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Document List of 5/21/15 - D/L 5/21/15 groacon

1. D/L 5/21/15 - groacon - X

2. Petition to Circuit Court of Cook County, IL in Case # 11 CH 12339 for Institution of Criminal Charges...

3. Proposed True Bill of 5/21/15

4. List of Youtube Postings of Electronic Recordings of Activity Conducted in re.....

5. Notice and Invitation(s) to: former Asst. CCSA P. Groah, ...Driscoll, Former Asst. IAG S. Conway, G. Griffin- X

6. Partial Record of Time and Expenses Consumed/Incurred in Completion of Project this Entry Concerns (all assessable as compensatory &/or consequential damages)- 5/19 - to be completed, 5/20 - to be Completed, 5/21 - to 1700 - TBC 1700 -1800 -60 minutes - - composition - add email, conversion, posting, printing and delivery and any follow -up required +

Documents listed herein supra adjacent to which there is an "X" were delivered to at least Conway via email by 5/22/15 and mailed to Groah by 5/22/15.

Notice and Invitation(s) to: Asst. CCSA P. Groah, Asst. CCSA ...Driscoll, Asst. IAG S. Conway, Asst. IAG G. Griffin

From: Robert J. More

P.O. Box 6926, Chicago, IL, 60680, 608 445-5181, 863 688-9880 - msg,


To: Each of Those Listed In the Title to this Document

Notice is herein provided that a project, the purpose of which is to ensure that no crimes perpetrated in re the adjudication of Case # 11 CH 12339, will remain unpunished, no windfalls unjustly procured in re whereto will be left undispossessed, and that no victims of any such crimes as have been perpetrated in re such matter will remain permanently injured, has been in the process of being brought to completion. The treasonous and insurrection-instigating arrangement presently in place in the USDC for the ND of IL in which the Independence of the Federal Grand Jury guaranteed by the Presentment Clause of the Fifth Amendment to the Constitution of the u.s. of A. has been usurped and the consideration which is supposed to have been provided the American People from such Independence denied to all who have been entitled to such consideration has rendered it impossible for indictments to have been issued against any of you for activity conducted by any of you in the defense and/or adjudication of such case from March of 2011 until today for the violations of Federal laws perpetrated in re whereto. On 5/20/15, a "... Petition for ...Institution of Criminal Information for Violations of 720 ILCS 5/33-3...." concerning the false statement made to the Court in 2012 that RJM had not filed the amended complaint which he had in fact filed,, which if RJM's memory serves him correctly was posited on 5/28/12 by Groah and Conway, was filed in Case # 11 CH 12339 in the Criminal Court's Bldg at 2600 S. California Ave. and set for 9:00 a.m. on 5/26 and 5/28 of 2015 in Courtroom 101 of such facility.

Copies of the documents filed on 5/20/15 and those scheduled to supersede such documents can be accessed via the Table of Contents of the URL included in the ULC of this document

Given the egregiously unjust arrangement presently in place in the nominal u.s. of A. de facto Flagship Colony of the Talmudic-barbaric Global Plantation, it is RJM's understanding that no expiration of any promulgated Statute of Limitations defense could ever be legitimately invoked by any of you, respectively, in order to exculpate any of you from liability for the perpetrations of the various crimes this document concerns (720 ILCS 5/33-3). This document has been composed and transmitted for the purpose of ensuring that none of you could ever claim that you were prejudiced by not having been notified of RJM's intent to ensure that no crime remain unpunished, nor any windfall wrongfully begotten and/or otherwise illegitimately procured remain undispossessed, and correlatively, that no crime victim remain permanently defrauded and/or otherwise unjustifiably injured in regard to the matters this document concerns by 5/28/15.

If it would be the position of any of you, that you did not incur any felony liability from activity conducted by any of you, respectively, in regard to the matters this document concerns, invitation is extended herein that an explanation demonstrating any alleged non-incurrment of any such type liability be provided to RJM and/or the the FGJ Foreperson for the Northern District of IL re alleged violations of Federal laws, and/or the Presiding Judge of the Criminal Division of the Circuit Court of Cook County, IL, re alleged violations of State of IL laws.

The history of the matters this document concerns and any and all activity conducted in the future in re whereto can be accessed via the Table of Contents of the URL included in the URC of this document.

Robert J. More Jn 2:16, Ma. 22:21, 1 Cor. 5:22, Acts 5:29, Rom. 12:21