Apology to Any and All Children Under the Age of Reason and Any and All Not Less Innocent than Such

Children of tomorrow, I apologize to you on behalf of those in my time for the things we didn’t do.

We didn’t stop the tyrants so your fate could be prevented: we watched them steal your freedom, by our silence, we consented.

We didn’t choose to circumvent the doom you’ve not escaped while the Bill of Rights was murdered and the Constitution raped.

Some of us were too busy, others too afraid, to think about our children – the ones we have betrayed.

Se say we were to busy to be concerned or care to try to ease the burden of the chains we’ve made you wear.

With a debt of 17 billion* more money than exists, because we failed to heed God’s call of usury resist.

We could have been good shepards when the wolf got in the fold, yet watched the flame of freedom die, which leaves you in the cold.

We changed our great* Republic which was forged in blood for liberty to a social welfare state which is called democracy.

I am sorry we were so timid, betrayed by a selfish generation. We left yet a remnant of a free and prosperous nation. I’m sorry for our action, like sheep we have behaved, we could have left you freedom, instead you are enslaved.

Children of tomorrow, descendants of our land, I’m sorry we allowed this fate you now must understand.

Children of tomorrow, educate yourselves by reading the Bible to break the chains we left you with maintained.

God’s Ten Commandments, reason, logic and common sense are the only way to freedom*.

Suffer the little children to come to me for such is the Kingdom of Heaven.

Dennis Byron

With serious apologies, which necessarily hopefully includes not just a resolutely, but an unflinchingly, firm, resolution of amendment and in many cases the making of restitution & reparation of various sorts for any & every act & omission which has left this party (name) _________________ in the position of needing to apologize for whatever this one party’s share in the blame in God’s eyes, in fact is, for the descent in which this all-but-entirely God-forsaken country is presently found to be plummeting.

With a plege also herein contained to ensure no atrocities remain unavenged, defraudments uncorrected, and/or unconscionable arrangements remain in place, except OTDB of the author hereof.

One additional note: Michael Bednarik has composed a one page expose of the fraud of the federal income tax extortion scheme element of the Money Supply Control Treason Agenda, which scheme has now been in place for almost 100 years in this Country, available in the "Tax Issue" of "Republic Magazine", which really inserts the matters involved into a nutshell and provides a most useful summary of the law actually applicable thereto. With the legal ammunition contained therein and a contingent of the "Well regulated militia...." the Constitution's Authors expected would protect what had been created by them, on call, no one should ever lose any wage-extortion, tax prosecution case, as the Beast's (Apoc. 2:9) minions possess no legal basis according to which to impose the religion and morality imposed, at gunpoint, in such prosecutions.

p.s. - Since Mr. Byron composed this before the T. Schiavo atrocity was perpetrated, mention of this as-of-yet unavenged atrocity obviuosly ought not be left out of this apology.

* There is in fact no "national debt", as what has been due the Rothschilds et al since they criminally and indeed treasonously criminally, seized control of the money supply of this Country on 12/23/1913 has not been any remission of any commodity of any type but retribution for the crime committed in such heist.