John Dzendrowski

c/o his Secretary -,

863 688-9880, 219 588-7738

Father Francis George, OMI

Archdiocese of Chicago, IL


Father Francis George,

Lamentably, the salutation "dear" cannot presumptively be used to address anyone who would execute any invocation at any inauguration of any individual of the ilk of Rahm Emanuel w/o the incurrment of culpability for what might or might not constitute a grave sin and so no such salutation has been included herein.

An introduction to this letter may be included in any future component whereof which may ever be received by you.

Just in case the impression in the imagination of JD that he ought now invite you to transfer the assets and resources of the Archdiocese of Chicago into the possession of Robert J. More ("RJM") has not been and is not a temptation of the devil but rather is a grace, you are herein invited to transfer such resources into the possession of RJM without delay, so that inter alia they can be used to deter the imposition of martial law before they are appropriated wherethru, in which case, the silence and complicity via culpable passivity in the Talmudic-barbaric subsumption of the Republic of the u.s. of A. into the NWO which has constituted Fr. George's activity in regard whereto over the past 16 years, would not only have resulted in the evil which such complicity has evidently been ordered to prevent- the loss of the property of the Archdiocese to the Committee of 300 controlled Federal Govt., but would have resulted in such result accompanied by the incurrment of culpability for grave sins of silence and passivel complicity in the NWO takeover (cf. the nine different ways which one can incur complicity in the sins of others - Baltimore Catechism, Vol..., 190..).


John Dzendrowski, Matt. 6:13

(Few alternatives are as unexcusable, as that of those, who because they could only contribute a little to the prevention of enormous evils, neglected to contribute the little they could - anonymous - the property of the Archdiocese of Chicago being left unutilized to fight the violations of God's rights that are perpetrated on a minute by minute basis in Cook County, IL is truly a shameful tragedy and in light of the consequences to the prospects for eternal salvation of the unbegrudgeables adversely effected whereby, a tragedy of the most heartrending sort)