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1. D/L of 5/24/15 -Grif....

2. Report of 5/28/15

3. Abbreviated First Superseding... Component of 5/24/15 of Petition to Get Information(s) Instituted of ....

Circuit Court of Cook County, IL

More et al

v Case # 11 CH 12339

Griffith et al

Petitioner Robert J. More's ("RJM") Abbreviated First Superseding Component ("FSC") (As Distinct from Plenary FSC) of 5/24/15 of Initial Component of 5/17/15 of Petition to Get Information Instituted... in Which the Entirety of the "Initial Component of 5/17/15 is Incorporated Herein by Reference as if Fully Set Forth Herein, Composed on a Computer Lacking any Capitalization Function, Which Has Resulted in Words in the Title to this Document not being capitalized Which Would Customarily be Capitalized in a Title to a Document, in which RJM Includes, Inter Alia, Herein, 1.) Notice that, Providence Permitting, a "Plenary First Superseding Component of 5/24/15 of Petition ...Information.... Will Have Been Posted at: by 8:00 a.m. on 5/26/15, 2) an Expression of the Commitment Which Has Motivated RJM to File This Document Which is a Commitment to avoid encountering that permanent arrangement which St. Paul has referenced as "it is a terrible thing to fall into the hands of the living God" (Heb. 10:31), and That It Has Been Out of a Concern to Avoid that Arrangement via the prevention of the Incurrment of Culpability for the Innumerable Sins this Document Concerns Were RJM Not to Engage and Adequately Endeavor to Defeat the Damage Caused to the Catholic Cause (Ad Sacerdoti Catholici, 1935) from such Sins, (See Catechism of the Council of Trent on the Nine different ways one can incur culpability from/for the sins of some other person, and Ma. 22:21, Acts 5:29, 1 Cor 5:22, Eph. 5:8, Rom. 12:18-21, Jn. 2:16, MC Cl 61, Divini Redemptoris, Papal Christmas Message of 1956) that has been RJM's conscious motivation in bearing the most onerous burden of prosecuting the matters this document concerns, as RJM continues to endeavor to remit the debt owed in justice to posterity (Jn. 21:15, Ma. 26:25 et seq. et. al.) by RJM to the best of RJM's capacity to subjectively apprehend the character whereof, 3.) Notice that the material misrepresentation/false statement to a Court referenced in the Initial Component of this Document was the informing the Court by Asst, CCSA Groah and Asst. IAG Conway that RJM had never filed the Amended Complaint of 2/10, 11, 12,13 or 14 of 2012 or whatever date it was in that time period upon which the "Amended Complaint" ("AC") RJM filed in such period in Case # 11 CH 12339, in the Clerk's filing system was filed, 4.)that It is the recollection of RJM that such claim was made by Groah and Conway on 5/28/12 in a Court audience scheduled for such date, that RJM recalls the incident but has encountered substantial difficulty recalling the exact audience in which it transpired, that The restrictions imposed upon RJM's access to the Clerk's document images maintained in the R. Daley Center, effected by the order issued on 9/6 or 9/13 of 2013 in Case # 11 M1 013782 have burdened RJM unconscionably in general and relative to the completion of research necessary to adequately prosecute the claims this document concerns, necesssitating RJM's using the component of such system present in the 26th and Ca Clerk's Office at which RJM cannot possess his computer, which has left RJM again unconscionably burdened in the production of this and related documents, 5.) that Burdened as unconscionably as RJM has been by the enforcement of such order, RJM has conditinally concluded that the date of the filing/alleged non-filing of the AC in re the claim referenced herein must have been 4/24/12 and that it could not have been earlier than 5/28/12 that the claim of non-filing of it on 4/24/12 was posited, 6.) that It is RJM's recollection that Groah' absented himself from a number of court audiences scheduled in 11 CH 12339 w/o providing any notification to the Court, and w/o having received any permission and w/o providing any explanation for any of such absences, immediately subsequent to 5/28/12, after it evidently became obvious to him that the amended comlaint he and Conway had claimed had not been filed had in fact been filed on 4/24/12 (again if RJM has the dates correct in re this matter), 7.) that Obviously, no formula for the adequate rectification and resolution of the matters this document concerns could possess legitimacy w/o a provision included wherein requiring that compensation for all of the unregainable time & resources consumed in reconstructing and presenting this depiction of developments be recovered from those whose activity has reasonably foreseeably and hence, proximately, caused the detriment, to which recovery principles of joint and several liability would be