first superseding 5 way security loop - inchoate - 11/12/13

Purpose - use of activity and/or just existence of any given activity conductor ("AC") according to such a formula that the risk of the use whereof in any given instance would be kept as low as the requirements of the moral law as such would ever evidently be applicable to any given situation would permit, relative to the incurrment of the types of detriment incurred historically by individuals who would ever accept the Fourth Commandment burden of contributing to the protection of one's parents, other family members, neighborhood and country from predatory activity, from whatever source proximately emanating, and in particular from any such type activity ever perpetrated by any government entit(y)(ies) ever operative at any given juncture in whatever location it would be in which one would be conducting activity.

Objective - Continue to develop SL sophisticated enough to defy penetration by the any minion(s) and/or member(s) of the C of 300 before any given penetration intendor would end up focused on his or her own vulnerability vis a vis the component of the population not incapable of confiscating and/or destroying resources ever in his or her possession and/or disabling and/or eliminating him or her such that any commitment to penetrate such in any given instance would effectively be broken, simple enough to keep failures to successfully access and utilize such by project participatants in any given instance to an unavoidable minimum

individuals a, b, c, and d and external auditor, with someone to hold indemnification when posting of such has been included as a condtion of the production of this type loop, and someone to provide coverage of any indemnification posted in contingency in which indemnification holder would become disabled, in regard to loop - and replacements for each

use of b in any given venture is regulated by a's presentation of evident burdens & risks in re whereto in any given instance to c who conducts an audit of such off of a template produced for the purpose(s) of the production of such type audit (if JBP can find the email RJM sent him in the 3d or 4th 1/4 of 2011 listing the various methods which the C of 300 has used over the last 10 decades to destroy competition with its agenda and transmit such to RJM, RJM would be most grateful (maybe Sept of 2011?) for any transmission whereof), risks and burdens to c in his or her involvement wherein are presented by a to d, risks and burdens to d of same type in re wherein are presented back to a and notification of a''s assessment of such is then provided to b

at each stage the person retained as a risk consultant is available to the person whose burdens and risks are in issue to accept input from such person regarding any matter understood to be relevant to any legitimate assessment of such matter

report of entirety of activity is presented to external auditor ("EA") who examines a and anyone else involved and then produces a report as he considers it necessary to produce such to be provided to other members of the FEMA red and blue list population who all at the very least dissaprove of bm, sodomy, respect of persons Acts 10;34, categorical pacifism and the use of force w/o justification satisfying requirements of JWT and DDE, and have no "skeletons in the closet" ("NSIC") of such magnitude as to make any given member of such loop susceptible to blackmail, where NSIC does not require record of activity devoid of sin, only the absence of any concern that any given sin(s) would end up being made known to any human beings other than whomever might have come to the knowledge of any given sin in a confessional - which means practically, that the exposure of any past sin would be of less concern to any member of this type arrangement than the consequences of one permitting himself to be blackmailed into any activity which absent any blackmail, he would never have participated (such as any betrayal of any project in any form including but not limited to acquiesence, appeasement, leaving activity unconducted, etc. etc. )

A posts indemnification, wthin his capacity to post such in any given instance, so that in the event of the incurrement of a.) permanent disability, b.) death or c.) financial loss greater than $1000.00, he has to incur a component of loss proportioned adequately to any unjustified jeopardy into which any member of the loop would have ended up attributable to any lack of judgment better than that ever exercised by him in regard to any given matter.

This project is predicated upon the presumption that slavery, the making of concessions to demonstrably gravely sinful activity, the transmission of the results and consequences of the defraudment of legitimate reliance interests to those not possessing the use of reason and posterity are worse and more to be prevented to the extent the prevention of such would ever be possible than the use of contra-predatory vigilante force against any type of violence and criminality from whatever source proximately emanating, including any given government entity, the types of consequences and conditions which full scale warfare has in the past produced, permanent disability, and/or death.

The project is also predicated upon the presumption that the requirements of the Fourth Commandment of the Decalogue leave non-involvement in the burden of contributing within one's capacity to contribute to the keeping exercises of government authority within acceptable limits to the objective of keeping any and all such exercises within such limits.

To any and all recipients of this email - participation in the types of projects referenced herein and/or the provision of the contact information with permission of course of persons fitting the profile included herein who might be willing to participate in the types of project this email concerns would be much appreciated, as would input into the structure referenced herein. Obviously, there are innumerable considerations which have been considered in the construction of the necessarily very simple structure referenced herein and innumerable areas for the supplementation, fortification, augmentation, supersession and development in general, whereof .

Note: to anyone inclined to provide input in regard to this document, as much as any interest wherein is appreciated, before providing such, invitation is herein extended to consider that in almost any alternative course of activity that the moral law permits, there are pros and cons and that there is almost inevitably a trade-off between front-side strike capacity and back-side infiltration protection involved in any venture undertaken for the purpose of countering goverment violence and criminality, as likewise there are so often such type trade-offs present in regard to the comparative complexity of any given project between concealment from detection on the one hand and complexity so substantial as to risk exceeding the understanding of prospective project participants on the other and sophistication sufficient to catch predators on the one hand, and complexity so substantial as to render any given structure likely to end up with uninvolved individuals and/or worse, one's own project participants, respectively, ending up ensnared wherein on the other. Input provided in light of the considerations referenced herein in re this project would be much appreciated.

to anyone inclined to demand that his or her name be removed from the bcc list the members of which were the designated recipients of this document, attributable to his or her having read this document, invitation is herein extended that before any such demand would be posited, that Solzenhytsyn's lamentation from the Gulag be read and that consideration be accorded to the fact that the names of everyone in this Country are already on FEMA lists and that the FEMA "detention centers" have been stocked and staffed for years, that the DHS has purchased more than 1.5 billion rounds of ammo over the past few years, etc. etc. etc.

MH, JBP, LOA, DG, ER, JH, RD, MC, MF, Eric Young, P B, GWW - auditor only for now, l