Circuit Court of Cook County, IL

Law Division

Marvin Faulkner, et al

v Case # 13L 8396

Daryl Simko, et al

Initial Conditional Component of 7/25/14 of Petition of Robert J. More ("RJM") for Leave to File an Amicus Petition in the Adjudication of the Case this Petition Concerns ("this Case), Subject to Supersession, Retraction and/or Modification as the Developments of Providence would Evidently Require, Predicated Upon the Presumption that if this Case were not to be Settled, that this Court Will Retain Jurisdiction Over the Adjudication of it for at least another 125 days W/n Which RJM can Complete this Amicus Petition via the Use of an In Seriatum Method of Prosecution

Now comes Deputy Burden Bearer (Matt. 11:30), howsoever lamentably still so sluggish and infirm, Robert J. More ("RJM"), to move this Court to issue an order permitting RJM to file an amicus petition in this case for the following reasons:

1. "No one can be an expert in all things." (Ad Sacerdoti Catholici, 1935) and RJM makes no claim to constitute any type of expert in property law, civil procedure, nor any other type of law.

2. Nonetheless, RJM cannot see how from amongst the alternative courses of conduct amongst which RJM must now make a selection in regard to the matters this document concerns ("these matters"), that the one that it will be revealed that it will have been least difficult for RJM to justify having selected would be that of the submission of this petition according to the formula according to which it will have been submitted to this Court on 7/25/14, for reasons a complete explication of which would be beyond the scope of this document, but in regard to which, an explication whereof will be provided upon RJM's receiving any demand wherefore.

3. The foundation upon which RJM moves to intervene into the adjudication of this case is in a most abbreviated form, explicated herein:

The Constitution is to be interpreted according to the principles of the common law (Cohen v VA, (_Cranch_, _U.S._) . The common law is a product of Anglo-American jurisprudence relating back through the Magna Charta and Assize of Clarendon to the principles, requirements and restrictions of the Charter of Liberties which was promulgated 1100 A.D. in what was then an entirely Roman Catholic, England. The basis for such common law is the principles of the natural law, written on the heart of every man (Rom. 2:17). Only to the demonstrably non-counterfeit Magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church has the authority to ultimately and definitively define and assess the moral character of any application of, the requirements of the natural law to any given collection of circumstances which would ever be encountered by any human being(s) between the date of the Ascension of the Lord into heaven (Matt. 28:20, et seq) until the date of his return (Matt. 25:26 et seq) delegated (Matt. 18:16) and it alone can thus conduct activity in the role which correlates to the exercise of such delegated authority. The primal precedent regarding the provision for the utilization of the instrument of intervention upon which Robert J. More relies in the intervention he endeavors to effect into the adjudication of the case this document concerns ("this case" ) is that of the Prophet Daniel in the 13th Chapter of the Biblical Book of Daniel . The SCOTUS has explained that the legitimate purpose(s) which participation in civil litigation serves are not limited to the resolution of civil disputes, but include the effecting of important public policy modifications which an individual cannot procure a political majority to effect (NAACP v Button, (_U.S._)).

4. As soon as RJM can get all of the exhibits which RJM understands that it is necessary to now file in re this petition posted online, RJM will present a superseding component of this document to this Court in support of his demand that either RJM be permitted to intervene into this case, via the filing of an amicus curiae petition wherein at this juncture in it's adjudication, or that someone more capable of adequately protecting the interests of the public at large in regard to these matters than is RJM, be permitted to intervene into it in some form or other.

5. The first six issues in regard to which it has occurred to RJM that the public at large possesses (an) interest(s) in the adjudication of this case which it is RJM's informed understanding (has) (have) not been adequately protected and vindicated in the adjudication conducted in re whereto, to this date are: 1.) the issue of whether any of the banks involved in the foreclosure cases this case concerns are encumbered by "unclean hands" from seeking a legal remedy in this or any, Court, while no legal adjudication has ever yet been conducted in regard to the issue of whether any of such banks participated in "insider trading" in regard to the atrocities perpetrated on 9/11/01, 2.) the issue of the possible presence of such type "unclean hands" encumbrance in regard to any participation in any type of "bail-out" whose constitutionality has never been adequately demonstrated 3.) the issue of the possible presence of such type "unclean hands" encumbrance in regard to any participation by any such banks in the maintenance of the patently fraudulent, criminal and indisputably within the scope of the term "criminal", treasonous maintenance of the private Federal Reserve Bank which has continued to control this nation's money supply for over 100 years now in direct incompatibility with the constitutionally mandated Art. I, Sect. 8, Cl. 5 delegation of the authority to control this nation's money supply to the United State's Congress, 4.) the issue of the obvious facial unconstitutionality of the Anti-Slapp Statute in which the Article IV, Section 4 (if RJM's memory serves him adequately in re this matter) guarantee of a "Republican form of Government" to each of the states of the Union from the Federal Government has been denied via the enactment of a statute referencing the government of the State of IL as a "constitutional democracy" (the overbreadth and vagueness infirmities of the use of the "favorable" adjective will have to be addressed in some future component of this document), 5.) the issue of the "Standard and Method of Adjudication" to be used in the adjudication of this dispute in this Court, so that a judgment which could be legitimately enforced emanates wherefrom rather than just another CCCC, IL, facially valid order entirely lacking in legitimacy, 6.) the patent unconstitutionality of any and all nominal government issued edicts prohibiting the use of electronic recording devices of government activity, including that conducted in the courtrooms of the CCCC, IL., which has finally been admitted by the IL Supreme Court in the 3/20/14 decision issued in "People v Clark", which is an issue germane to this case even beyond the right of anyone to record court proceedings overtly or covertly, in that Plaintiff's were prevented from recording Defendant Babcock's claim that Judge Simko would do whatever the criminal syndicate of which she is a member would require him to do (see demand of 7/13/14 to C.J. Evans posted at: in re this matter).

6. There are a plethora of other issues in re to which the public interest evidently requires attention, which the Plaintiff's have not demonstrated a capacity to adequately protect, but for now, what has been included herein is as much as RJM has succeeded in getting into this document.

7. RJM will endeavor to get delivered to each party still under this Court's jurisdiction in this case a copy of this document by 7/30/13, if RJM can procure the email addresses whereof, respectively, and will provide this Court confirmation in regard whereto by 7/30/13, Providence permitting.

8. This document has been composed, filed and delivered under the most appalling constraints imposed upon RJM by Judge S. Jones in a 9/6/13 Order in Case # 11 M1 013782. RJM is committed to recovering every measure of damages whose recovery has been morally necessitated by the issuance of that criminal, tortious and patently malicious, demonstrably demonicially instigated order. This Court can, inter alia, reduce that Judge's damages in re this matter and substantially expedite the completion of the project this document concerns by issuing an order requiring the Cook County Sheriff's Department to permit RJM unfettered access to the CC Law Library and the Clerk's Electronic Docket. Absent the issuance of such type order, it will be unconsionably burdensome for RJM to complete such project.

Wherefore, RJM herein seeks the consideration referenced in the title to this petition,

Respectfully submitted,

Robert J. More, Rom. 12:18-21

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