To whom it may concern,

On 1/20/15 Robert J. More ("RJM") mailed and emailed the document attached to this email which is titled as "...1/19/15...Tsarnaev ...Habeas Corpus ...2241...." ( tsarnaevhabpet11915.html) to the Supreme Court of the United States (except the copy emailed to the "Merits Briefs Clerk" lacked the title whereof included in the attachment referenced herein), and mailed a copy of that document (w/ or w/o such title) and the document attached as "...1/20/15...Petition to ...Stay ...Tsarnaev ...Trial" (tsarnaevamicpet12015.rtf) to the Chambers of Judge G.A. O'Toole of the USDC for the District of MA. RJM has also placed three phone calls to that Judge's Deputy Clerk seeking an email address of the Court to which RJM can send the documents referenced herein in order to procure a ruling on the petition sent to that Court before any trial would be commenced in regard to the case this conveyance concerns ("this case"). RJM had emailed the document authored by Richard Eastman posted in C. Bollyn's website as of 4/4/14 containing pictures which if constituting competent evidence certainly seem to exonerate D. Tsarnaev from having planted any explosive on 4/15/15 at the Boston Marathon to the Federal Defender in Boston MA and delivered a voice mail to Fed Def M. Conrad informing her of such delivery and of RJM's concerns in regard whereto on 1/2/15 or 1/9/15 if RJM's memory serves him right in this regard. RJM also delivered a voice mail message to the Office of the U.S. Atty for MA seeking an email address of that office to which RJM could send such material and informed the FBI On Duty - or whatever other adjectival phrase applies in this regard - Agent, in Boston, MA, of his concerns in this regard and sought an email address to which RJM could send the materials referenced herein, but none was provided. Since RJM has not received any response to the conveyances transmitted to Conrad, RJM understood himself to be obliged to implement the measures implemented herein at this juncture.

Invitation is herein extended to each and all of those listed as designated recipients of this email to 1.) confirm the reception of this email, and 2.) to either file a joint motion seeking a postponement of opening arguments in the Tsarnaev trial, until the 28 USC 2241 Petition referenced herein will have been adjudicated by the SCOTUS or to provide an explanation demonstrating that not implementing whatever measures would have to be implemented in order to ensure that no trial would ever be completed in the case this document concerns unless and until provision would have been made to ensure that the evidence referenced herein which has been posted in Christopher Bollyn's website since 4/4/14 would not have been left out of any trial ever conducted in regard to these matters, or to file (a) motion(s) separately ordered to the accomplishment of the same objective, or to provide an explanation demonstrating that the non-imposition of any measure ordered to the prevention of a trial not including such evidence in this regard could be morally justified. Beyond that RJM finds it necessary on behalf of the entirety of the FEMA Red and Blue Lister population, of the u.s. of A. and the world's innocent children and posterity to demand the same consideration as demanded herein in regard to the quashing of any and all components of the Indictments issued in regard to this case which relate to any alleged planting of any IED on 4/15/13 by D. Tsarnaev which emanated from any grand jury proceeding not entirely compatible with the independence of the federal grand jury guaranteed by the Presentment Clause of the Fifth Amendment to the Constitution of the u.s. of A.

Unless the evidence referenced herein supra can be demonstrated to be incompetent, RJM cannot see how any conviction of Tsarnaev procured in a trial in which such evidence would not have been entered into evidence wherein, could ever survive an "Ineffective Assistance of Counsel" argument. To be continued, superseded, retracted or otherwise modified as might evidently become evidently necessary at some juncture in the future.

Robert J. More

cc: Judiciary Committee of the Senate of the United States, Judiciary Committee of the House of Representatives of the United States, in re appointment of a special prosecutor in re the Tsarnaev matters pursuant to the provisions of 28 USC 591 or 592 and in re other consideration which legislation and/or defunding might provide to the American People in regard to the Tsarnaev matters

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