Buenos dias. It came to my attention yesterday, on the ninth anniversary of the consumation of the Rothschild's controlled government's murder of Teresa Schiavo that the UND girl's basketball team is competing for an NCAA championship, now five years after the UND conferred its highest honor on the openly pro-infanticide Slavemaster in Chief of the Rothschild's Flapship Slave Colony - "Bathhouse Barry". Adherence to the rules of modesty promulgated in the 1929 Papal Directive titled: "The Crusade Against Immodest Fashions...." is not surprisingly not amongst the top priorities of that once presumptively actually Non-counterfeit Catholic Institution.

Is there an iota of difference at this juncture between the UND and any other "Slavemaster of the Goyim Factory" other than the statute upon the Administration Bldg, still being used, as it is, to exploit the history of the past of such institution which at various junctures could evidently actually have been legitimately associated with final victory and a happy ending - the beholding of the Lumen Gloria/procurement of the Beatific Vision - "a joy which can never be taken from you" (Jn. 16:21)? How pathetic a place the world has long now since become.

You are sorely missed - even though you evidently still do not yet adhere to the tenets to which it is RJM's informed understanding that adherence is necessary in order for the grace of justification to be present in one's soul (in your case, the need to separate oneself in matters of religion from any and all entities in which there is a tenet that the GOJ could ever be possessed while one would either adhere to a tenet that the GOJ can be possessed w/o an explicit adherence to the Dogmas of the Trinity and Incarnation and/or while remaining in religious communion with any religious entity in which such tenet would constititute a component of its doctrinal canon, which communion in no way encompasses participation in joint cooperative ventures ordered to the prevention and/or elimination of detriment mutually encountered or possibly to be encountered at any given juncture), you still "understand the language" or much of it, at least, of the patrimony of Christendom - that is of "Camelot" and that understanding, precious as it is, is not easy to find much less to replicate, to understate the case in the most extensive sense, in the slop heap ruins of what is left of the of Western Civilization - built, as it indispurably was, upon the foundation provided by the Roman Catholic religion - ordered as it has always been to the prevention of man's self-destruction not just in the afterlife but in the earthly theatre as well. Everywhere one looks, or more appropriately endeavors to keep from "having to look", what does one find but disorder, decay, deterioration, decrepitude, dilapidation, filth and uncleaness - in a word - sin and in another three, the consequences of sin, most prominently -the calcification and ossification of sin into gravely sinful arrangements - "structured sin". Nonetheless, there is not time nor energy enough to spare for sighing and hand-wringing (though some measure of legitimate mourning - being itself a beatitude, most definitely has an indisputable role to be played in cleansing and rejuvenating the soul and preparing it for future battles), as the conditions present require the utmost in vigorous contesting of evil at each and every moment in which it is encountered anew - given that a gun and emergency supply confiscation has ever remained and remains imminent and can only be deterred via the manifesting of the military capacity sufficient to ensure that any such type endeavor would backfire. This, of course is certainly not the first time that such decay and violence has been encountered (cf. Gen 6:6) (Ex. ..:..) (Jn 1:7) but amidst it all, it remains so necessary to remember the very next passage in the Gospel of St. John after that herein referenced which is of course, "but there was a light shining in the darkness and the darkness overcometh it not." (John 1.:..). What a crying, and indeed, intolerable, shame it is that His innocents (Jn. 21:15) continue to be defrauded of an environment which can legitimately be associated with a happy ending. What an imperative it is to eliminate such arrangement or at the very least, enter into eternity trying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Still negotiating my way through the moral and legal minefield, through which it remains necessary to continue to proceed, should arrival at the promised land (Ex...:..) (Matt. 25:26) ultimately be accomplished,


p.s. Do you remember in the movie "Knute Rockne, All American" the scene in which Rockne addresses his players with the declarative "this is a football"? My purpose in referencing this scene in that movie is to remind myself and you that most of our contemporaries are so far gone (Is, 5:4-20) , that communication in regard to anything but the most superficial matters is not even possible. Rule via demonically instigated, carnal appetite anchored fiat in the regulating of the use of the collective force of the body politic for the purpose of the imposition of the Talmudic-barbaric agenda upon everything warmblooded is lamentably our lot at this juncture in history. What will be the fate of the innocents and posterity, should we fail to defeat the Beast in this generation? What will be the eternal fate of those who do not at least enter into eternity endeavoring with every ounce of energy to ransom the captives of the present Talmudic-barbaric Enslavement and Extermination Apparatus, from the horrific arrangement which they have inherited?

p.s.s. This week, Bathhouse Barry's former IL State Senate roomate, now CC Sheriff Tom Dart, who annually puts a float in the Sodomy "celebration" parade, the one two years ago having a similute of BB upon it, demonstrated the audacity to use the Tel Aviv Toilet Rim licking controlled media to emote in a great umbrage evidently directed towards a recent media story on the legal allegations of the maintenance of a "Culture of barbarity and brutality in the Cook County Jail": "There is a difference between right and wrong in this world"!!!!!!!!!!, for which RJM now finds it necessary to sue the innocent blood drenched maggot for RIED.