Script for phone calls to USMS, U.S. Attorney - Nor Dist of IN of 5/1/14- RJM finds it necessary in order for RJM to be capable of continuing to bear the burden that RJM understands that RJM is morally obliged to continue to bear (Matt. 11:30) to demand and hence demands 1.)exact details re FGJ convening in re criminal activity conducted in S.B. In from May of 2009 through May of 2011 and 2.) yes or no answer to the question - would the endeavor to present evidence to the FGJ in the NDIN w/o compromising any security and/or secrecy of deliberations concerns of the FGJ subject anyone involved in such type endeavor to arrest? and if so, 3.) what is the exact source of promulgated legal authority which allegedly justifies the denial of citizen access to the FGJ (eg in Chicago, IL such source has been a March 2007 Order of the Chief Judge, 4.) for what reason would the USMS/US Attorney, Chief Judge refuse to provide (an) email address(es) for the purpose of the expedition of the delivery of documents relating to the institution of federal criminal charges, the deliverance of which has become time-sensitive attributable to the prevention of citizen access to the FGJ as guaranteed by the Presentment Clause of the 5th Amendment to the U.S. Constititution as interpreted in among other SCOTUS opinions those of Costello (1956) and Williams v U.S. or vice versa, given that the govt officials whose activity(ies) this document concerns have been apprised that denial of delivery of documents via email would impose a most onerous burden upon RJM and adversely affect the delivery of such documents, which answers can be posted in the ISMA website so that the members of teh public... Branzburg v Hayes can be apprised, inter alia, of government activity conducted in regard to the issue of the independence of the FGJ , 4.) will ... consent to permit the audio-recording of any and all phone call conversations conducted between RJM and ... regarding the matters this conversation concerns and if not why not, 5.) email address to which PVS'es, and documents to be submitted to the FGJ can be transmitted, 6. provision for RJM to procure confirmation from various govt officials that the documents which they have refused to provide an email address for the delivery whereof, in re whereto will be posted online and notice will be provided of the posting whereto as soon as any and all posting whereof would be effected in a given instance, and confirmation of the delivery of such notice will be demanded so that it could never be legitimately claimed that criminal charges could not have been instituted in regard to the matters concerned via the documents posted online, as soon as such postings and notifications of postings would have been effected in any given instance, given that the provision of the URL addresses of the documents concerned in any given instance would ensure access to any such documents of no less utility than the effectinf of the mailing whereof.

RJM demands confirmation that the posting of documents in the ISMA website (in any given instance) ("IAGI") accompanied by provision of notice(s) of the posting whereto, notice of at least two phone numbers of persons capable of communicating and/or posting documents to the ISMA website, would constitute notice to ... govt (office) (official) of (whatever substantive issue) equivalent to the delivery of (any) document delivered via certified mail, confirmation signature, and/or return receipt requested, for any and all legal matters which might end up in existence from the use of the process referenced herein supra, and that the non-provision of consent to this type arrangement not accompanied by an(y) explanation justifying such non-provison IAGI would necessarily be construed to constitute a defraudment of any and all legitimate reliance interests implicated and/or otherwise standing to be effected in regard to any given matter(s) any delivery of documents of the type referenced herein would ever concern.