Mr. Shippey,

Robert J. More has informed me that he is not intending upon attending the motion audience he set on or about 11/4/13 for 2/3/14 at 14:00 p.m. in the R Daley Center in re CCCC, IL Case # 12 M1 12163 ("Kelly") attributable to the fact that he has not yet procured the consideration he has continued interminably to seek from the IL Sup Ct in order to make participation by him and similarly situated persons in court proceedings in the CCCC, IL either entirely unnecessary, or at least, substantially less difficult to justify than such type participation presently is for those intent upon bearing the burden of adequately covering the moral liability which it would ever be incumbent upon anyone to adequately bear in regard to adequately contributing to the ensuring that government activity conducted in judicial proceedings conducted in Cook County, IL, would effect the adequate accommodation of legitimate reliance interests and not result in any defraudment whereof, without implying that participation wherein, given the conditions that presently exist in the CCCC, IL, at this juncture, via court appearances can in fact be justified at all. Besides seeking criminal convictions and intra-system disciplinary sanctions as initial components of a restitution/retribution - remedying formula in regard to the orders entered in 11 M1 013782 which have necessiated the use of the formula which RJM has understood that he has had to adopt in regard to the prosecution of Kelly, RJM intends to sue you, the CCSA office, Judge S. Jones, et al for the burden to which he has been put in having to communicate with you through an intermediary in re this matter and likewise for the the rest of the burdens incurred by RJM in regard to the orders entered in 11 M1 013782 ("orders") which have restricted RJM's activity in what RJM is convinced it will eventually be revealed (Matt. 25:41 et seq) has constituted a patently unconstitutional and immoral way. You can communicate to RJM that RJM can email you, phone you or someone in your office other than you and deliver documents in regard to 12 M1 12163 directly in order to eliminate, prevent and/or mitigate, damages, in the future of the type which RJM finds it necessary to procure in regard to the process used to convey this document. You will never be capable of claiming that this document was not emailed to you on 2/3/14 prior to 13:00 CST if it is so emailed and thus there would be no basis for you to appear in Room 1102 today in regard to this case. This email has taken over 45 minutes to complete, including 5 minutes to get formulated and email beyond the time already consumed in re this case by RJM on 2/3/14, to get online checking the docket and the documents RJM produced for this date . A confirmation is sought herein from you to be provided to Mr. Watts that you have received this email and either understand or do not understand its contents. Since there is nothing in the orders referenced in this email referring to this case, RJM would not see how there could possibly be any basis for RJM to incur any sanction(s) from the methodology used in the conveyance of this email. Nonetheless, RJM is only too familiar with the pretextual predatory activity of the CCSA to expect that the CCSA Office would not continue to seek pretexts via which to defeat RJM's endeavors to hold the activity of such office to the contracts that the constitutions of the State of IL and the U.S. A. constitute, and so the transmission of this email is as much as RJM understands that he can justify effecting at this juncture in the prosecution of this case, unless and until he would receive some communication in regard whereto from you. RJM would obect if you would burden the public treasury beyond what it has already been so heavily burdened by activity conducted by you in regard to matters concerning RJM via the use of the mail when you can leave a voice message, use email or communicate with Mr. Watts in re the matters this document concerns. Further, in order that it cannot be claimed that RJM culpably neglected to mitigate damages in regard to the orders issued in 11 M1 013782, you are herein invited to provide confirmations that documents can be delivered to you via hand delivery, via email and that communication can be effected via phone w/ you in re this case.

If RJM can get to the RDC this a.m. he will file a motion to continue the audience set for 2/3/14 to the audience set for early March of 2014, otherwise this is as much as RJM can do in this regard. It is RJM's understanding that if you go to court on the 12 M1 12163 case today, your doing so would have been the consequence of your own malicious culpable activity and not in any way attributable to any activity of RJM. Beyond that, since RJM is not going to be present and you have never received the notice of motion nor motion this document concerns from RJM, RJM would not see how RJM could possibly incur any detriment should you go to court anyway in re this matter today.


total time and resources assessed against Shippey, CCSA, CCA 7 Diane Wood, the Rothschilds et al in trespass on the case re 12 M1 12163 on 2/3/14 by 6:36 a.m. - 60 minutes RJM called room 1102 of RDC 312 603-4545 at 8:45 a.m. and informed clerk who referenced self as "Jesse" that RJM was withdrawing motion set for 2/3/14 in 12 M1 12163 audience of 2/3/14 intending to reinstitute it in March or April of 2014 who informed RJM that motion would be stricken.