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Circuit Court of Cook County IL

More et al

v 12 M1 012163

Kelly, et al

Initial Component of 4/2/14 of Motion to reconsider whatever transpired on 3/4/14 in re the case this document concerns ("this case"), and for this Court to either now declare the unconstitutionality of any and all provision(s) of the criminal code of the State of IL as such might ever be applied to any activity in which RJM would ever participate for the purpose of adequately remedying the unjustifiably caused injuries this document concerns independently of any exercise of the authority of any nominal government entity in the abscence of the issuance of such type order or else for this Court to stay the adjudication of this case in this Court until whatever would constitute the exact entirety of the issues whose adjudication would be pending in any Court possessing authority over the activity of this Court as of 7/2/14 in regard to this case would have been completely adjudicated wherein, respectively- subject to retraction, modification and/or supersession by 7/2/14 if by such date, 1.) the matters this case concerns would not yet have been adequately resolved, &/or 2.) RJM would still not have received any reprieve from the most onerous burden of having to continue to conduct activity in an earthly theatre as inundated with sin as is that in which this document has been composed, w/o incurring culpability for any sin in the conducting whereof (cf 1 Tim. 5:22, et al), &/or 3.) martial law would still not have been imposed, and/or a slave uprising breaking what is now the almost death grip of the Rothschild Reign of Terror presently controlling what is now the former u.s. of A. and restoring the protections of the Non-counterfeit Version of the Rule of Law to Everything Warmblooded would not have been completed, &/or 4.) the Circuit Court of Cook County, IL, would not have been abolished, closed or otherwise eliminated according to a formula which would not include any deprivation of any legitimate reliance interest; filed conditionally in light of the Order issued in November of 2013 in Case # 10 M1015265, in which Judge Sydney Jones either endeavored to deprive RJM and everyone entitled to consideration from RJM of whatever utility might be available in CCCC, IL, Local Rule 2.3 in any given instance, or utilized so unjustifiable a standard and method of adjudication in regard to the matter this clause concerns, that culpability at the level of recklessness for having so endeavored would have to be attributed to the endeavor concerned in order that no defraudment of any legitimate reliance interest could ultimately prevail in re such matter, w/o bothering to even make any attempt to justify having so endeavored, in which the entirety of any and all components of any and all motions previously filed in this case which could be incorporated by reference herein as if fully set forth herein without in any such type incorporation there being any violation of any rule of logic, have been so incorporated herein, Including herein an Invitation that this Court file some type of response to the IL Supreme Court Rule 383 Motion RJM has filed Concerning this Case ("383"), inter alia, so as to make it more difficult for the Members of the IL Supreme Court to succeed in any evasion of the addressing of the issues which RJM has presented to such Court in the Components of the 383 already filed in such Court without in so doing, incurring criminal and tort liability for any evasion whereof which could not be morally justified, composed via a program lacking capitalization capacity.

Now comes Plaintiff, RJM to move this Court to grant the relief sought in the title to this motion and to notify this Court that the component of this motion referenced as constituting the most recent component whereof prior to the submission of this document accompanies it herein,

Robert J. More - Romans 12:18-21, Magna Charta Clause 61, Papal Christmas Message of 1956, "His Brother's Keeper (Gen 4:..) - AUI", (even if not for any reason more noble than to avoid the Heb. 10:31 fate)