Robert J. More

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Chicago, IL, 60680, 608 445-5181


Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

Mr. Tsarnaev,

My name is Robert J. More and i came across a number of pictures which if they actually represent what occurred on April 15, 2013 near the finish line of the Boston Marathon would seem to exonerate you from culpability for having directly and personally planted any IED there. I have endeavored to file the accompanying "... 1/20/15...Petition for ...Habeas...2241...." in the Supreme Court of the u.s. of A. and the accompaning "... 1/21/15...Petition...." in the U.S. District Court for MA, out of a concern that I not incur culpability for any sin of omission in regard to the perpetration of any miscarriage of justice which may have already been perpetrated, may be in the process of being perpetrated and/or might be perpetrated in the future in regard to the matters this document concerns.

Copies of the documents referenced herein accompany this document. Emails have been transmitted to the email addresses used in court filings in "U.S. v Tsarnaev" of each of your appointed attorneys which have made such documents available to such attorneys. I would have no objection to your using such documents, or any component part whereof in any filing you would ever consider it necessary to make in regard to the matters this document concerns ("these matters"). Anyone whose priorities are adequately adjusted in regard to these matters would be welcome to contact me in regard whereto.

The reccord constructed regarding the affirmative acts executed and developments encountered in regard to these matters can be accessed at: "" and otherwise in the "Table of Contents" of such website.

The date the trial officially commences in U.S. v Tsarnaev is the date upon which you would lose "pre-trial detainee" status which it is necessary for you to retain in otder to use the provisions of 28 USC 2241. The petition filed to the Supreme Court regarding these matters in any of the intervenor capacities referenced therein can be filed in any state in this nation by anyone without jeopardizing any other filing whereof and the prospects of getting it granted would evidently be best in NJ, PA, DE, AK, MO, IA, MN, NB, ND or SD as those are the states for which SCOTUS member S. Alito is the "Applications Judge". For his safety, a project is in progress to provide him a security contingent which would not ultimately be controlled by the Rothschilds should he express any interest in having such established. It cannot legitimately be inferred from anything writen herein that RJM understands that any present SCOTUS member has retained a legitimate claim to office presently held whereby. As four of the witnesses in the Bellis Jewish Ritual Murder trial 100 years ago in Kiev, Russia learned to their ultimate detriment, it can be not only dangerous but fatal to conduct activity according to any arrangement of priorities incompatible with the Jewish Supremacist Genocide of the Goyim Agenda.

Robert J. More