Combined Verification of (Reception of) Delivery of ...and all Documents Listed in the "D/L 12/2/13" Included Herein on 12/2/13 at ... and Verified Statment of Robert J. More, CCSD Sgt Garret and Something or other Wakeman or Wakefield ("RJM") Regarding Activity Conducted on 11/21, 11/26 and 12/2 of 2013

in Regard to the CCSD's enforcement of order(s) Issued in Case # 11 M1 013782 and related Matters

Under penalties of perjury pursuant to the provisions of 28 USC 1746 and 735 ILCS 5/1-109, I, Robert J. More, CCSD Sgt Garret and Something or other Wakeman or Wakefield herein aver that copies of all of the documents listed in the title of this document and/or in the "D/L 12/2/13" ("D/L"), adjacent to which there is an "X" included herein infra, were served upon the CCSD on 12/2/13.

_______________________, _______________

Name Title

Robert J. More, P.O. Box 6926, Chicago, IL 60680, (863) 688-9880,

Document List of 12/2/13 (D/L 12/2/13)

1. D/L 12/2/13 X

2. …Proposed Verified Statement of 12/2/13 …. X

3. Combined Verification of ...D/L of 12/2/13.... X

4. Internet Docket for the Dispute Resolution Project this Document Concerns (jackdock.html)

5. List of Accronyms and URL's used in Documents Included in this List and Notice re Accessibility of Documents Referenced in Any Such Documents X

6. Notice re Accessibility of Documents -if the documents referenced herein would not be accessible at the URL listed herein, they can be accessed at:" , or at, Gordon W. or via inserting the d/f: aloysiusalphonsusanselm... into whatever internet search engine a given individual would ever be using or via contacting, or

7. Commentary re Moral and Legal Significance of PVS of 12/2/13 and Demands of 12/2/13

8. Demands of RJM of 12/2/13 X

9. Notice of 12/2/13 of Incurrment of Damages and Burden to Mitigate Damages Upon RJM X

10. Time and Expense Record for Composition and Processing of this document - 12/2/13 - already - 1/2 hour to make and post videos and 12/2 - 9:45 - 10:35, to 11:15 to 13:45, plus printing and service X

All Documents adjacent to which an “X” is included herein supra have been delivered to CCSD &/or CCSD Sgt Garret on 12/2/13

Accronym, Phrase Abbreviation and URL List for D/L of 12/2/13 Doc. # 5 in D/L of 12/2/13

1. Authority in Support of this Proposition Yet to be Included Herein - ("AYTBI").

2. CCSD - Cook County, IL, Sheriff's Dept.

3. RDC - Richard Daley Center

4. CCCC - Circuit Court of Cook County, IL

5. The Matters referenced herein ("these matters" - "TM")

6. The case this document concerns ("this case" - "TC")

7. 18 USC 242 - 242

8. 720 ILCS 5/33-3 - 33-3

9. PVS - Proposed Verified Statement

Proposed Verified Statement(s) ("PVS") of CCSD Sgt. Garrett ("SG") , CCSD (Wakefield or Wakeman) ..., (Robert J. More -("RJM))of 12/2/13 in Regard to Interactions Between SG and RJM of 11/21/13 and 11/26/13 and of Delivery of this Document on 12/2/13

I, Sgt. Garrett, (Wakefield or Wakeman) _______________ obviously being over 18 years of age and being a (Sgt)(...) in the CCSD, stationed at the RDC in Chicago, IL (Robert J. More -("RJM))(resident of Chicago, IL w/o any residence) under penalties provided by law pursuant to the provisions of 28 US C 1746, and 735 ILCS 5/109, certify that I possess percipient knowledge(that is – knowledge of evidence procured through any of the 5 senses) of the developments, events, transactions and communications which transpired in regard to the matters referenced in the title and/or in the body of this document and that if called to testify under oath or affirmation in regard thereto, that I could testify competently in such regard:

1. On 12/2/13, a 69 1/2" 182 lb (likely smaller by now) caucasian male, who had previously identified himself as Robert J. More, attired in Winter Coat and Sweat Pants, accessed Room CL 132 of the RDC.

2. He informed whomever was stationed at the counter of such room that he had in his possession a collection of documents to be delivered to the Office of the CCSD and also, particularly to Sgt. Garrett and ...Wakefield, in regard to which he was seeking either a stamped copy whereof for his own records or a receipt confirming the reception of the delivery whereof and a signature in re the matters reference in such document as transpiring on 11/21 and/or 11/26 of 2013,

3. This Document concerns a recapitulation of the developments transpiring in the interactions of 11/21 and 11/26 of 2013 between RJM and Sgt. Garrett.

