Hello Mr. Hayes,

1. RJM is presently completing a first superseding petition for

indictment and propsed true bill which will be emailed to this email

address and posted online accompanied by the notification of the URL

in re whereto asap.

2. What is the alleged source of law in re which the USDOJ is

preventing me from presenting evidence to the FGJ in Northern IN? (In

the ND of IL it is a March 2007 Court order)

3. More evidence in re the crimes perpetrated in re this matter is now

posted at: "".

4.Such evidence demonstrates that RJM's arrest was predicated upon

fabrications and lies in regard to RJM's actual record of activity on

5/17/09, such that a pretext was manufactured to produce the

impression that the SCIP and UND NDSP had complied with the formula

promulgated for arrests in re the 2009 Commencement in effecting the

arrest of RJM on such date.

5. If RJM does not receive a confirmation by 9:30 a.m. on 5/12/14, that criminal charges will

definitely be instituted by 5/15/14, and/or 5/19/14, in regard to the

respective counts included in RJM's proposed true bill most recently

posted online and sent to this office , then

RJM intends to file a federal lawsuit enjoining prevention of access

to the FGJ in NDIN and for other consideration necessary to secure the

legitimate reliance interests at stake in the matters this document

concerns, as inter alia a component part of a "mitigation of damages

project" as RJM is complaining that it is RJM's informed understanding

that the denial of access to the FGJ in NDIN in re these matters

contravenes 18 USC 242 and is also actionable via 28 USC 2201 or whatever is the declaratory judgment statute and via a Bivens action.

6. If it would be possible to get criminal charges instituted in re

the matters this document concerns conditionally solely for the

purpose of preventing the expiration of any and all untolled SOL's,

subject to retraction whereafter (just to get the charges immediately instituted,

RJM conveys this as RJM is as certain as the day is long that there

have been innumerable 18 USC 242 violations and other crimes

perpetrated in re these matters and that no retraction whereof could ever be justified), a confirmation that such institution

would be effected by the dates referenced herein would be sufficient

to render the filing of a legal action next week unnecessary.