Circuit Court of Cook County IL

More et al

v 08 CH 9977

Lablanc, et al

Initial Component of 11/24/14 of Motion to reconsider whatever transpired on 10/30/14 in re the case this document concerns ("this case"), postdated to 12/1/14 and set for 3/1/14 or first court date whereafter re whatever transpired on 10/30/14 in re the case this document concerns ("this case"), which incorporates by reference as if fully set forth herein all of the contents of all of motions previously filed in this case as if fully set forth herein, adequately compensating in any such incorporation for the fact that the material, including demands previously filed in re this case is herein modified to the present time period in which this case is now being adjudicated so that all rules of logic applicable to any such type incorporation and the requirements of the moral law which apply to these matters will all have been adequately accommodated, to be superseded, retracted and/or otherwise modified as it might evidently become necessary to so execute any such type measure in this regard and in which the granting of the consideration sought in the motion set for 10/30/14 in re this case is herein sought and in which confirmation that this Court has been apprised that in "People v Clark", the IL Supreme Court affirmed the unconstitutionality of any prohibition of the electronic recording of court proceedings whether such would be overt or covert is also herein sought, completed on a computer w/o any capitalization function, including provision of notice herein that if Judge Jones would not rescind the Orders issued by him on 10/30/14 in Cases # 11 M1 013782 and 10 M1 015265 that RJM intends, Providence permitting, to address the issues such Orders brought into existence, but will not do so unless doing so would be indispensably necessary, since RJM cannot recover the costs incurred in so doing unless RJM would not have had any real choice in the matters concerned except to address such issues in order to prevent the incurrment of any detriment from the issuance of such orders which could have been prevented w/o RJM's having to address such

Wherefore, RJM herein moves this Court to grant the consideration referenced in the title to this motion.

Under penalty of perjury pursuant to the provisions of 735 ILCS 5/1-109, I aver to the veracity of all factual averments included herein.

RJ More

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