His Omnipotence, Christus Rex still not having returned to conclusively avenge the countless predation perpetrations, crimes and atrocities by which He has permitted Himself to continue to be so egregiously offended – including those referenced herein, the Chair of Peter/the Holy See/the Apostolic See (Matt. 16:18), according to RJM’s understanding of the matter, still remaining vacant, RJM still not having procured the type of individual reprieve of the type collectively referenced in Matt. 24:20, which RJM has continued to so unabatedly seek - notwithstanding that the non-provision whereof may in fact be because either RJM still does not possess sanctifying grace and incapable of recognizing such condition has not yet succeeded in eliminating such by doing what would be necessary to procure it, or the fact that he has for all practical purposes been permanently abandoned by God, which is evidently the condition of the vast majority of the members of the society in which this complaint is being filed, neither the Schiavo the Kahl, the 9/11/01 atrocities, nor the Yeakey, O’Neill, Duochette, Tillman, nor Barksdale Nine murders yet having been avenged, the members of the Committee of 300 still not having been disgorged of the estimated 1000 trillion dollars they have so wrongly and indeed murderously, taken from the world’s goyim over the time period during which they have procured control of the money supplies of all of the European Countries and Countries colonized by European Countries, the control of the money supply of the u.s. of A. not yet having been returned to the Constitution of the u.s. A.’s Art. 1 Section 8, Cl 5 requirement, the safeguards of the non-counterfeit version of the Rule of Law installed in the 913 years between the enactment of the Charter of Liberties in 1000 A.D. and the entirely illegitimate, fraudulent, and treasonous passage of the Federal Reserve Act on 12/23/1913 by the three members of the Senate of the u.s. of A. who were in the Senate Chamber on that day not yet having been recovered, the members of the Committee of 300 and their murderous mercenaries not yet having been punished for the predations perpetrated by them, martial Law still not having been imposed on a nationwide scale 27 years after the establishment of Readiness Exercise 84 (“REX 84”), the Federal Government and its political subdivisions in this Country, still not yet having been abolished according to a formula the utilization of which would not result in any non nor less than acceptable accommodation of any legitimate reliance interest - notwithstanding the enormous net detriment to all legitimate interests which it is RJM’s informed understanding results from the activity whereof (notwithstanding the considerable efforts RJM has continued to make to contribute to the accomplishment of such objective(s)), the ISMA still not having issued RJM any dispensation from its general requirement that no nihil obstat will be issued for the contra-predatory vigilante retribution administration rectification of a given predation perpetration unless and until a given petitioner wherefore would have demonstrated that procurement of consideration the issuance of any nihil obstat would accomplish (ie a judicial adjudication not lacking in legitimacy according to the evidently purest understanding of such available at a given juncture in history (see the discussion between former SCOTUS Justices Chase and Iredell regarding interpretations of the requirements of the natural law) could not have been procured via the use of systems and methods which are supposed to be available for such according to the plain language meaning of the Constitution of the u.s. of A. and all legitimate laws emanating wherefrom), and RJM still not having procured any “declaration of the unconstitutionality as applied of the provisions of the criminal code of the State of IL” and/or declaration of the unconstitutionality as applied of the provisions of the criminal code of the u.s. of A., RJM did not see that he was left with any choice in regard to the matters this complaint concerns except to file this complaint at the comparatively enormous burden imposed upon RJM’s exercise of natural law rights – which he understands that he lacks the authority to leave unutilized for the purpose of his continuing endeavor to bear that share of the burden referenced in Matt. 11:30 which he must bear in order to avoid the incurrment to himself of the ultimate catastrophic loss (Matt. 25:41) and correlatively, to fulfill the purpose for which he was created, which is imposed upon burden bearers in an arrangement in which instead of having to succeed in adequately protecting their (our) property, liberty and lives from assault against such perpetrated by individuals and/or groups of individuals, they (we) have to protect such from assaults against such perpetrated via the use of the collective force of body politics which are ultimately controlled by a cabal of iniquity working, genocide committed and in at least some cases, evidently cannibalistic, predation perpetrators who consider over 99.9 % of the members of the population of the world to be sub-humans whose only purpose for existing is to serve as slaves to the “chosen people” and whose claims to the possession of reliance interests of any legitimacy are not considered to be deserving of any more consideration than that former SCOTUS Chief Justice Taney considered Dred Scott’s similar claims to be due – namely, none.