4. RJM's initial recapitulation of such interactions are posted here: jackccsdgarr112113 - :, and here: CCSDgarr112613grifdocser - : .

5. In the interests of thoroughness and accuracy of the presentation of such matters as are referenced in the videos referenced herein supra, invitation is herein extended for anyone interested in the matters this document concerns to produce his or her version of what transpired in such interactions, to post such in "youtube" and provide the URL's whereto to RJM as soon as such can be provided, so that any such postings can be included in any projects of which the posting of the videos referenced herein are now, or ever will become, a component part.

6. I have received notice that RJM is claiming that he and everyone entitled to consideration of whatever sort and measure from RJM (has) (have) been deprived of a number of unalienable natural law rights, protected by the Constitution of the u.s. of A. in regard to the matters this document concerns and that the demands which accompanies this document has been posited in order to prevent the deprivation of any such type rights in the future via the elimination of the conditions and priorities, the existence of which evidently resulted in the deprivations referenced herein supra.

7. I have been informed that the production of the documents and videos referenced herein and the delivery of such documents by RJM has been effected as what RJM has understood has constituted a component of RJM's bearing of the component of the burden referenced in Matt. 11:30 which RJM has understood that he has been burdened to bear and that it is RJM's understanding that the notification, demands(s) and confirmation of the reception of the delivery of documents referenced herein has relieved RJM of any burden to which RJM would have been subjected in the absence of RJM's conducting such activities and that RJM understands that he is burdened to procure compensation for the expenses to which he has been unjustifiably put in regard to such activity, from those whose unjustified activity has proximately necessitated RJM's incurring such expenses and loss of time.

_________________________, __________________

Name Date

Demands of Robert J. More (RJM") on Behalf of Everything Warmblooded, but Obviously, not by Any Express Designation of 12/2/13

1. Robert J. More herein demands that the CCSD and all of its members either stipulate to be bound by RJM's version of any interaction between RJM and any member of the CCSD which would ever transpire in any arrangement in which any CCSD would be conducting activity either pursuant to any legitimate authority and/or under the color of law or to discontinue interfering in any way with any production of any audio and/or audio/video of any activity conducted upon the property of the R. Daley Center, Chicago, IL which would not be conducted in any restroom, defined otherwise as "would be conducted somewhere other than in a restroom" [and if no such consideration would be provided to either provide an explanation justifying any non-provision whereof or else stipulate that any non-provision whereof could only be attributed to malice] (what is included in brackets herein ("[]") is the "closer").

2. RJM herein demands that the CCSD confirm that it is committed to defer to the the never overturned, nor superseded, authority of In re Oliver (_U.S._) in regard to the limitations of (direct) (summary) criminal contempt being restricted solely to activity conducted in the presence of a Judge, which would have been observed by a given Judge and would have been ordered to either interference with the "due administration of justice" or the "lessening of the dignity of the Court".

3. RJM herein demands that the CCSD require its agents to sign verified statements regarding the content of a given interaction in any instance in which a demand wherefore would have been issued in regard to any interaction which would not have been recorded for whatever reason or else to sign such type statement stipulating to RJM's version whereof for the purpose of any initiative and/or activity which would require a reproduction of any such interaction - closer.

4. RJM herein demands that the CCSD inform the entirety of its members that it is the informed understanding of RJM that no one is ever required to submit to any false arrest &/or imprisonment ("false arrest"), and that there is no assurance that any endeavor to falsely arrest and/or imprison RJM would not result in both the encountering of resistance from RJM and/or anyone RJM might summons to his assistance, which might result, howwosever unintendedly in any given instance, in permanent disability and/or death to any government crime perpetrator, and/or the institution of measures ordered to the administration of retribution to anyone and everyone ever perpetrating any false arrest, who would have been informed in any given instance that it would have been RJM's understanding that a given false arrest could not (be) (have been) morally justified, and confirm that such notice has been provided to such members.

5. RJM demands access to the Clerk's Electronic Docket and Case Files and the Cook County Law Libary adequate to enable RJM to continue to prosecute and/or defend various cases and issues, including the burden of getting the Orders issued in 11 M1 0137892 which the CCSD has been enforcing, rescinded.

