Demand for Return of Fine Paid in Regard to City of Chicago, IL, Ticket # _______________

I, Bryant Squivel, Rule of Law protecting and otherwise burden-bearing, Citizen of Chicago, IL, and necessarily, representative of "We the People" having considered, inter alia, the contents of the Declaration of Independence referencing the "erected a multitude of New Offices and sent hither swarms of officers to harass our people and eat out their substance" transgressions of then British King George III, the work titled " The Law" by Frederick Bastiat, the "Excessive Fines" Clause of the Eighth Amendment to the Constitution of the u.s. of A., the constitionally protected "right to travel" protected by the 14th Amendment to such Constitution, the unlikelihood that the non-presence of any license plate on the front of any vehicle would ever result in any detriment to anyone, the conspicuous lack of credibility of the government of the City of Chicago ("City", "Chicago"), the budget of such City, including the enormous cost of the CPD and within that component of such budget, the cost of the innumerable lawsuits against such entity for false arrests, false convictions, police brutality and causing of extensive entirely unjustified prison sentences, the fact that the poorest 80 % of Americans now possess claim to ownership of only 7 % of this Country's resources, the general disrespect for the Non-counterfeit Version of the Rule of Law which Chicago manifests as the foundation of its ordinary and customary modus operandi, and the claims in Mr. Ken D-Oudney's website that jury trials with jury nullification were the means which the people of Medieval England used in order to prevent their Sovereigns from reducing them to absolute serfdom and penury via, inter alia, the use of the types of exactments this document concerns, not to mention the contents of Magna Charta Clause 61, which codified the Fourth Commandment's burdens of citizens to adequately contribute to the protection of one's country, one's neighbors and oneself, from predatory government activity, do herein respectfully retract and demand the return of the $60.00 fine I remitted this past week, inter alia, so that the entirety of the three $60.00 fines levied upon me w/n a 5 day period in February of 2014 for alleged violations of ___________________, can be challenged in a contestation which may very well have to proceed through a trip to the SCOTUS unto an adjudication via a Common Law Tribunal (that is a tribunal not controlled by the Rothschilds and those who do their bidding to the unconscionable detriment of everything warmblooded) in order for justice to ultimately prevail in regard to the matters this document concerns.

If there might possibly be a formula via which Bryant Sqivel might be capable of remitting any of the fines allegedly owed which this document concerns ("these matters") , w/o in so doing ending up incurring culpability for having rendered unto Caesar what rightfully belongs to God (Matt. 22:21) in re such matters, were any such type conjectural formula to be presented to me, I would certainly consider such and indeed would be most relieved to simply remit the fines concerned, but for now, it would appear to me, after having conducted the research i have conducted in regard to these matters, sought counsel and searched my soul in re whereto, that the alternative course of action according to which it ultimately will be least difficult for me to justify having proceeded in re whereto, would be to demand the return to me of the fine already remitted, and to complete a proffer to the City of Chicago which will include a number of proposals, including inter alia, invitations that judgment be confessed for violations of 720 ILCS 5/33-3, 18 USC 242, 1346, and 1961 et seq., and that Chicago tender to me a settlement amount appropriate for the constitutional violations/legitimate reliance interest defraudments, these matters concern, such that I could then remit to any of a number of emtities involved in that most necessary and indeed, indisputably noble of ventures - the holding of government entities to the contract that the U.S. Constitution, emanating as it does from the Magna Charta and even before that the Assize of Clarendon of 1166 A.D. and the Charter of Liberties of 1100 A.D., constitutes - any and all sums remitted via whatever proposed release and satisfaction Chicago would tender to me, should it accept the various invitations referenced herein.

Undoubtedly, to adopt a modified version of Lincoln's 1863 address at Gettysburg, "history will little note, nor long remember what will have been said here, but the innocents (Jn. 21:15) and posterity will indisputably have to deal with the consequences of what will have been done here," and Bryant Squivel, realizes in appropriate sobriety, that should he hope to retain any claim to have his name kept in the "Book of Life" that he must continue to manfully bear the burden to which he is subject in re these matters to keep the activity of government this document concerns compatible with the terms and conditions of Constitutions of the u.s. of A. and of the State of IL - As the struggle against despotism, tyranny and the degradation of the human person has always been, so too this venture in which Bryant finds himself having been left burdened to champion the cause of justice and liberty will ever remain a "hold 'em to the contract or bust!" engagement, or as is sometimes said in the parlance in which the activity of patriots is conducted, " a must do".