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Document List ("D/L") of 11/26/13 - FGJ #1

1. D/L of 11/26/13 - FGJ - grifdlfgj112613.html X

2. Cover Letter to Office of U.S. Attorney for N.D. of 11/26/13 X

3. Cover Letter to Grand Jury Foreperson/Demand to USDC ND of IL Chief Judge & USMS of 11/26/13- griffgjsublede112613.html

3. Proposed True Bill of Federal Grand Jury Processing Evidence in N.D. of IL on 11/26/13 - grifdlfgjsubprtb112613.html

4....Complaint of 2/14/12 in Case # 11 CH 12339 in Circuit Court of Cook County, IL – grifdlcom2-14-12.html

5. U.S. v Williams, 90-1972 (SCOTUS) - Independence of Fed. Grand Jury Opinion - grifdlfgjsubuswi112613.html

6. First Superseding Component of 7/8/11 of Notice of 7/7/11 From RJM to USMS re Denial of Access to FGJ - usmsfsgood7-8-11

7. Order of 3/26/07 re Access to FGJ - …/fedgrjurord32607.pdf

8. Invitation to Demonstrate Non-incurrment of Criminal Liability Via Positing of Interference to Presentation of Evidence to a FGJ/Invitation to …Civil Liability Via…. - grifdlfgjsubinv112613.html

9. Proposed Stipulation re Waiver of 5th Amendment Right to not be Criminally Prosecuted for any Alleged and/or Actual Federal Felony Except via Indictment - grifdlfgjsubusps112613.html

10.Invitation to Demonstrate Non-incurrment of Criminal Liability On the Part of the U.S. Attorney for the N.D. of IL/Chief Judge for the N.D. of IL, U.S.M.S. for N.D.of IL /Invitation to …Civil Liability… in a Scenario in Which No Criminal Charges would have been Instituted in Regard to the Documents Submitted to the Office of the U.S. Attorney,et al on 11/21 and 11/22 of 2013 by Robert J. More in Regard to Activity Chronicled in Case # 11 CH12339 in the CCCC, IL, Were it to be the Case that No Such Charges Would End up Having Been Instituted in Such Regard by 11/27/13 - grifdlfgjsubinv112613.html

11. FOIA - U.S. Attorney for N.D. of IL

12. FOIA - USMS for N.D. of IL

13. Proposed Confirmation of Futility

14. Proposed Stipulation re Role and Function of U.S. Attorney for N.D. of IL

15. RJM's present invitation to the Rothschilds, the Rest of the C of 300 and All Upper Echelon Members of the Slavemaster Class Presently Controlling the u.s. of A. to Surrender, Relinquish All Property Possessed, and Make Restitution

16. Proposed Confirmation of Futility - X

17. Proposed Stipulation Regarding Role and Function of Office of the U.S. Attorney for the N.D. of IL - X

Cover Letter to U.S. Attorney for N.D. of IL of 11/26/13

Robert J. More,

P.O. Box 6926,

Chicago, IL 60680, (863) 688-9880 –lv msg

Office of the United State's Attorney for the Northen District of IL ("U.S. Atty - NDIL")

Suite 500

219 S. Dearborn St.

Chicago, IL, 60604


To Whom it May Concern,

This missive constitutes, inter alia, a component part of Robert J. More's "Mitigation of Damages Project In Regard to the Deprivation of Consideration Owed All Persons By Those to Whom this Missive has been Addressed in Regard to the Submission of Evidence to the Federal Grand Jury in Regard to the Matters Referenced in CCCC, IL Case # 11CH 12339" ("MTP").

RJM left two messages for the paralegal on duty in the U.S. Atty - NDIL on 11/26/13, beyond the extensive conversations conducted with such individual(s), whom RJM complains refused to provide their names, respectively, on 11/20 and 11/22 of 2013, and not surprisingly has received no response whereto as of this juncture, though RJM did receive a phone call from one of them on 11/22/13, if RJM's memory serves him right in this regard.

RJM now finds it necessary, inter alia, in order to retain a claim to sue, among other entities, the U.S. Atty - NDIL should it be the case that no criminal charges would end up having been instituted in regard to the matters referenced herein ("these matters") to submit this document in whatever form it would be found to be in 15 minutes on 11/26/13.

RJM will not get around to transmitting any of the documents referenced in the "D/L of 11/26/13" other than #'s 1,2, 15 & 16 to the U.S. Atty NDIL on 11/26/13, nor in transmitting any documents at all on 11/26/13 to any of the other parties to whom the documents transmitted on 11/21 and 11/22 of 2013 were transmitted.

RJM will transmit, Providence permitting, a number of other documents to all of such parties in the coming days and weeks regarding the patently malicious criminal prosecution and all that transpired in regard whereto perpetrated in Case # 08 MC 123741901, in the Circuit Court of Cook County, IL in 2008, against RJM and everyone entitled to consideration from RJM.

For now, RJM seeks from the U.S. Atty - NDIL commitments to positions in regard to Documents #ed 16 & 17 in the D/L of 11/26/13, copies of which accompany this document.

On behalf of everything His Omnipotence, Christus Rex can still justify not hating, which, admittedly is not much over the age of seven at this juncture in the world's continued descent into consumate Talmudic-barbarity, but obviously, not by any express designation,

Robert J. More Romans 12:18-21

Proposed Confirmation of Futility of 11/26/13 Regarding Demand for Issuance of Indictments by Robert J. More ("RJM") on 11/21 and 11/22 of 2013 Doc. #16 in D/L of 11/26/13

It has, since 6/13/08 and 11/25-11/27 of 2008, been, and has remained, and does remain, futile for RJM to (have submitted) (submit) evidence in regard to violations of any federal law in regard to any matter which Case # 08 MC 123741901, in the Circuit Court of Cook County, IL in 2008, concerned, and/or to petition this Office and/or any other entity in the Dirksen Federal Bldg in Chicago, IL for any consideration of any type in regard to such matter(s), whether pursuant to the provisions of the "Right to Petition Clause of the Constitution of the u.s. of A, and/or any other provision of such Constitution and/or any other source of Federal Law.

It is further stipulated that the only type of remedy available for the type(s) of matters such case concerned was and is, whatever contra-predatory vigilante remed(y)(ies) RJM and/or RJM and/or Associates of RJM, and/or anyone seeking to collect any bounty in any "post-mortem RJM arrangement which might ever come into existence" could and would ever succeed in utilizing for the vindication of any and all legitimate reliance interests implicated in regard to the matters such case concerned relative to the adequate punishment of violations of Federal criminal laws.

Proposed Stipulation of 11/26/13, Regarding the Role and Function of Office of the U.S. Attorney for the N.D. of IL - - Doc. #17 in D/L of 11/26/13

The role and function of the Office of the U.S. Attorney for the N.D. of IL for the period of (6/12/08) (1/1/1999) (the institution of the Office) (12/23/1913) (other date) has been, remains and will remain not the ensurance of the accommodation of any and all legitimate reliance interests which the activity of such Office would ever forseeably effect, but rather the defraudment whereof, under the color of law. Defined in the alternative, this Office will continue to "do the bidding of the Rothschilds and the rest of the Committee of 300 and the Members of the Upper Echelon of the Slavemaster Class", which such Slavekeepers have developed, which in effect constitutes the defraudment of the legitimate reliance interests of those not strong enough to prevent themselves from being cannibalized by the activity of such Office ordered to the accomplishment of the agenda referenced herein.