Dear Sheriff Mack and CSPOA,

Should Case # 11 M1013782 in the Circuit Court of Cook County, IL, settle in the next 30 days, RJM herein pledges the entirety of any funds recovered either from any punitive damages and/or from the CCSA, which would not have to go any attorney's fees should any attorney enter any appearance in this case to the CSPOA to be designated to a(n) "Avenge the T. Schiavo, Barkskdale Nine and/or 9/11/01 Atrocities" and/or to a "Recover the Independence of the Grand Jury", "Slay the Dragon of Judicial Immunity Once and for All", "Abolish the Standing Armies", "Recover the Protection of the Purchasing Power of the Currency Guaranteed in Art. 1, Section 8, Cl. 5", "Get the First 1000 Treason Convictions", "Recover the 700-1000 Trillion Dollars the Talmudic Barbaric Bankers Have Extorted and Extracted Illegally and Unconscionably Immorally from the World's Goyim", "Sanctuary Counties from Talmudic-barbaric Predation Perpetrations", "Operation Vigilante Sentinel - Contra-genocide Adjudicator, Grand and Petite Juror, Witness, Prosecutor and Investigator", "Form the Luke 11:21 Just Men for the Third Millenium or Bust" and/or "Make Reparations to the World's Unbregudgeables", Funds, which would be monitored and managed by the CSPOA, under the direction and auditing of Dr. Edwin Vieira, Joseph Banister, Sherry Jackson, Attorney L. Amu, Norm Olson and/or Former Lee County FL Sheriff J. McDougall and/or others of similar wisdom and probity. This bequeathment is subject to an indefinite number of renewals.