Core Temporal Problem

Presuming that the devil will be left with the capacity to tempt the fallen human beings who inhabit and will inhabit the theatre of earthly existence to sin and that the problems inherent in the sin of the first parents and the consequences of that sin and every sin committed since, will be present in such theatre until Christ returns: The Core Correctable Temporal Problem is herein defined in a most abbreviated form as follows:

Bill Still - "the issue of the control of the money supply of the U.S. [and beyond that of each of the European Countries and Countries colonized by European countries] is the human rights issue of our time, hunger, poverty, misery, disease are all caused by the unacceptable arrangements in place via which private central banks control the money supplies of the [various countries whose money supplies are controlled whereby]."

"they ask why it is that we say more upon the money question than we say upon the tariff question when we have restored the money of the constitution, all other necessary reforms will be possible, until that is done there is no other reform that can be accomplished" - William Jennings Bryan

RJM note - it is RJM's informed but necessarily non-infallible understanding that the control of the money supply by the Talmudic banksters, is actually the hinge issue between the establishment of the Talmudic religion with all of its abominations as the de facto world religion and the police state apparatuses established to incrementally extirpate the noncounterfeit version of the rule of law from the face of the earth.

3 videos to be viewed to grasp the essence of the "core temporal problem" - Secret of Oz - hinge issue - money supply - Bill Still, Camp FEMA - police state to effect the genocide in progress to get world's population down to 14 million Talmud Adherents and Imposers (which group must be distinguished from those born into Jewish families but who would be unwilling to have any intended part in the enslavement and extermination agenda the Committee of 300 and its predecessors have been in the progress of imposing for centuries) and 486 million goy slaves - Gary Franchi, Synagogue of Satan - Fr. John O'Connor - to understand what the Presumptively Sanctifying Grace Possessing Kings and Temporal Rulers in Christendom understood re the menace Talmudism constituted and the dangers leaving it uncontained engendered, the Condemnations - explicit and/or implicit of it by Popes Innocent III and Innocent IV, Leo XIII, Pius X, Pius XI and the endeavors undertaken by such Popes to prevent the catastrophic consequences of its reaching ascendancy on the world stage as it now indisputably, approaching complete dominion, through Lucifer's instigation(s), has.

Question which a reader of this document might consider positing to him or her self: Is whatever combination of whatever it is that I am prioritizing, attempting to contribute to whatever cause(s) and/or leaving unaccomplished and/or uncontributed whereto, actually contributing anything to the prevention of 1.) the loss of souls and/or 2.) the shedding of innocent blood, given the opportunity cost of what i could be endeavoring to contribute in lieu of what it would be in a given instance which would in fact be being contributed by the participation in whatever projects it would be in which i would be participating/not participating?

An invitation is herein extended to contribute to the removal of the "root" of the "core temporal problem" rather than participating in the continued consumption of unregainable non-unlimited time and resources striking at what are evidently in the minds of many individuals who have prayed, done penance, conducted extensive research and sought extensive counsel in regard to the matters this document concerns, only "branches" whereof.

"The minds of men must be illuminated with the sure light of Catholic teaching, and their wills must be drawn to follow and apply it as the norm of right living in the conscientious fulfillment of their manifold social duties. "In addition ... Catholic Action must organize propaganda on a large scale to disseminate knowledge of the fundamental principles on which, according to the Pontifical documents, a Christian Social Order must build.

"... But for the solution of our present problem, all this effort is still inadequate. When our country is in danger, everything not strictly necessary, everything not bearing directly on the urgent matter of unified defense, takes second place. So we must act in today's crisis. Every other enterprise, however attractive and helpful, must yield before the vital need of protecting the very foundation of the Faith and of Christian civilization." Divini Redemptoris, Pope Pius XI, 3/19/1937,, 863 688-9880