First Superseding Notice of 1/18/14 to members of policing and/or investigative and/or prosecutorial and/or adjudicative entities of Initial Notice Re Such of 8/19/13:

Either the period in which government officials possessed a de facto prerogative to perpetrate predations and crimes and otherwise engage in violence with impunity so long as such has been/would have been considered to have been/be beneficial in the balance to the Talmudic-barbaric Enslavement and Extermination Agenda, is over, or RJM's tour of duty in the theatre of earthly existence will soon be over, as there is not room enough for both on the Lord's real estate which this Planet constitutes. RJM remains entirely committed to either adequately bear his share of the burden involved in keeping the unbegrudgeables (innocents and posterity) adequately protected from the consequences of government violence and the imposition of the Talmudic-barbaric agenda upon their prospects for eventual deliverance from the problem of the existence of hell and the need to satisfy the requirements of the moral law as such apply to all of the circumstances encountered in one's earthly theatre tour of duty in order to keep from ending up there (Matt. 6:13), or to at least enter into eternity endeavoring to ensure the coverage of his moral liability in such regard. Obviously this notice is not directed to any government official(s) into whose possession it might ever end up having been delivered who would be intent upon adequately bearing the burden of any given government office to the threshold level to which such would ever have to be born in order that the moral liability of the bearer whereof would be sufficient to constitute "compliance with the requirements of the moral law in regard to any given arrangement ever encountered, but rather to such individuals, RJM, as a lesser representative of the ISMA, herein again pledges the continued support of the ISMA to any and all endeavors ordered to the "ransoming of the captives/deliverance of mercy to the unbegrudgeables (Is. _:_, Matt.16:18, Jas 2:13, Matt.28:21, Jn 21:15, 1 Cor. 9:27, 1 Cor. 10:13, Matt. 11:30, Matt 13:44, 46, et al) agenda" which the ISMA remains committed to continue to "deputy co-champion" until the moment at which the Divine Avenger definitively returns to avenge all evil(s) which at such juncture would still have evaded just avengement, once and for all, et in saecula, saeculorum (Matt. 25:41, et al)." To anyone reading this who considers doing the bidding of those higher than yourselves in the evilarchy presently prevailing in America more important than the accommodation of the legitimate reliance interests (emanating from the requirements of God's moral law to any arrangement of circumstances ever encountered by anyone) of all of the members of the population which you have been commissioned to serve, you are reminded that you are neither invincible nor beyond the reach of God's justice, not only in the next life, but not in this one either, and that there are still 32-37 million FEMA Red and Blue Listers left in America who can bring you to justice or do what is necessary to ensure that justice would be brought to you for any malefaction(s) in the perpetration of which you might ever be a participant, and that there is no injustice that cannot be adequately rectified, nor evil adequately prevented via the use of the types of "disadvantage negators" which developments in modern technology have brought into existence. FTR, it is RJM's informed understanding that the document entered into the trial court record in 11 M1 013782 on 8/7/13 was and is patently void, for a considerable number of reasons, but in regard to which time and space only permit RJM to herein inform you that [the notice of motion according to which such order was entered referenced the City of Chicago presenting a motion not signed by any of its attorneys in a case in which such entity has been out of such case for almost 24 months and in regard to which no petition for the re-entrance whereinto has ever been filed as of this date, and that contrary to the provisions of this Court's instruction of 5/3/13, no copy of the motion filed in re which such Order was entered was ever emailed to RJM, leaving RJM unaware that any audience was scheduled in such case until after such order had been entered.] You have no assurance whatsoever that any endeavor to impose any agenda emanating from such order which would foreseeably result in detrimental consequences to RJM prospects for eternal salvation, would/will not end up with you encountering the type of consequences Bray's back-up encountered from Tooley in Queen v Tooley (93 Eng. Rep. 349, (QB, 1710)) and/or in similar situations over the past 300 years in which 4th Commandment Burden Bearers have encountered government executed malefactions, crimes and predations and refused to disregard the requirements of such burden in any given instance of this type (to obtain a partial list of such type cases, contact the author of this document - to the objection that this authority cannot be invoked in the u.s. of A as a basis upon which any legitimate reliance interest can be predicated in 2013 and beyond, it is herein explained that "the Constitution is to be interpreted in light of the common law," Cohens v VA (_U.S._, _Cranch_) 1819), via "the common law is what the law of England was in 1790," Utah v Thompson, (_U.S._). To obtain a partial list of cases reiterating the principles utilized in Tooley, , contact the author of this document). Notwithstanding that the organization in which you are an official may not have ever promulgated any directive in regard to the issue of the "Duty to Disobey an Unlawful and/or Immoral Order" to which its members are subjected; you are herein informed that in order to retain any morally legitimate claim which you may now possess to not have contra-predatory vigiliante force, including the use of disadvantage negators, used against you, you are required to investigate any claim that any order which you would ever be ordered to enforce would lack moral legitimacy and to be subject to examination regarding the moral and legal character of any endeavor to impose any agenda by force which you would ever be ordered to impose before you would endeavor to impose any such order so that any individual ever finding himself in the posture in which Tooley found himself referenced herein (needing to first examine the moral character of the government activity he was then encountering and then to contribute what could be in the circumstances then present, contributed, to the defeat of what absent his intervention would evidently have ended up to have constituted the successful perpetration of a predation) can use force, which howsoever unintentionally, would foreseeably result in permanent disability and/or death to you in order to prevent the successful imposition of any criminal/predatory/malicious agenda ever being enforced against and imposed upon any person without justification, without any interposer in the type of arrangement referenced herein having to ever encounter any legitimate summonsing of the collective force of the body politic against him as a consequence of his "requirements of the 4th Commandment satisfying activity" in the execution of any CPV remedy for government-instituted violence, which in any given arrangement he would have been left with no legitimate choice except to utilize. "Mercy through property confiscation, and if in a given instance this would not be possible, then property damage, without the causing of any injury to any human person is always morally mandated, but since the limits of the fallen human condition are uneliminable, there are some instances in which the demands of the legitimate mercy which ensures the eventual ultimate deliverance from evil referenced in Matt. 6:13 (Jas. 2:13, et al) require the use of tactics and instruments of the type Tooley was forced and left w/o any legitimate choice except, to, utilize in the case referenced herein. Should you ever encounter sanctions of any type for ever refusing to participate in any given defraudment(s) of any given legitimate reliance interest(s) ("LRI"), you would be welcome to contact the author of this conveyance in order to procure whatever assistance the ISMA could ever provide you correlative to any LRI protecting activity ever conducted by you. - not to be superseded before 10/7/13, for clarifications contact the author, remembering the words of "Wecker" "Knowledge will be imputed where an individual neglects to investigate evidence easily within his reach" Wecker v Natl Enameling and Stamping Co. (_U.S._).but even in cases where the direct issue of fraud is involved, knowledge may be imputed where one willfully closes his eyes to information within his reach and in fact in such type case must necessarily be imputed.