No. 6230736


To Whom It May Concern,

This missive has been transmitted to you in regard to the suspension of the law license of Attorney Lanre O. Amu ("LOA") ("suspension"). You are herein provided notice that it is the intention of Robert J. More ("RJM") to sue all of those responsible for this development in a "trespass on the case" cause of action as the suspension has resulted in an injury to RJM and those entitled to direct consideration from RJM which is particular to RJM and those entitled to consideration directly from RJM which is distinguishable from that incurred by everything warmblooded in the suspension whereof and it is most definitely the case, that RJM is convinced beyond even the shadow of a doubt that "everything warmblooded" (has) (have) been substantially injured from such suspension.

Mr. Amu's law license has been all that has been between innumerable unjustifiably injured individuals and the deprivation of any remedy at all for various injuries ever incurred not attributable to any recklessness nor carelessness of any such injured persons and hence, destitution . Beyond that, the contribution to the elimination of judicial and attorney criminality which LOA has provided in the whistleblowing posture which he has so manfully adopted on numerous occasions has indisputably constituted one of the contributions to the rescue of the Non-counterfiet Version of the Rule of Law which the social order in which this document has been composed, emanating from the legacy of what was once known as Christendom, already reeling backwards from so many Luciferian blows in so many different areas, could least afford to lose.

In vain has RJM searched for something, indeed, anything, even remotely resembling any "malum in se" in regard to any of the activity conducted by LOA which has been alleged to constitute the basis of such suspension. Searching beyond that for anything which might legitimately be claimed to constitute any type of "malum prohibitum" which it might be claimed has constituted the basis for such suspension, here too, RJM has found absolutely nothing injurious to the interests which the utilization of a law license is supposed to be usable to protect. The Commission's blatant, flagrant and brazen defraudment of the various constitutionally protected natural law claims to consideration the suspension has entailed has lamentably only served to confirm the deep distrust in which RJM has held the ARDC - truly, nothing but another block in the enslavement and extermination apparatus which has been constructed around everything His Omnipotence, Christus Rex, can still justify not hating.

This notice then constitutes, inter alia, a component of RJM's ongoing endeavor to mitigate the damages which such suspension has caused RJM to incur.

Weighing the various interests implicated by such suspension in the balance, RJM still has not found any justification for RJM's not petitioning the Federal Grand Jury ("FGJ") presently seated in Chicago, IL for indictments of all of those responsible for such suspension on various grounds. In the interests of providing such FGJ the most thorough and balanced presentation of evidence which might be provided it in regard to the issue of any and all criminal liability for violations of federal criminal laws such suspension entails, the recipients of this letter are invited to convey directly to such entity any information and/or explanation which it might occur to any of such individuals ought be provided it in the interests of justice in regard to such matter, or, in the alternative, to convey to RJM any input which any recipient of this notice might consider it to be appropriate to convey to RJM as RJM remains pre-eminently concerned to continue to adequately accommodate any and all reliance interests which possess any legitimacy in regard to the matters this missive concerns as he must continue to do in all matters in which he would ever be involved , so that RJM can convey such to the FGJ along with the entirety of the documents which RJM is in the process of completing and submitting in regard to this matter.

Demand is herein made that if the ARDC possesses nothing incriminatory of LOA, that since there is so obviously to any impartial and adequately disinterested eye, nothing incriminatory in the material constituting the basis for the suspension, that the ARDC immediately retract its petition regarding LOA's law license or demonstrate that there would be a legitimate basis upon which RJM could justify not suing those responsible wherefore and petitioning the FGJ for indictment(s) in re whereto and the State Grand Jury for indictments for official misconduct in re whereto as well.


Robert J. More (Romans 12:18-21)