Institute of St. Michael the Archangel

Superior Service Testimonial and Nomination

The contribution of 4/16/15 of City of Chicago Police Department Sergeant Eric Winstrom ("SEW") to Robert J. More's ("RJM") endeavors to bear RJM's burden emanating from the Fourth Commandment of the Decalogue to continue to contribute what he is capable of contributing to the keeping of all government activity within acceptable limits is herein acknowledged and SEW is herein nominated for inclusion in ISMA's "Ten Assets Which the City of Chicago Can Evidently Least Afford to Lose".

The presence of mind, concern to accomodate legitimate reliance interests, conscientiousness, and general concern for the maintenance/restoration of appropriate priorities in the conducting of government activity demonstrated by SEW on 4/16/15 in the clearing of a bureaucratice logjam for RJM via the acceptance of documents which the Information Officer at Public Safety Hdqrs insisted RJM had to mail to what at such juncture constituted a destination at which RJM was then present constituted for RJM an instrument of "deliverance from the distress of ensnarement in the bureaucratice maze" which RJM was encountering at the time of such intervention, a source of edification and just a real "shot in arm" to understate the case.

For all of the reasons set forth herein, if SEW ordinarily and customarily conducts activity conducted by him according to the priorities according to which the activity referenced herein was conducted, then he is herein nominated for immediate promotion in the CPD, as he appears to not lack the requisite capacities and priorities necessary to adequately bear the burdens of a commanding officer in a policing entity and he is most definitely, evidently one of the assets which Chicago can least afford to lose. This testimonial was first issued in the Chicago Police Bd. Mtg. on 4/16/15.

This testimonial is issued subject to the procural of the approval in re whereto of the Exec Committee of the ISMA according to all rules, regulations and/or restrictions applicable to the issuance of this type document. The recipient whereof and/or anyone else this document concerns would be welcome to contact the author whereof.

For all of the reasons set forth herein supra and for reasons a more complete explication of which would necessarily be beyond the scope of this document, the testimonial referenced herein is entered into the annals of the ISMA and transmitted to appropriate parties.

Robert J. More - ISMA Br. #4, AAA – on behalf of the Executive Committee of the ISMA


..Note: If any of the recipients of the SST's included in this document complain to RJM that no copy of this document ended up in the personal file of each respectively as such is amenable to inspection twice a year pursuant to IL Law (815 ILCS.../...-...), RJM will inquire into such situation upon his receiving notice of such condition of the non-presence wherein. ..

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