One of the Most Important Components of the Burden of Any and All Government Officials in re Any and Every Quantum of Activity Ever Conducted in the Exercise of the Authority of Any and All Government Office(s) In Order, Inter Alia, To Ensure the Adequate Accommodation of the Legitimate Reliance Interest Defined as: The Claim to Whatever Evidence Would Ever Be in Existence in Regard to the Priorities According to Which Any Given Quantum of Government Authority Would Ever Have Been Exercised, Inter Alia to Ensure the Identification of Demonically Instigated Activity (Jn. 3:19), Destructive of the [Legitimate] Ends for Which Governments are instituted among men ("DOI") so that Such Can be Countered and Destroyed Sooner Rather than Later in Any Given Instance

Accommodation of the burden of 4th Commandment Citizen BB to get structure superimposed upon and into any and all govt activity ever conducted, in any given and in every instance, adequate to ensure the accessibility of a quantum(s) of evidence in regard to any given matter sufficient to enable the negation of any illegitimate due process of law re "lack of adequate notice" and/or "honest mistake of fact" defense(s) for the purpose of preventing the effecting of (a) criminal conviction(s) in any given instance(s) in which any given government official whose activity would ever be in issue might be tempted to endeavor to utilize such, respectively in re whereto, were the type(s) of evidence referenced herein not available to: 1.) anyone prosecuting any given government crime, 2.) members of the public in general, which claim to consideration is protected via among other provisions of the Constitution of the u.s. of A. the Ninth Amendment whereto.

Practically, at this juncture in history what is required in regard to these matters, if the abolition of all governments controlled by the Rothschilds cannot be effected immediately, is the categorical monitoring of any and all government activity ever conducted with the product of such monitoring secured and retained in the possession of a component of the citizenry, whose apprehended economic and political interests are sufficiently distinct from those whose activity would have been monitored in any given instance to ensure that any monitoring and auditing conducted in any given instance would not constitute simply another worthless and correlatively, unjustifed, expenditure of resources and otherwise ineffective endeavor. "If the monitoring of [component of government activity] cannot be afforded, then the government activity cannot be afforded and correlatively, permitted.

The citizenry must be permitted access to evidence of the priorities according to which any and all government activity ever conducted, would ever have been conducted, which at this juncture in regard to an enormous component of such activity conducted over the past 100 years would demonstrate that one of the highest priorities, if not the highest priority whereof has been to keep such priorities suppressed and concealed from public scrutiny according to the contents of the Jn. 3:19 passage of scripture.