Present Revised Inchoat Offer of 11/23/13 to Members of the Rothschild Family and the Rest of the Members of the Committee of 300 and All Upper Echelon Members of the Slavemaster Class Presently in Place as Managers of the Talmudic-barbaric Enslavement and Extermination Apparatus to which the Planet Earth has all but Entirely Been Reduced

Note. Offers to Surrender to Middle and Lower Tier Slavemaster Class Members are included in documents of which this one is a component part of a cluster produced in re Whereto. Pledges of continued assistance to the Von Stauffenberg Component of Government Entities Presently Conducting Activity in Government Offices are likewise included in a document of their own.

On behalf of the entirety of 1.) whatever possessors of the grace of justification might presently still be conducting activity in the probationary period which every tour of duty in the theatre of earthly existence constitutes, 2.) the world's entirely sinless children, 3.) whatever posterity Providence might permit, and, 4.) everything warmblooded not a member of any of the three groups already referenced herein supra, but not by any express designation, obviously, and presented only out of an evident necessity, in that inter alia, the author of this document has yet to encounter any offer of the type included herein infra, explicitly promulgated anywhere:

You are hereby invited to immediately discontinue any and all endeavors ordered to the destruction of the Non-counterfeit Version of the Rule of Law, and the Consumation of the Subjugation of the World's Population into a Talmudic-barbaric New World Order in which you have been participating and to otherwise discontinue the use of physical force against other human beings in any and all arrangement(s) which would not permit any such use other than according to the requirements of the natural moral law (Rom. 2:17) as such have been explicated in the application whereof to various arrangements of circumstances which have been encountered over the centuries of human history and/or in regard to which the application of which has been applied to conjectural scenarios as any such have been assessed by individuals who have been canonized as Saints by the Roman Catholic Church in circumstances in such assessments have been published by competent Church authorities as constituting the "Ordinary Magisterium" of such Church, to discontinue any and all usurious and/or otherwise exploitive, fraudulent and/or otherwise immoral monetary and/or financial practices and to never again endeavor to undertake any such type measures in whatever future the world has left before the prophesized return of His Omnipotence, Christus Rex (Matt. 25:26 et seq.), to confess culpability for the entirety of the countless atrocities the perpetration of which has been effected by your ancestors and/or yourselves, and to make restitution to all of those harmed by the activity referenced herein, inter alia, via the return to the descendants of those you have defrauded of the inheritance to which such individuals have been and remain, entitled from the labors and morally justified investments of their ancestors, and the relinquishment of control of the money supplies of the various nations of which the world is presently constituted.

In exchange for the remission of the consideration referenced herein supra, we, the members of the warmblooded component of the world's population, or at least what is left of such at this juncture, will offer you life imprisonment without any possibility of parole in a penal colony protected by us with the full force of the military capacity which has been developed to be used against us by yourselves in what has constituted the ongoing endeavor to exterminate the entirety of us and to consumate the permanent enslavement of those individuals who have demonstrated the possession of the capacities and priorities the possession of which you have deemed necessary for retention in the NWO.

Such penal colony as has been referenced herein supra, could be established in any number of areas across the globe, but in exchange for your voluntary surrender at this juncture and your relinquishment of control over any property, you would be provided an environment adequate to ensure that you would not have to suffer any of the types of conditions unfit for any human habitation not unworthly of the appellation, notwithstanding the abominations for which your ancestors and you have been responsible over the centuries.

Providence may permit you to succeed in consumating your NWO, but it also may not and the offer included herein as an "Initial Settlement Proposal" of the dispute that remains ongoing between you and us may be as good an offer as you are ever going to receive from us - the world's warmbloodeds, who at the very least do not lack the capacity to force you to reduce this globe to a smoking graveyard in order to complete your NWO, and beyond that may still, even with the comparative enormity of the culpability for the conditions of the world at present which is attributable to the records of activity of us all, individually as apportioned respectively, and collectively, for our permitting you to continue to progress towards our complete elimination, not lack the capacity to defeat your agenda militarily.

Offer extended this 23rd day of November of Anno Domini 2013, subject to supersession but never in any such form that any deprivation of any legitimate reliance interest could ever emanate from any supersession whereof.

______________________, ________________

Robert J. More - Least, Lowest and Last of the Disciples of His Omnipotence, Christus Rex, Only Submitting the Document to Which this Signature has been Affixed upon the Anybody, Everybody, Somebody, Nobody Explication of Liability for Negligence in Regard to the Consideration Owed One's Neighbors