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Circuit Court of Cook County, IL

More et al

v Case # 11 CH 12339

Griffith et al

Petitioner Robert J. More's ("RJM") Initial Component of 5/17/15 of Petition for Either a "Conditional" (If a Non-counterfiet Grand Jury or Other Type Investigation would Demonstrate the Existence of Exculpatory Considerations and/or Activity in re the Matters this Document Concerns ("These Matters") - RJM would Not Object to Criminal Charges not being Prosecuted in Re Whereto, nor to Any Charges Ever Instituted Ever Being Retracted) Summary Institution of Criminal Information(s) for Violations of 720 ILCS 5/33-3 ("Official Misconduct" - "OM") Against Cook County State's Attorney ("CCSA") A. Alvarez, Asst. CCSA's Driscoll and Groah, IL Atty General ("IAG") L. Madigan, Asst. IAG's G. Griffin and S. Conway - (Groah and Conway For the Making of a Material Mistatement to a Court, Alvarez, Driscoll, Madigan and Griffin for Vicarious Liability in Regard to Such Matter, In That the Priorities According to Which the Activity Conducted by Such Activity Conductors ("AC") in re Which RJM is Cognizant, Has Been Conducted Have Been Such that the Perpetration of Predations and Commission of Crimes in the Defense of Cases in Which Clients of the CCSA and IAG and/or in Which the CCSA and/or IAG Have Been Included as Defendants Have Been So Demonstrably Gravely Sinful and Distorted as to Have Induced the Perpetration of the Types of Crimes this Document Concerns by the Lower Level AC's Conducting Activity in Such Entities as the Ordinary and Customary Practice of Such Entities, Respectively) and Any Execution of Affirmative Acts Which a Legitimate Criminal Investigation into the Matters this Document Concerns Would Prove Would Have been Made by Any of Such Activity Conductors, Respectively, and CCCC, IL Judge L. Martin for Preventing RJM from Using An Electronic Recording Device ("ERD") in the Court Audience Conducted on 5/28/12, Notwithstanding the Fact that the Constitutionally Protected Right to Use Such Type ERD had been "Clearly Established" by the Juncture at Which RJM Encountered Such Prevention from Martin and that Martin had been Explicity Notified of This Condition by RJM, (not to Mention that it is RJM's Informed Understanding that the Claim Posited to Such Consideration was So Self-evident as to Require no Citation to Authority in Support Whereof) in re the Case this Document Concerns ("This Case", "These Matters"), and Appointment of a Special Prosecutor Pursuant to the Provisions of 55 ILCS ..... in Regard to this Matter, or for an Adjudication of a Plenary Character of the "Standard & Method of Adjudication" Demands - Both "Internal" and "External" Which RJM Will Have Posted, Providence Permitting by 5/24/15 in the Website Whose URL is Included in the ULC Herein, Which Will Be Accessible Via the Table of Contents Included Wherein or Via Contacting RJM at 608 445-5181, or "" or "" or 863 688-9880, or for the Institution of Any Process, the Institution of Which would Effect the Prevention of any Invocation of any SOL Defense from Ever Legitimately Prevailing as a Defense for Any of the Predation Perpetrations this Document Concerns, which Petition in no way Implies that the Conditions of Government Entities at this Juncture in the Ongoing Evident Subsumption of what Used to Constitute the Republic of the u.s. of A., but What Now Indisputably Constitutes the Flagship Slave Colony of the Jewish Supermacism's Global Plantation into the Syngagogue of Satan Referenced in Apoc. 2:9 and 3:9 has not Effected an Estoppel by Moral Imperative of Any Type of "Prejudice from Passage of Time Extrication from Liability" Defense Argument (ie SOL's, Laches, Non-accomplishment of a Given Act w/n Some Facially Valid Promulgation of Some Type of Time Period Statutorily or Judicially Established for the Performance of Any Given Act) as a basis for the exculpation from any legitimate criminal charge/liability Incurred in Any Given Instance in Which Any Direct Victim Whereof In Any Given Instance ("IAGI") Would Have Produced a Record of Activity W/n The Time Period Ever Relevant IAGI, to that Produced by Simeon and Anna as referenced in Scripture (Lk. 2:25), to be Superseded, Retracted and/or Modified as the Application of the Requirements of the Moral Law to Any and All Circumstances of Providence Ever Encountered Would Evidently Require, in Re Which Robert J. More ("RJM") will be Available to Participate in Any Adjudication Whereof via Telephone (608 445-5181), or if it would be Futile to Ever Expect Any Legitimate Order(s) to Ever Be Issued by this Court in Any Matter of the Type this Document Concerns, For this Court to Issue an Order Providing a "Confirmation of Futility" in re Whereto Filed for purpose of providing adequate protection of the "public's" interest (which can be phrased in the alternative as the "Catholic Cause" (Ad Sacerdoti Catholici, 1935), the "Common Good", etc. etc.), Composed on a Computer Lacking a Capitalization Function with No Claim to Any Consideration Waived, Forfeited Nor Relinquished Attributable to the Hardship in Which RJM has Found it Necessary to Complete, File and Serve this Document as a Component Part of RJM's Continued Bearing of the Fourth Commandment Burden to Help Govern the Government of One's Country and Protect One's Country From Predatory Agendas and Activity, in this case via the moral imperative promulgated in "Divini Redemptoris" (1937) re the character of such burden in circumstances in which one's Country would be "under attack" via, Inter Alia, the "Duty to Alter or Abolish" Provision of the Dec of Independence, which Provisions are Binding Law Upon Everyone Conducting Activity in this Country

Now comes RJM to petition this Court for the Provision of the Consideration Referenced in the Title to this Document accompanied by the provision of a confirmation of RJM to make anything not understood in re whereto intelligible to a person of "ordinary intelligence" upon RJM's own volition and/or his reception of any request and/or demand in re whereto.

Robert J. More - Lesser Co-Obstructor to the Genocide of the Goyim Agenda in the Process of Being Implemented in this Country