What RJM was intending to convey on 3/20/14 before Bd Pres. Mr. Carney interrupted RJM at the 85 (of 120 total) second mark and then consumed the remaining 35 seconds of the meeting, preventing the public from observing Supt. McCarthy's response to RJM's questions. :

1. the history of the project this conveyance concerns can be assessed at: "thirst.../TableContents.html" and/or in ""thirst.../ybdock.html", and the video produced re RJM's conveyance at the Chicago Police Bd's March 20, 2014 mtg can be accessed at:

2. Superintendent McCarthy - is there really a gun problem in the City of Chicago, or given that inter alia 150 million people were killed by their own govt 's in the 20 th Century alone, or is it not rather the matter that there is a morality problem which cannot be adequately resolved without the maintenance of commensurate firepower between the citizenry and the government?

3. for the historical record - why were you absent from the past five meetings - oct, nov, dec of 2013, jan & feb of 2014 and why would your substitute not provide a particularized identificatioin of the exact cause for each abscence on the night of each of such abscences - respectively?

4. what is the present status of the Bland, Young and Spencer murder investigations?

5. for the record - proposed stipulation that City of Chicago PD would not have any objection to the appointment of a special prosecutor in regard either to the possibility of a prosecution for official misconduct in regard to the (non)investigation of the B/Y/S murders via 720 ILCS 5/33-3, nor to an investigation and/or prosecution pursuant to the provisions of 18 USC 242, 241, 1346, 1961,

6. Is there any reason that would you not be willing to wear a wire, the contents of which would be secured and processed as posted at: Contra-genocide Laws - #98. Requiring Various Govt Officials to Wear Wires According to Formula Accommodating Legitimate Reliance Interests

7. Mr. Bazarek - Where if anywhere in any promulgated source of law which is supposed to be in place for the purpose of controlling and regulating the activity of members of the CPD is it promulgated that a CPD member is obliged to refuse to comply with a morally unjustified order, which obviously requires an investigation into the issue of the presence/non-presence of legitimacy

Commentary, questions and next implementation-

If RJM's not petitioning the govt for the indictment of Mr. Carney for violations of the Official Misconduct Statute in IL (720 ILCS 5/33-3) and the Federal Constitutional Rights Statute (18 USC 242) and suing him in tort, as precursors to the use of remedies for adequate remedying of the evils herein referenced independent of any claim to authority of any nominal government entity could possibly be justified, if anyone considering that such approach ever could be, RJM would welcome any input in this regard.