This complaint is being filed according to the priorities, points of reference and criteria according to which all complaints filed by Robert J. More (“RJM”) are filed which can be ascertained via the consideration of the contents of the complaint captioned “More v Pavnica,…Univ. of Notre Dame” and the documents which are referenced wherein, which complaint and documents are all accessible at the URL whose address is included in the ULC of this document via the accessing of the downlink titled (most recent…), most especially those titled and/or coded Roman Catholic Dispute Resolution Chart (RCDRC…), ((ISMApwcs5-17-11) – now superseded by: “ISMApwcs5-22-11”) and the “Declaration of Unconstitutionality…RJM” (decuncon….).

Had the conditions presently prevailing in this Country regarding the investigation, prosecution and punishment of crime been what they were in England in 1791 (the SCOTUS’es definition of the “common law” – Thompson v Utah, (_U.S._)), RJM understands that it would have been far less likely that the crime and tort this complaint concerns would ever have been perpetrated. As matters stand, Robert Jack has demonstrated an ongoing willingness to perpetrate and to endeavor to perpetrate amongst other crimes, those of theft, false pretenses, and trespass, via the stealing of money, and personal possessions from the lockers of Bally Total Fitness Members and Guests, into which he procures entry via the use of a bolt-cutter to cut locks, and any expectation that the astronomically expensive machinery of the police state presently operative in this Country, and County and City to get him adequately punished for the predations he perpetrates in such instances and has continued to perpetrate for several years in a serial pattern would evidently be entirely unjustified. The case this complaint concerns (“this case”) provides another textbook example of how desperate the need for “Contra-predatory Vigilante Retribution Administration and Correlative Predation Deterrence, Without the Incurrment of the Burden of Having to Clear a Fugitive Status From Any Utilization Whereof” (not to imply given the plethora of examples already available in regard to such need, that there could ever be any need of still another, even as further examples in regard to such matter come into existence daily and hourly in the continued deterioration and descent of the vestiges and remnants of what was centuries ago known as “Christendom” into an ever deepening barbarity) indisputably is.

It is RJM’s understanding that the CCSA and its representative have incurred criminal and tort liability for the deprivation of a right guaranteed by the Constitution of the u.s. of A. in that its representative demanded at what RJM, unarmed at the time, construed to constitute constructive gun point, that RJM depart an Office of the CCSA without RJM’s having procured answers to the questions which RJM had posited on 6/2/11 or 6/3/11 to such Office, regarding the institution of criminal charges against R. Jack, and in that such representative then refused to provide RJM his name, and later lied to CCSA Investigator Finn in regard to the matter, according to Finn claiming that he had provided RJM a card with his name included whereupon. RJM does not know exactly whether the CPD has incurred any tort and/or criminal liability, in regard to the matters this complaint concerns, as there is another year on the criminal statute of limitations (“SOL”) for the theft of the amount of money and property stolen from RJM on 6/1/09. To be continued, augmented and/or superseded

Rebates will be offered to City of Chicago, IL, and/or Cook County, IL, residents who fit a certain profile from whatever would be recovered from the prosecution of the case this complaint concerns (“this case”) from either of the government defendants included herein. The formulas which RJM requires himself to use in every case ever litigated in the Circuit Court of Cook County, IL, will, Providence permitting, be included in the component of this complaint filed on 7/15/11, or will be added as soon as possible after such date in a form considerably expanded beyond what has been included herein in such regard.

Since this complaint most definitely states a cause of action, according to which relief can be granted by a Court conducting activity in the Circuit Court of Cook County, IL (“CCCC”) even in the unexpanded form in which it has been submitted on 6/1/11 for approval of the IL SCR 298 petition which accompanies it, any conjectural non-granting of such petition would result in RJM’s demanding an audio-recorded audience with any judge who might deny the SCR 298 petition without providing an explanation which would demonstrate that any conjectural denial whereof would possess legitimacy - on 6/1/11 and RJM would demand that whatever consideration might have to be provided in order to enable RJM to ensure the preservation of the right to participate in such type audio-recorded audience would not be denied him and the rest of “We the People….”