Forbearance/Contra-predatory Vigilantism Formula

There is no promulgated authority, promulgated by the Authentic Magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church – history’s only infallible source of authority (Matt. 16:18), in regard to which RJM is cognizant, nor any other promulgation in regard to which RJM is cognizant, to which RJM would be confident that any legitimacy could ever be justifiably attributed and/or upon which RJM would be willing, so long as the gates of hell remain open, to predicate any reliance interest - in which has been contained any expression of approval of any type of unilateral and/or unconditional remission of forbearance /provision of/deprivation of the consideration correlating to the consequences whereof in regard to (a) (any) given predation perpetration(s) ever perpetrated, and/or in the process of ever being perpetrated, from the use of the means Providence has provided for the punishment of predations, the subduing and/or disabling of (a)predation perpetrator(s) and the protection of that component of the Catholic Cause in re which (a) given activity conductor(s) would ever understand in an adequately informed understanding and state of mind/condition of sense of accountability that he would have to provide an accounting.