Superior Service Testimonial and Nomination

For reasons which evidently need not be explicated in detail, but which may Providence permitting, be so explicated on some future date, TMobile Clyborn and North Ave, Chicago, IL Sales Attendant Robert Fraga is herein commended for the commitment to the accommodation of legitimate reliance interests, product knowledge and neighborliness demonstrated by him on 8/7/14.

This testimonial is issued subject to the procural of the approval in re whereto of the Exec Committee of the ISMA according to all rules, regulations and/or restrictions applicable to the issuance of this type document.

For all of the reasons set forth herein supra and for reasons a more complete explication of which would necessarily be beyond the scope of this document, the testimonial referenced herein is entered into the annals of the ISMA.

Robert J. More ISMA Br. #4, AAA – on behalf of the Executive Committee of the ISMA


All disclaimers, reservations, and/or provisions for modification(s) apply.

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Note to recipient - if this document does not end up in your employment file within 60 days of its delivery, if ISMA would be notified of such condition, an investigation would be conducted to ensure that it would eventually get inserted wherein (re R Fraga - RJM needs an email address to which to send this document). If it would not have been posted at the URL listed in the ULC herein supra within 90 days, you would be welcome to contact the ISMA in such regard to eventually get it so posted.