Document List of 4/14/15 Report of RJM Activity

1. D/L 4/14/15 Report RJM Activity

2. Report RJM Activity of 4/14 - ....

Report of RJM Activity in Re Rojas Indictment Seeking of 4/14 - ... /15

1. On 4/14/14, Robert J. More ("RJM") delivered documents of which this document constitutes a component document to the Federal Gand Jury ("FGJ") Foreperson ("FGJF") for the NDIL to the extent such task could be accomplisehd w/o RJM's being subjectd to any attempt to arrest and/or sieze him.

2. RJM printed the rojaspetfgjdl41415.html at fed ex and arrived at 13:15 at the DFB where he checked in at the Front Desk, checked in and was informed that he could not deliver the documents in his possession to the FGJ and that he would have to wait for a USMS Deputy.

3. RJM posited his objection to such arrangement in order to prevent the relinquishment of any consideration in regard to such matter.

4. Deputy US Marshal R Wallenda arrived at about 13:25, confirmed that RJM would not be permitted to access the FGJ in the DFB and accepted the documents RJM handed him and informed RJM that he would assess such documents.

5. RJM informed him of RJM's objection to such arrangment, that complaints could be filed with ISMA should it ever appear that RJM would ever have failed to have adequately accommodated any legitiimate reliance interest of any type and that RJM was more committed than ever to resotre the independence of the FGJ.

6. RJM departed and entered the Fed Ex in order to continue in the venture this document concerns.

7. At 14:33 RJM emailed Asst. U.S. Atty T Wash the documents referenced herein supra.

8. At 1500 RJM emailed Chicago Atty J. Leovy re contacting D Rojas to inform him in re the indictment project.

9. RJM inquired of phone attendant at 14th Dist - Shakespeare St. re formula for RJM to effect transmission of documents to Rojas. Officer Santiago informed RJM that he did not know Rojas and did not know how RJM could effect such transmission.

10. RJM inquired of phone attendant at Chi Pol Hdqtrs re same matter as referenced in #9 above and was advised to contact the records division which RJM was told at 15:39 closed at 15:30.

11. RJM conversed for a considerable period with Ron B re a formula to get the indictment petition documents to Rojas before midnite on 4/17/15.

12. RJM delivered a message to 312 745-5198 - the CPD records deparment at about 1500 seeking a formula via which RJM could effect the delivery of the indictment petition documents to Rojas by midnite on 4/17/15 which was unrecorded.

13. RJM replicated #12 supra and recorded it at 15:27 on 4/15/15

14. Best recollection of rest of activity as of 2050 on 4/19/15.

15. RJM plagued by extremely slow computer processing, completed Chicago OIG online form complaint and transmitted, endeavored to complete PIRA form online but failed - all of time from 15:27 until like 2200 spent on Rojas matters as can be verified from record of use of computer and internet in such period.

16. RJM then delivred via phone a complaint against Rojas to Investigator Sheets until around 2200 if RJM's memory is accurate in this regard.

17. RJM, eventually, after innumerable failures, succeeded in getting rojas documents posted into website along with update Table of Contents.

18. RJM composed the "rojaspetfgjdl41315notdem415" document and printed such to 2300.

19. RJM departed for the CPD 14th District Hdqrs at around just after midnite on what was then 4/16/15 and arrived at such bldg at around 12:19 a.m. and was ignored while standing in front of the lobby desk until RJM addressed one of the 3 P.O.'s seated at the front desk.

20. RJM's interaction with Officer Salgez or Salgan can be assessed here:

21. RJM returned to his base after having been informed that the 14th District would not provide any of the consideration demanded in the documents RJM had endeavored to deliver whereto, that RJM would have to deliver such by hand to the Information desk at Public Safety Hdqrs ("PSH") at 3510 S. Michigan Ave. in Chicago, IL, and that no reference to any general nor special order nor any revision whereof could be provided to RJM as a "non-police officer".

22. RJM recalls having rose around 9:00 a.m. on 4/16 spent the a.m. of 4/16 - deliberating re the most appropriate available method of document delivery in re this matter via which to ensure that Rojas could never legitimately succeed in claiming that he had not received notification of RJM's endeavor to get him indicted before the end of the day on 4/17/15, before the end of such day, just in case it would be the case that an indictment could be delivered to an indicted member of an entity such as the CPD on the day it would have been issued.

23. RJM returned to the Fed Ex nearest RJM's base in order to use the free wifi and to print out an updated notice and demand and a copy of the documents whose delivery to the FGJ had been prevented by USMS Deputy R.Walenda on 4/14/15.

24. RJM conducted a number of searches for "Danilo Rojas" in order to find any residence address which might be available wherefore, conferred with GWW re legal thresholds, printed documents and departed at 13:45 for the CPD PSH. The computer was functioning terribly slowly at all junctures referenced herein supra and in this paragraph.

25. RJM estimates that he must have arrived at the PSH around 15:05.

26. Thru the intervention of Sgt. E. Winstrom, RJM finally got the documents delivered, recognized the utility received in re the matter and departed.

27. RJM arrived at LAF on Canal St., exercised until almost 1700 and then departed for 2740 W. Thomas St. intending to deliver the documents referenced herein supra to Rojas. RJM had to make 3 stops in order to find Thomas St.

28. RJM arrived at Thomas St. around 18:25 and assessed the situation and then departed for the PSH at 1848, arrived, in the midst of the Supt's report, was advised by PO Cole that he could not afford to depart as RJM was the only speaker listed and delivered the SST for SER and made some other comment in his 120-140 second conveyance and departed to TJ, to CCLL to check Rojas, legal hazards - DT not present to 2100, intercepted by distressed pro se to 2106, , to Fed Ex LaSalle St. - seeking corroboration of correct address, print factual predicates - depart at around 2300. to Eckhart park, call TBM re CPM - est 20 minutes, ran on field to procure clarity re possible hazards, clear space off of SD card to be capable of recording delivery of documents to ROJas - ext hour, to Rojas, practice w/ video capture and finally throw envelope w/ docs onto porch and return to base - by then it must have been 1:30 - 1:45 a.m.

29. 4/18 - SST for Sgt W. 40 minutes 2100 - 2140, 4/19 - Complete this recapitulation - 20:40-21:40 .

30. compelet this form on 4/21/15 for 10 minutes.

31. Post to website on....