applicable - which the burden of the elimination whereof has resulted in the expenditures of time and resources referenced herein, 8.) that The list of those whose activity has proximately caused the damages referenced herein, besides including all of those in re whose activity the institution of criminal charges has been herein sought must also include Judge S. Jones- author of the calumny and false light replete, baseless and otherwise bald assertion laden order issued in September of 2013 in re Case # 11 m1 013782 referenced herein supra, which the Cook County Sheriff's Dept has used as a basis via which to prevent RJM from accessing case files in the RDC, notwithstanding the windfall accruing to the Sheriff and other representatives of such entity from such enforcement, 9.) that it is RJM's understanding that RJM's burden to mitigate damages requires him to keep the composition of documents of this type to the barest minimum necessary to prevent the incurrment of even more detriment than the mountain whereof which RJM has already incurred over the years from the superabundance of evidently and demonstrably demonically instigated activity (Eph. 5:8, et al) which RJM has encountered in activity conducted in matters concerning the Circuit Court of Cook County, IL and all related entities, 10.) that The date upon which the false statement to a court was ultimately resolved against the false accusation makers, Groah and Conway, et. al. was to the best of RJM's recollection sometime in July of 2012, 11.) that Among other incentives for the making of the false statement referenced herein was that of the prospect of its makers procuring a facially valid court order effecting the dismissal of the entire case in Case # 11 CH 12339, via the alleging of intentional disobedience to an explicit court order in the prosecution of such case - the procurement of which type order would have spared them the risks involved in the prosecution of the baseless motions to dismiss ("MTD") filed in such case, and as RJM was certain that it was a foregone conclusion would be granted wherein from the juncture at which Judge Martin ("JM") first read the caption to the case this document concerns ("this case"), were of course so granted, very possibly without JM's ever having read anything submitted to the Court by RJM in such case, which have left all of those responsible wherefore, respectively, with the incurrment of components of tort and criminal liability that would not have ever been incurred had the filing of the MTD's been rendered unnecessary via the issuance/procurement of a dismissal for disobedience of a court order, 12.) that RJM cannot recall the entirety ofthe particulars of what RJM understands to have constituted any and all criminal activity perpetrated by JM on 5/28/12 and given this handicap which again is attributable to Martin's prohibiting RJM's use of any electronic recording device ("ERD") in the Courtroom in which he was then and is still, presiding, throughout the pendency of 11 CH 12339, but RJM does recall the evident avidity w/ which he on that date sought to find a pretext via which to dismiss 11 CH 12339 which he could be certain would not backfire, 13.) that There is no doubt in RJM's mind that the priorities according to which the entirety of the defense and adjudication, respectively, of this case were conducted were such that the provisions of 720 ILCS 5/33-3 were activated by such, respectively, 14.) that there is much more that RJM intends to at least get into the public record in regard to the matters this document concerns in order to protect the Claim to Eventually and Ultimately Rectify the Injustices this Document Concerns via participation in the Use of A Morally Unassailable Contra-predatory Vigilante Remedy (see RCDRC Criminal and if that would not yet be posted, RCDRC - Civil in the website whose URL is included in the ULC herein), Sufficiently Carefully Regulated to Ensure that Any Minion(s) of the Rothschilds and Correlatively of Lucifer who Might Endeavor to Interfere with and/or Punish the Use of Any such Type Remedy would have to do so "On the Capitol Steps in the Noon Day Sun in the Presence of a Reasonably Respectable Component of the AR-15 equipped component of the FEMA Red and Blue Listers left in this Country", Intact and Unimpeachable, but that for now, RJM will have to truncate this document here in order to comply with the explicitly posited commitment he posited in the "Initial Component ...." of the Petition of which this Document is the "Abbreviated First Superseding Component...."

Now comes RJM to move this Court to grant the consideration referenced in the title to this document.

Robert J. More - 1 Jn. 4:1-6, Rom. 12:18-21, Lesser Co-Obstructor to the Genocide of the Goyim Agenda in the Process of Being Implemented in this Country