bounty hunter invitation

preliminary inchoate, to be superseded, invitation to all of those addressed herein to become a bounty hunter of the Jn. 8:44 instruments of iniquity conducting activity on the face of the earth at this juncture in history in consideration of the fact that Lucifer is evidently going to be permitted to be out here tempting human beings until Christ's return which means that disabling him is simply not going to be accomplishable which of course in no way justifies not rendering his instruments incapable of inflicting any more harm than has already been inflicted whereby in any given instance along with whatever a given individual would have to do to adequately care for the physical body, care for which will be one of the matters in regard to which an accounting will ultimately have to be provided in any given instance

bounty-posting invitations

preliminary inchoate, to be superseded invitation to those who possess more resources than what they need for the purpose of covering their 5th Commandment obligations to exercise ordinary and reasonable care to sustain and protect the physical bodies in which their souls have been installed during the earthly theatre tour of duty to which their conception consigned them to post the bounties needing to be posted to induce the maximum procurable number of adequately knowledgeable and trained bounty hunters needed to destroy the Talmudic-barbaric E & E A beginning with the hunting down and bringing to justice of the false flag perpetrators and assassins and the government criminals at various levels who continue to perpetrate crimes and violence upon the FEMA red and blue list component of the population as the endeavor to cull the population of rhinocerouses and mongooses, and/or anything resembling such is accelerated

those who consider that the consideration of this type email is not justiified and that there is no consideration owed posterity nor anyone else to fight back against the agenda which the consummation of the installation of the NWO constitutes are invited to explain whatever would constitute the basis of any such type position and any explanation whereof will be posted in the website whose URL is included herein supra