Rothschild Mercenary/Minion/Sychophant/Prostitute/Predator/Quisling/Tel Aviv Toilet Rim Licker (if any of the "Lesser Brethren" referenced in the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion would express concern that the inclusion of the last adjectival phrase in this construction might induce hostility against them which would appropriately be directed at the Rothschilds et al,howsoever much has already been invested in preventing any such type development from transpiring in all that in which ISMA has been involved, it will be removed as the ultimate end of all of ISMA's activity is the salvation of souls, not the accomplishment of any temporal task, howsoever important the accomplishment whereof might be in any given instance to that end, and a concern for all souls adequate to ensure compliance with all of the requirements of the moral law would evidently continue to require the prevention of the induction of hostility not correlating to a given individual's record of activity), Notice Accompanying Documents Ever Submitted to Any Government Entity by Any ISMA Member Applicable as of 4/23/14 Notice to govt officials of whatever type, bank, corporation and wealthy tortfeasors and/or duty breachers, members of the lawyer caste, Kidon Assassins, Private Contract Assassins, Members of the Committee of 300, the Rothschild's (your)(them)sel(f)(ves), Lucifer (your)(him)self (obviously, this notice does not apply to any "Fifth Column" Activity Conductor" across whose path it might ever proceed, and in fact ISMA remains committed to the assistance and support of any and all such type AC's unto the end (Matt. 25:26 et seq)).

-there is no such thing as any type of dispute involving any given LEO and/or which might at any given juncture (have) end(ed) up in any of the nominal government courts presently operative in this Talmudic-barbaric Abomination of a Flagship Colony of the Rothschild Global Plantation which the former u.s. of A. has become and remained for the past several decades (certainly since Roe v Wade, prior to that the legalization of the production, distribution and sale of pornography, and prior to that the fraudulent and treasonous passage of the Federal Reserve Act in 1913 (Eisner v MacComber (_U.S._) "the Congress cannot amend the constitution...via statute...." (in this case, Art. 1 Sect. 8. Cl. 5)), which cannot be adequately and acceptably resolved via the use of any given combination of hand-to-hand, or hand held weapon, combat, bow and arrow, spear and/or other projectile(s), semi-auto, or auto-matic weapon(s), rockets, missiles and/or IED's of various types and/or other type projectiles, booby traps and land mines, armor, anti-armor, aircraft, anti-aircraft, DEW's, poisons, nuclear, chemical &/or biological entities, heart-attack inducers and/or any and every other type of device any Kidon Assassin could ever use to murder any given Goyim or for that matter any "Lesser Brethen who would not have adequately towed the Talmudic-barbaric line in any given instance(s) (eg. Aaron Russo's death of cancer shortly after his production of AFTF), at your residence(s) and/or anywhere else on the face of this earth, or for that matter, in space. So far from this notice constituting any type of "threat", which might provide a pretextual basis for still another unconscionable and needing of rectification criminal prosecution beyond the multitude of such to which this document's author has already been subjected, wherefore, it in fact constitutes a conveyance which is protected by among other rights emanating from the Law of Nature and Nature's God (DOI), those to free speech and the free exercise of religion which has been made necessary by the various types of activity which is conducted by all of the types of individuals referenced herein supra as the ordinary and customary modus operandi whereof, which is activity predicated upon the presumption that government activity need not possess moral legitimacy but rather that such type activity can be conducted for the apprehended interests of the "insiders" at the expense of the interests of everyone else presently and/or yet to end up, upon, the planet and to effect the defraudment of legitimate reliance interests, which is to state that predations can be perpetrated with impunity upon those farther from the Rothschild's and Lucifer than any given activity conductor ever considering perpetating any given type of predation at any given juncture, which as explained herein has necesssitated this conveyance, so that, should military means have to be used to remedy any given morally unacceptable arrangement which this document concerns, that it could not legitimately be claimed that adequate effort was not made to prevent the perpetration of predation(s) w/o recourse to the use of military means, so as to render the rectification whereof via military means unnecessary. What has been postulated herein supra brings its author to herein posit the question: Has the ongoing non-utilization of the innumerable types of "disadvantage negators" which have been available for the period of years and decades backwards from today for the purpose of the defeating of any given evil and the Rothschild Reign of Terror in general been justified and if an argument could legtimately be made that such non-utilization has in fact been justified, of what exact components would such type argument consist (acknowledging that J.B. Campbell has been calling for the assassination of all of the members of the CFR for years, just as C. von Stauffenberg endeavored to eliminate one of their most prominent predecessor 70 years ago)? Applying the conveyance of St. Paul to the Romans: "If it be possible, be at peace with all men (Rom. 12:18)... be not overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good." (Rom. 12:21), it is hoped that the matters this notice concerns can be adequately resolved without any of the types of miscreants enumerated herein supra having to end up being left lying on their backs in piles of their own putridity with blood dribbling out of the sides of their mouths, incapable of ever again participating with their father, the father of lies, he who was a murdered from the beginning (Jn. 8:44), in any type of predation perpetration ("PP"), especially any type of PP involving any use of the "collective force of the body politic" since such type PP's require the use of disadvantage negators in types of arrangements in which PP's perpetrated solely by private actors would not require such which in turn requires adequate consideration of the fact that the morally legitimate use of DN's can ever be effected w/o adequate consideration of the forseeable unintended consequences in any given use whereof. Nothing more than divestiture of property, whether via confiscation (the obviously vastly preferrable alternative in that post-confiscation, all property ever confiscated can be used for the performance of the spiritual and corporal works of mercy (Matt. 25:26 et seq, et al) or via destruction (see Magna Carta Cl 61, et al) in circumstances in which confiscation would not constitute a viable alternative will ever be needed in order to ensure compliance with the requirements of the moral law and the correlative accommodation of any and all legitimate reliance interests in regard to the matters this document concerns ("these matters"), provided no force would ever be posited to prevent such, but if no legitimate choice is left but to use contra-predatory force to negate and defeat any use of predatory force ever encountered, then in such type arrangement blame for any tragic consequences of the use whereof would only be attributable to the unjustified use of force of the types of activity conductors referenced herein supra to whom this document has been addressed and in no way could ever be legitimately attributed to any activity ever conducted by any contra-genocidist in regard to these matters.

What is included herein supra having been posited herein, the first question that comes to mind in regard to these matters is: Have the world's children referenced in Jn. 21:15, Matt. 25:26 et seq. et al., been, "in the balance" receiving the consideration to which they have been entitled from RJM during the audit period of ...-..., and if not what amends and/or adjustments does RJM need to now make in order to adequately amortize any arrearages owed and ensure adequate consideration remission whereto in the future?