RJM's Inchoate, Revised from Prior Postulations, Position of 12/8/13 re Minimal Requirements for the Procurement of a Favorable Eternal Disposition of Soul ("FEDS")

Note: RJM is only a disciple (from the Greek - "one who learns") and not any type of apostle (one who has received an apostolic mandate from duly constituted religious authority- which means authority whose source can be traced back to St. Peter and through him to Christ, Himself, (Matt. 16:18, 28:21, Jn 21:15) and thus has been, from the Greek, again, "sent") and there is a strict prohibition on proseltysm in the ISMA COC, but RJM is still left with the Lk 9:26 (1917 Code of Canon Law Canon 353) burden of never being embarrassed in regard to his association with any and all of the doctrine(s) constituting the Roman Catholic Religion, as distinct from the Nominally Catholic, De Facto Heretical Religion of the Second Vatican Council, and correlatively, of "professing his faith" in circumstances enumerated in that canon and in order to ensure the adequate coverage of such burden to the extent, its scope can be ascertained (which is all that could ever be required of any human), this document has been included in the ISMA Br. #4 website)

1. A FEDS requires that for those souls whose body undergoes death that a given soul possess the grace of justification ("GOJ") at the moment it departs the physical body and crosses the threshold between time and eternity and for those living when Christ returns that a given soul possess the GOJ when that prophesized event occurs.

2. Possession of the GOJ is incompatible with any pertinacious adherence to any religious tenet incompatible with any promulgated Roman Catholic position in regard to any given matter.

3. Possession of the GOJ is incompatible with any active participation in any religious service other than a demonstrably non-counterfeit Roman Catholic one, but a passive participation wherein in the types of very limited circumstances enumerated in Canon 1258 is not prohibited.

4. Possession of the GOJ is incompatible with the presence of any unrepented mortal sin in one's record of activity.

5. Possession of the GOJ is incompatible with the conducting of activity according to any priority system which would leave provision for the execution of any affirmative act constituting a mortal sin or for the leaving of any act which one would ever have to execute in order to ensure the adequate coverage of his or her moral liability, unexecuted or for the maintenance of provision for the exposure of one's soul to any proximate occasion of grave sin without justification for the permitting of any such exposure in any given instance.

6. Possession of the GOJ is incompatible with any non-adherence to the Catholic Doctrines of the Trinity and Incarnation.

7. Possession of the GOJ is incompatible with any non-emergency non-adherence to the principles, requirements and/or protocols regarding modesty of dress promulgated in Pope Pius XI's 1929 "Crusade Against Immodest Fashions in Female Dress"

8. RJM's postulation of his present understanding of the baptism requirement is in the process of being completed as this document has been composed.

9. The fact that RJM does not interject objections and/or clarifications into conveyances in which RJM would ever be involved in every instance in which RJM would encounter some ambiguous and/or erroneous or even heretical, postulation ("error") is attributable to the fact that in the limits of the fallen human condition, it is RJM's informed understanding that it is often the case that the need to prevent some immediate temporal detriment would be of sufficient importance, that all factors needing to be considered in the making of any fraternal correction, it would be justified for anyone to leave any given FC unmade, and that one could proceed according to a formula including such type approach to any given problem, without in any way incurring any culpability for having failed to keep concern to prevent the ultimate catastrophic loss (Matt. 25:41 et seq) in the first place in one's priorities, provided one would include in any such type approach, provision to ensure the coverage of both the Lk 9:26/Canon 353 burden referenced herein and that of keeping adequate concern for the salvation of any given soul ever conveying any error, et al as a higher priority than the avoidance of the incurrment of any consequences which might ever result from the antagonizing of any given individual who would ever have evoked any error.

10. RJM will refer any questions he would ever encounter regarding religion other than ones concering the moral character of a given course of activity to various sources of authority.

11. Questions RJM would ever encounter concering the moral character of a given course of activity will be referred to sources of authority available for the consideration of such, except in circumstances in which the completion of a given project evidently cannot be effected w/o the resolution of the issue of the moral character of a given course of activity.

12. To summarize, RJM only possesses energy to attend to the issue of his own salvation and that of other souls, which necessarily includes the burden of contributing to the prevention of the use of force against humans without just cause, the protection of innocence from corruption and the prevention of interference w/ the regeneration of souls.

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