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9. Record of time and expenses 6/30/14 - .... , plus print, file, post and serve - see master doc re 4/2/14 submission: 6/28 15:50-16:40, 6/29 30 minutes - total - 80 minutes composing and revising, plus print, complete NOM, filing and delivery

Entries above adjacent to which there is an "X" were included in the materials filed on 6/30/14 in re this case

Circuit Court of Cook County IL

More et al

v 11 M1 013782

Jack, et al

First Superseding Component of 6/30/14 of Component of 4/2/14 of Motion to Reconsider Filed "As Is" on 6/30/14 for the Purpose of 1.) Demanding that No Judge Other than Judge D. Shelley ("JDS") Adjudicate Any Issue in the Case this Document Concerns ("This Case") Other than Whatever Would Constitute a "Progress Call Character" Issue In Re Whereto Prior To the Completion of the Adjudication of the MSOJ of Judge Snyder in the Court of JDS for the Purpose of Ensuring that No Legitimate Claim Could Ever Be Posited That RJM Ever Relinquished the Claim which RJM Understands that He and Everything Warmblooded Still Possess to Get the Adjudication of the MSOJ of Judge Snyder Filed in this Case Completed in the Court of D. Shelley Before Any Other Proceedings Would Ever Be Conducted in this Case Other Than "Progress Call Type Issues" Via Any Activity and/or Non-activity of RJM Which Could Ever Legitimately Have Been Claimed to Have Constituted any Type of Consent to Any Type Arrangement Other Than the Completion Whereof Referenced Herein and 2.) Demanding that Any Court Considering this Matter Provide a Cofirmation that it Has Received this Document and Would not be Cognizant of Any Lack of Understanding of this Demand, Which Motion Includes Herein Notice a.) that RJM Is Available to Participate via Telephone in Any Proceedings Conducted in re this Matter and b.) that No Copy of Either the NOM nor Motion of 4/2/14 of which this Document is the Second Component, Nor this Document Has Been, nor Will Have Been Delivered to the Office of the CCSA, Except What Would Have Been Delivered by Any Clerk Directed to so Deliver Such, and that c.) RJM does not Consent to Being Subjected to Document Delivery Requirements More Burdensome than Those Promulgated in the Code of Civil Procedure Given that None of the Activity Conducted by RJM in the Adjudication of this Case thus Far Has Been Legitimately Demonstrated to have been Unjustified Which Incorporates by Reference the Entirety of the Contents of the Component of this Motion Filed on 4/2/14 as if Fully Set Forth Herein, Filed in Lieu of the Type of Letters Previously Submitted in this Case in Order to Effect Entry Whereof into the Docket and Case File of this Case Immediately, Which Includes Notice Herein that RJM would not Consent to have Judge S. Jones Adjudicate Any Matter in which RJM would ever be Involved, Prior to His Having Demonstrated the Compatibility of Various Affirmative Acts Executed By Him in the Past with The Threshold According to Which According to RJM's Understanding, He would have had to have Conducted Adjudicative Activity in Various Instances in Order for Any Given Component of Activity Conducted by Him to Have Possessed Moral Legitimacy and That RJM Would Never Consent to Have Anyone Who Would Not at the Very Least Concede the Unacceptability of the "Four Sins Which Cry Out to Heaven for Justice" Adjudicate Any Matter in Which RJM would Ever be Involved and Finally That RJM Remains Committed to Continue to Conduct Any and All Activity Ever Conducted By RJM According to a Standard of Accountability High Enough to Ensure That No One's Prospects for a Favorable Eternal Disposition of Soul, Would, in the Balance, Be Adversely Effected Whereby

Now comes Plaintiff, RJM to move this Court to grant the relief sought in the title to this motion,

Robert J. More - Romans 12:18-21, Magna Charta Clause 61, Papal Christmas Message of 1956, "His Brother's Keeper (Gen 4:..) - AUI", (even if for no more noble a reason than to avoid the Heb. 10:31 fate)

Presently Operative Notice to Slavemaster Profile Government Officials:

Presently Operative Notice to Fellow Adherents to the Categorical Sanctity of Human Life Position:

[Report re Attempted Filing and Del on 7/1/14 - RJM arrived at CCSD in RDC at 16:45. At 16:46, CCSD Sgt Kapadia informed RJM that notwithstanding howsoever few minutes it would take for RJM to file the documents RJM came to the RDC on 7/1/14 to file, that RJM could not do so on 7/1/14 and that RJM could be denied access to the RDC on any day at any time via a claim of a "lack of manpower". Kapadia also informed RJM that he is not concerned regarding whether activity conducted by him is constitutional or not, and that RJM was prohibited from recording the interaction between RJM and Kapadia, notwithstanding any Order from any Court positing any position in incompatible with such arrangement. RJM informed Kapadia of RJM's understanding of the criminal and tortious character of the expressed prohibition on the recording and possibly of the denial of access and that RJM would seek damages from Kapadia, if it would be proven that there were no legitimacy to his positions and activity.]

RJM procured number of Room 1307 at about 840 am on 7/3/14 which is 312 603-3480 and of 1306, which is 312 603 -4197 from Lou at 312 603-6000 who then connected RJM to room 1307, via which connection - RJM delivered a message to Clerk Laurie that RJM had tried to file and deliver a courtesy copy of a First Superseding Component of 6/30/14 or Component of Motion of 4214 in Case # 11 M1 013782 on 7/1/14 but was prevented from completing such task on 7/1/14 by Sgt Kapadia of the CCSD at 16:45 - 16:47 who informed RJM as has been chronicled in the addendum to the motion this conveyance concerns.