Cover Letter to Grand Jury Foreperson/Demand to USDC ND of IL Chief Judge & USMS and Office of U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of IL

Robert J. More ("RJM")

P.O. Box 6926

Chicago, IL 60680, (863) 688-9880 –lv msg

Federal Grand Jury Foreperson

Federal Grand Jury for the United States District Court, Northern District of IL

13th or 16th or some other Floor

Federal Building

219 S. Dearborn St.

Chicago, IL, 60680

Chief Judge of United States District Court for the Northern District of IL USDC-NDIL, R. Castillo

Chambers of the Chief Judge of the USDC-NDIL,

Federal Building

219 S. Dearborn St.

Chicago, IL, 60680

United States Marshal Service

Suite 2400

219 S. Dearborn St.

Chicago, IL, 60604

Office of the United State's Attorney for the Northen District of IL

Suite 500

219 S. Dearborn St.

Chicago, IL, 60604

Chairman of the Judiciary Committee of the House of Representative of the U.S. Congress

Office Building

Washington, DC - via email

Inspector General - USDOJ

United States Senator for Kentucky, Rand Paul - via email

United States Senator Theodore Cruz - via email

FEMA Red and Blue Listers, Children Under the Age of Reason, Whatever Posterity Providence would Permit and Anyone Interested in the Matters Concerned, in General - via posting to website whose URL is included herein


Dear Federal Grand Jury Foreperson (“FGJF”), and Undear Chief Judge of the USDC-NDI, R. Castillo (“Chief Judge”) and Whatever Member(s) of the USMS (is) (are) responsible for the maintenance of the arrangement presently prevailing in the geographical area constituting the “Northern District of IL” (“NDIL”) for purpose(s) of the delineation of the jurisdiction of the federal judiciary in regard to such area, in which citizens are prevented via the notification from the USMS of intent of the USMS to endeavor to effect arrest in regard to any initiative(s) undertaken to present evidence of alleged and/or actual violations of provisions of the United States Code and/or the Constitution of the u.s. of A. in which is contained provision for criminal prosecution and punishment by any activity conductor not listed by role and/or title in the Order issued by the Chief Judge referencing the entirety of types of activity conductors permitted to access the FGJ in the NDIL, which is dated March 26, 2007 (“Order of 3/26/07 re Access to FGJ”), and Office of the United State's Attorney for the Northern District of IL, and Asst. U.S. Attorney Thomas Walsh,

In documents submitted in regard to the matters that this document concerns ("these matters") on 11/21/13, RJM inadvertently and entirely unintentionally erroneously averred that RJM had delivered documents to the FGJ for the NDIL on 11/20/13. That averment is now replaced with the averment that it was 11/21/13 at 13:35 p.m. that RJM endeavored to deliver the documents referenced erroneously as having been delivered on 11/20/13.

The entirety of the letters dated 11/20/13 are incorporated by reference herein as if fully set forth herein, except that the date whereof is changed from 11/20/13 to 11/21/13.

At either 16:59 or 17:00 on 11/21/13, RJM returned to the DFB and informed the Front Desk Security Attendant that RJM had to deliver documents to the Office of the Chief Judge for the ND of IL, to that of the U.S. Attorney and to that of the USMS.

The Akal representative claiming a name of Ben but who would not provide his last name at Security Front Desk, informed RJM that RJM could not enter the DFB at that juncture, and that the U.S. Attorney's Office for NDIL was already closed at such time. RJM demanded that he call his supervisor in order to get RJM an escort since it was earlier than 18:00 p.m. and the building is supposed to be open to members of the public until 18:00 p.m. , which he claimed that he did, and whose name he claimed was "Lew" who Ben claimed informed Ben that RJM could not enter the DFB on 11/21/13.

RJM now complains that he has been prevented from producing an audio-video recording of activity conducted by government officials on public property, in direct contravention of the promulgation included in ACLU v Alvarez, published in May of 2012, if RJM's memory serves him right that no government official may prevent any citizen from producing an audio-video or audio recording of any government official conducting activity in the exercise of any government office upon public property and RJM further complains that government officials exercising government authority in the DFB routinely both conduct activity without a plainly visible name tag and/or employee number which might be used for identification purposes in any citizen's endeavor to document government activity, and refuse to provide their first and last names in situations in which a demand wherefore would ever have been posited.

On Behalf of Everything Warmblooded, but Obviously, not by Any Express Designation,

Robert J. More - Rom. 12:18-21

Document List of 11/22/13- ssc - Grif - Doc. # 1 of D/L of 11/22/13 ssc

1. D/L of 11/22/13 - ssc Grif

2. Cover letter to FGJ Foreperson, et al of 11/22/13

3. D/L of 11/20/13 - Grif

The documents referenced herein supra will have been delivered to the parties referenced in the Cover Letter to the FGJ . by 12:50 p.m. on 11/22/13 to whatever extent RJM could deliver such on 11/22/13

Document List of 11/20/13 Doc. #3 of D/L of 11/22/13 ssc, Doc. # 1 of D/L of 11/20/13

1. D/L of 11/20/13 - Grif

2. Proposed True Bill of 11/20/13

3. Cover letter to FGJ Foreperson, et al

4. Guardianship and Advocacy Commission Report

5. Complaint pending in 11 CH 12339

All docs referenced herein were included on the CD delivered on 11/20/13 and all but #5 in paper submission to the FGJ to the extent such delivery could be effected on 11/20/13.