Distinctions between arrangement in which party involved in a legal adjudication is ultimately committed to the acceptance of the resolution of a given dispute by some tribunal established and exercising authority under the claim to authority of the present Talmudic-barbaric (“TB”) governent of the u.s. of A. or any politicial subdivision whereof on the one hand, and on the other, that in which a party involved wherein is ultimately committed to do what would in a given instance evidently have to be done (such determination never being made w/o at least as much oversight, input and provision for punishment for any culpable non-compliance in regard to the determination re "what would evidently have to be done") in order to ensure the just resolution of a given dispute, regardless of what the disposition of any given TB controlled tribunal would be in regard whereto. and ramnifications in regard to measures of consideration which (a) court(s) would have to provide in any adjudication whereof, in order not to incur any criminal and/or tort liability in any adjudication whereof.