To Whom it may concern,

My name is Robert J. More and I have been endeavoring to adequately investigate whatever happened in Boston MA from 4/15 - 4/20 of 2013 regarding whatever deaths and injuries occurred there. I mailed the documents attached to this email on 1/20/15 to the Supreme Court of the u.s. of A. and the USDC for the District of MA, respectively, and emailed notice whereof to the attorneys listed in recipient designee box in the email in re which this email is the forwarded email on 1/22/15 before dawn on such day. If someone in Boston MA, could deliver a copy of the Petition addressed to the Trial Court attached to such email, for me so that it can get filed, or at least so that an attempt to file it can get entered into the case docket, so that concerned individuals can assess it, a number of issues would end up being raised in the adjudication of this case which it is my understanding are vitally important not only to Mr. Tsarnaev, but to the Rule of Law and posterity. Further if someone in Boston who would be capable of getting such documents to the Court would provide me an email address, i would transmit a motion for leave to file electronically in this case and to ensure that any and all documents which might be submitted to the Court would end up in the docket, even if the Court were to deny the filing whereof in any given instance, so that at the very least, people concerned in re this case can examine what transpires in regard to this case, not just what the Court would find it in its interest to portray would have occurred wherein.

I am also still trying to get the Petition filed with the SCOTUS filed asap, so if anyone knows anyone in Wash DC who could hand deliver a copy of such petition to such Court, were I to receive his or her email and/or phone number, i would communicate with him or her in order to get such document before such Court asap.

As Justice Harlan of the SCOTUS once stated "In a criminal trial, it is the law that is on trial every bit as much as it is the Defendant". RJM would interpret that to constitute an exhortation to all concerned with the problems humanity collectively faces to unceasingly audit the activity of governmental systems in order to correct abuses and eliminate injustices before they become too enormous to correct without a complete mutiny of the victims of oppression and injustice against their oppressors in any given instance.

To be continued -

Robert J. More