Initial Component of 8/15/13 of Tribute to Attorney Lanre Amu

On behalf of the ISMA and everything warmblooded, but obviously in regard to the latter, not by any express designation, ISMA Br. #4 AAA, Robert J. More herein salutes whistle-blowing warrior, legitimate reliance interest accomodation demander, and protector of the Non-counterfiet Version of the Rule of Law, Mr. L. Amu for his refusal to turn a blind eye and deaf ear to the violence and criminality to which he and his legal clients have been subjected in IL Courts, his refusal to otherwise make unjustified concessions whereto and his refusal to "show remorse" for the exposure of and opposition to such crime and violence which he has posited on behalf of everything warmblooded over the years.

The recent suspension of his law license which has so appallingly and criminally been effected is indisputably a badge of honor for which his parents ought be most proud. For his refusal to capitulate to the iniquity working to which he has been subjected, all FEMA red and blue listers are indepted to him. The value of the mountains of evidence which he has produced demonstrating the unconscionable and intolerable measure of corruption in the Court Systems presently operative in Cook County, IL, alone, indisputably makes him one of the Americans which this Country can least afford to lose. Between the temperance, diligence and unrelenting militancy in thwarting Lucifer's initiatives which is practiced by him hour by hour, he is a rare find indeed.

Robert J. More - 8/15/13