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Faulkner, et al

v Case # 15-cv-03344

Otto, et al

re: "...Petition of Robert J. More of 5/11/15...."

Prospective Intervenor Robert J. More's ("RJM") Initial Component of 5/11/15 of Petition to Intervene into the Case this Document Concerns In Order to 1.) Substantially Improve the Prospects that the Interest(s) Referenced in the 1935 Encyclical Ad Sacerdoti Catholici as the "Catholic Cause" Will Not be Left in Any Condition from the Adjudication whereof Other than One of Their Having Been "Evidently Adequately Accommodated" to the Extent A Determination of the Accomplishment of Such Type Objective Can Ever Be Made, to a Measure of Moral Certainty, Within the Limits of the Fallen Human Condition, Which In Particular at this Juncture, Would Evidently Require that RJM Inform This Court that a Demand for Investigation by the Federal Grand Jury for the ND of IL in Regard to the Matters this Case Concerns ("These Matters", "These Claims", "This Adjudication", "This Case") (see:") Has Been Delivered to Such Entity to the Extent the Treasonous Arrangement (18 USC 2384) Presently Prevailing in the Nominal u.s. of A., de facto Flagship Colony of the Rothschild's, Which is to Say, Evidently Lucifer's (Apoc. 2:9, 3:9), Global Plantation of the Deprivation of the Measure of Consideration Which Would Be Available from the Independence of the Federal Grand Jury Guaranteed All of "We the People" ("WTP") via the Presentment Clause of the Fifth Amendment to the Constitution of the u.s. of A. (Williams v U.S. or vice versa (_U.S._) 1993 or about), Were WTP Not Now Being Deprived Whereof, and That the "What Will Evidently Ultimately be Revealed (Matt. 25:26 et seq.) to Have Constituted the Alernative Course of Action Which It Would have been Least Difficult for this Court to Justify Having Used at this Juncture in re these Matters" According to RJM's Somewhat Informed, but Still Subjective and Necessarily Non-infallible Understanding of the Entirety of the Concerns Involved in Re These Matters, Would be, If There is a Savings Statute Applicable to These Claims of the Type Available in IL State Courts, to Permit the Plaintiff's Involved to Voluntarily Dismiss this Case With Automatic Leave to Refile Them w/n 365 Days of the Dismissal Whereof, in Re to Which Postulation an Explication for the Basis of Such Postulation Will Not Herein be Provided, If Such Dismissal Could be Summarily Granted, But Which Would be Provided If Such Consideration Could Not be Procured w/o the Provision of the Basis for a Petitioning Wherefore, as The Burdens of RJM's Continued Burden Bearing (Matt. 11:30) Would Evidently Render Justified, to Be Superseded, Retracted, or Otherwise Modified in the Future, as Activity Constituting the Application of the Requirements of the Moral Law to the Circumstances which Providence Would Permit in Re These Matters in Any Such Future Circumstances as Might be Encountered Would Evidently Have to Be Executed In Order for RJM to Retain a Record of Activity Containing No Culpability for Sin (1 Cor. 5:22, et al) Beyond Whatever Constitutes the Aggregate, Known and Unknown (1. Cor. 4:4), Culpability, Which Such ROA, Lamentably (1 Jn. 1:8), Presently Contains, With One of the Main Purposes of this Document to be to Keep Productive Americans Off of the "Litigation Treadmill in the Rothschild-Rigged Nominal Government Courts, in Which Government, Corporate and Banking Attorneys Conduct Activity Conducted by Them Upon the Presumption that Their Only Burden is to Procure Facially Valid Orders, Regardless of the Moral Legitimacy or the Absence Whereof in Any Given Instance and that the Party in Any Given Case ("IAGC") Apprehended by the Tribunal Presider(s) Adjudicating Any Given Case to be 'Closer to the Rothschilds' Than the Adversary Wherein IAGC Will, Except in Any Instance in Which a 'Judge J. Alesia', 'King St. Louis IX' and/or 'Superman' Profile Fitting Individual Would Adjudicate AGC at the Trial Level Will Invariably Succeed in Procuring Such Type Orders and Final Judgments Except and Unless the Display Potential Military Superiority Produced by the 'Peasants with Pitchforks' in the Runneyemede Field in 1215, or the Actual Military Superiority Produced by Various Oppressed Populations Throughout History in Various Morally Legitimate Insurrections would be Presented" Given that the Relief the Plaintiff's Seek Can be Procured as Restitution from Criminal Convictions for Some of the Counts Included in this Case, and/or that Any Convictions Procured Via the Use of 18 USC 242, Could be Used to Collaterally Estopp Any Civil Defense of any Correlative 42 USC 1983 Claim Included in This Case

Now Comes RJM, to, with whatever wouldf hopefully constitute minimally adequate condignly meritorious dispositions, petition this Court for the Consideration referenced in the title to this document,

Robert J. More, (Heb. 10:31, 1 Cor. 10:13, Jas. 2:13, Matt. 25:26 et seq., Rom. 12:21, Magna Charta Cl. 61, Divini Redemptoris Moral Imperative When One's Country is Under Attack, Papal Christmas Message of 1956)