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Document List of 8/16/11

Submission of 8/16/11 From RJM to USMS re Denial of Access to FGJ


To Whom it May Concern,

This document augments the documents which RJM has submitted to this office in the past. Accompanying it is a document titled "Timeline...Bollyn". Lamentably, RJM still has not procured any individual "reprieve" of the type collectively referenced in Matt. 24:20, which causes him to fear that he still may not have contributed "enough" to the Catholic Cause to have appeased the wrath of His Omnipotence, Christus Rex to the extent necessary to procure such type reprieve. In an ongoing endeavor to appease such wrath, amortize whatever temporal punishment for any sins of commission and/or omission which may still remain inadequately expiated, and eliminate any remaining impediments which may be rendering such type reprieve unavailable, RJM herein submits this document.

Notice is herein provided that :"but for" the obstruction to the exercise of the constitutionally protected right guaranteed by the Presentment Clause of the 5th Amendment to the Constitution of the u.s. of A. which has been posited by the USMS to RJM's presenting evidence of violations of federal criminal statutes (in this instance, inter alia, 18 USC 242, 241) to the federal grand jury for the Northern District of IL, federal judicial district,this document would have been submitted, at the very latest, by August of 2010 to such grand jury.

On behalf of all of the world's pre-age of reason children, but obviously not by any express desigation, their (great)uncle - RJM herein reminds those who continue to facilitate the maintenance of the control of the federal grand jury by members of the executive and judicial branches of the government that it is the informed understanding of innumerable non-reptilian individuals (individuals who, inter alia, would not shoot their mother, nor anyone else for that matter, in the back) that countless acts of usury, extortion, defraudment, rape, pedophilia, terror, torture, and murder - indeed the entirety of the genocide in progress - would never have been perpetrated nor now be perpetratable had the right of access to such entity not been unavailable for the past 65 years and provides this expression of "unappreciation" to all of those who by their complicity in the deprivation of the right of access to the federal grand jury have contributed so enormously to the wickedness, violence and cannibalism by which this country has been engulfed and in which it is sinking into the abyss of consumate barbarity - unthank you for "just doing your job", for many sentient beings find it impossible to believe that horrors such as that of 9/11/01, the Schiavo atrocity, the Franklin cover-up, etc. etc. etc. could ever have been perpetrated had the autonomous authority of the federal grand jury not been usurped by the merciless mercenary minions of the Committee of 300. Unthanks again, don't have a "great day" and don't let those Tel Aviv toilet rims remain unlicked lest the fate of Robespierre befall you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To be continued as the circumsntances of Providence might necessitate.

Robert J. More – no unjustified concessions to Lucifer's agenda, no unamortized moral arrearages, no eternal regrets, whatever happens

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Certificate of Service

Under penalties of perjury pursuant to the provisions of 28 USC 1746, and 735 ILCS 5/1-109, I (Robert J. More), ________________________, herein aver that I did leave a copy of the document this certificate accompanies with ____________________________, at the _______________________________________and did access the ______________________________ and speak with ______________________ on ____________.

Robert J. More, P.O. Box 6926, Chicago, IL 60680,, (863) 688-9880 –lv msg __________________, _______________________, _________________, ______________

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