Report re Phone Call from RJM to IL Sup. Ct. re Pending SCR 383 Motion of 1/31/14

On 1/31/14, RJM called 312 793-1332 and spoke to Clerk Elizabeth re the presently pending SCR 383 motion which RJM has been in the process of prosecuting. RJM informed her that one component had been rejected w/o particularization re what had allegedly been defective in re whereto such that RJM could either contest a given allegation of deficiency or modify any given document to bring it into compliance. Her only response was the use of the mantra "the document must not have been in conformance to the Supreme Court Rules. RJM sought further specification, was placed on hold and after some period had to hang up to prevent further consumption of minute and neither received any phone call nor got around to calling again as RJM was under pressure re the storage unit issue.