6. RJM demands that the CCSD inform its members that RJM has never issued any threat of violence to anyone and that it is RJM's understanding that the Orders referenced herein are entirely devoid of any legitimacy.

7. Until such orders would have been rescinded, RJM demands that any CCSD member ever enforcing such, either stipulate to RJM's version of what would have transpired in any given interaction ever in issue for the types of purposes referenced in previous entries in the list of which this entry is an entry wherein or else to be subject to an audio and/or audio/video recorded examination of any and all alleged bas(is) (es) for any enforcement whereof.

8. RJM demands that the CCSD require its members to provide written and/or recorded confirmations of the reception of Any and All "Notices of Incurrment of Damages and Burden to Mitigate Damages Upon RJM" which RJM would ever posit, orally and/or written to any member(s) of the CCSD and provide a written confirmation of the execution of the notification of the entirety of its members that RJM and anyone else ever unjustifiably injured by any activity of any member of the CCSD are always bound to, first, endeavor to prevent the incurrment of any damages, and then to mitigate any damages which would ever be incurred, and that anyone found to have unjustifiably interfered with any such type mitigation of damages project ever instituted would incur criminal and tort liability for any unjustified interference wherewith in any given instance in which any such type interference would have been posited - closer.

9. RJM demands that the CCSD instruct its subordinates on the distinction between direct and indirect criminal contempt, confirm that it has executed such measure and then confirm that no order presently alleged to apply to activity of RJM could ever be legitimately enforced except via the process in place for the adjudications of indirect criminal contempt, and that the legitimate application of summary criminal contempt can never exceed the scope wherefore referenced in Oliver herein supra, unless and until either the SCOTUS would overturn or supersede Oliver or some type of statute or supreme court rule would have been enacted effectively modifying the Oliver threshold, and that the inclusion of this entry in this document could in no way be construed to constitute any type of admission by RJM that any such order referenced herein could ever be legitimately executed in any arrangement.

10. RJM herein demands that the entirety of the members of the CCSD be informed that it is RJM's informed understanding that until the CCCC, IL can be closed and/or abolished, the ultimate best interests of all of those whose interests this document concerns, including each and all of the members of the CCSD would be best served by the effecting of a "declaration of unconstitutionality 'as applied' of the entirety of the contents of the criminal code presently operative in the State of IL in regard to any and all activity which would ever be conducted by RJM in regard to the just remedying of any injury ever unjustifiably caused him and those entitled to consideration from RJM".

11. RJM herein demands that the entirety of the members of the CCSD be informed that complaint forms regarding activity ever conducted by any member of the ISMA are available at the URL included herein supra and that all complaints ever received are posted in the ISMA Br. #4 website within 365 days of the reception whereof and that the assessment and processing whereof is audited by an entity entirely independent of the ISMA, whose findings are accessible to anyone seeking them who would possess an adequate security profile in all cases and in most cases, would be accessible by anyone interested wherein. .

12. RJM demands that the CCSD and Sgt. Garrett and ...Wakefield stipulate to the contents of the videos posted at youtube referenced herein supra and provide RJM a signed copy of the "PVS of 12/2/13" included herein supra, and closer.

13. RJM herein demands that the CCSD either demonstrate that the the Orders issued in Case # 11 M1 013782 possess legitimacy or discontinue any enforcement whereof, in consideration of the fact that RJM is herein informing it and its members that the content of any such orders restricting activity conducted by RJM beyond restrictions applicable to citizens not subject to such type order(s) are in RJM's informed understanding entirely lacking in legitimacy, as inter alia having been entered without the protections of adequate notice and an opportunity to be heard in a hearing that would be fair and not a sham, which are supposed to be provided to all Citizens of the u.s. of A. by the Constitution of the u.s. of A.

Notice of 12/2/13 of Incurrment of Damages and Burden to Mitigate Damages Upon RJM

RJM herein asserts that it is RJM's understanding that RJM is incurring unjustified injury from 1.) the CCSD's refusal to comply with the express requirements of ACLU v Alvarez (_F.3d_)and refrain from interfering with RJM's making of electronic recordings of activity conducted by its members on public property, 2.) The notification of an intent to enforce court orders against RJM outside of the restrictions imposed by In re Oliver (_U.S._) on the use of summary criminal contempt, 3.) Denial of Access to a.) the Clerk's Electronic Docketing System, and Case Files, and b.) the Cook County Law Library,