Institute of St. Michael the Archangel

Superior Service Testimonial and Nomination

On 12/19/13, LA Fitness Webster St. Chicago, IL, Sales Associate Mr. Derrick ... provided Robert J. More invaluable assistance in RJM's quest to substantially contribute to the elimination of the psychotropic drugging of those who require themselves to share in the bearing of the onerous burden of keeping the government to the contracts which the Constitutions of the u.s. of A. and of the State of IL constitute.

This testimonial is issued subject to the procural of the approval in re whereto of the Exec Committee of the ISMA according to all rules, regulations and/or restrictions applicable to the issuance of this type document.

For all of the reasons set forth herein supra and for reasons a more complete explication of which would necessarily be beyond the scope of this document, the testimonial referenced herein is entered into the annals of the ISMA.

Robert J. More ISMA Br. #4, AAA – on behalf of the Executive Committee of the ISMA


All disclaimers, reservations, and/or provisions for modification(s) apply.

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