Notice of 10/30/14 of Endeavor to Either Procure Indictments or an Explanation Demonstrating that the Not So Endeavoring Could be Morally Justified, No Relevant Consideration Left Inadequately Addressed in this Regard/Proposal of 10/30/14, to United State’s Marshal Service Senior Investigator Richard Walenda that 1.) Criminal Culpability be Confessed in Regard to Activity Conducted By Him on 10/16/09 regarding activity referenced in either or both &/or all (of) the proposed "True Bill" included in the documents posted at: "" and/or the copies of the complaint(s) posted at: and/or elsewhere in the Table of Contents of the website whose URL is included herein in various places, or 2.) at Least that Deputy Walenda Stipulate in Writing that if no Explanation Demonstrating Any Alleged Unjustifiability re Any Criminal Prosecution of the Matters this Document Concerns would be Transmitted to R. J. More by Him, that a.)Any Right to Not Be Criminally Prosecuted for the Commission of Any Federal Felony Except Via Indictment be Waived, and/or. b.)that any and all Statute(s) of Limitation(s)("SOL") which were there a Minimally Adequately Functioning Grand Jury, Federal Prosecutor's Office, and Federal Court System Operative at this Juncture in History in the Northern District of IL, Might be/have been Legitimately Utilized After a Reasonable period for the effecting of a service of a criminal summons after 10/16/14 in Any Defense of the Charges Which Might Need to be Instituted In Regard to the Matters this Document Concerns in Order to Ensure, inter alia, the Coverage of the Moral Liability of RJM, would and will have been, In Any Classification of Presently Operative Systems, Tolled, until and through 12/16/15.

I, (name)__________________________________, (title) __________________, do herein stipulate, that I will not renege in any matter in regard to any consent provided by me in regard to the matter this postulation concerns, that I have been informed that but for the Present Condition of Inaccessibility to the Federal Grand Jury presently operating in Chicago, IL (“FGJ”) that A.) absent the provision of an “exculpatory or clemency justification” that Robert J. More would have delivered documents to the Federal Grand Jury Foreperson ("FGJF") for the Northern District of IL ("NDIL"), the Office of the U.S. Attorney for the NDIL and the USMS in time for an Indictment to be issued by 10/16/14, regarding activity conducted by me referenced in the documents referenced in the collection of documents referenced herein as being accessible at the URL addresses included in the title to this document (which activity was conducted by me on 10/16/09) referenced wherein _________________________, and that B.) I will either 1.) confess criminal liability regarding my having violated the provisions of 18 USC 242 on such date in regard to the siezure(s), w/o probable cause of Robert J. More and/or ("RJM")____________________________, and in regard to any and all other activity constituting a violation of any provision of any federal law& /or the Constitution of the u.s. of A. in the period referenced herein __________________________.

or 2.) pursuant to the provisions of Fed Rule of Crim. Proc. #6 or #7, I herein waive my constitutionally protected right not to be criminally prosecuted for any federal felony except via indictment, and instead stipulate that a probable cause audience in regard to the matters this document concerns be adjudicated by CCA 7 Judge Daniel Manion, _______________________________, and that 3.) I will not raise any defense that the statute of limitations (“SOL”) would have run in regard to any charge of having violated 18 USC 242 or any other federal criminal law which RJM and/or any other person might ever succeed in getting filed and/or approved (“instituted”) regarding any activity conducted by me on 10/16/09 which concerned in any way any of the activity referenced in the complaints referenced in the title to the document in which this postulation is contained on the date referenced herein, and that I have received notice from RJM that it is his understanding that except in a scenario in which I would have stipulated to confess the incurrment of criminal liability regarding having violated the provisions of 18 USC 242, that my signature on this document committing me to whatever would constitute in any given alternative scenario which might emanate from my signing this document, according to the terms and conditions stipulated herein, would in no way constitute any type of admission of liability of any type and that the effect(s) of the provision of such signature herein is limited to such effect(s) as could have reasonably been foreseen by me in my providing any signature which would ever have been provided by me in regard to whichever of the alternatives herein would have been selected in any scenario in which any whereof would have been selected and that no SOL defense would ever be posited by me in any criminal prosecution ever instituted either in any (Federal Court System) presently operative in the u.s. of A. nor in any (ISMA Common Law Tribunal)(should any have to be instituted wherein) provided that should martial law still not have been imposed in the u.s. of A. by 6/13/16, that any prosecution for any violation of 18 USC 242 for which I am responsible would have been instituted by 6/13/16 _________________________________________, (date) ___________.

I, (name) _______________________ (title) ____________________, (strike two of the alternatives included herein) do herein provide a written confirmation that I refuse to provide my consent to the proposed stipulation contained in the document in which this sentence is a component part, notwithstanding that I have been notified that it is the intention of Robert J. More that should I ever succeed in getting any criminal charge(s) of having violated 18 USC 242 and/or 241 ever instituted against me regarding any activity conducted by me on 10/16/09, dismissed on the basis that (it) (they) would not have been instituted within the un-extended SOL in place for violations of 18 USC 242 in the u.s. of A.; that RJM would, in such scenario, sue the u.s. of A., for not having provided adequate consideration to enable RJM to get such charge(s) instituted by the end of the day on 10/16/14, and possibly endeavor to get criminal charges instituted in regard to this matter, given all that has transpired in RJM’s endeavors to get such charge(s) instituted since 10/16/09, a description of which would be, RJM has informed me, beyond the scope of this document but which would be, according to RJM, provided upon the reception by RJM of a request therefore from me and which in any case, RJM has informed me, will eventually, Providence permitting, be posted at the URL included in the ULC of this document, and that in any such type conjectural scenario, that RJM would petition an ISMA Common Law Tribunal to issue a nihil obstat regarding the utilization of whatever type of contra-predatory vigilante remedy it might be that it would ever be necessary to utilize in order to ensure that the legitimate purposes which a criminal prosecution system are supposed to be in place to vindicate and protect, would not in the end, have been left unvindicated and unprotected in regard to the matters this document concerns.

I (name) _______________________ (title) ____________________, refuse to respond in any way to any postulation and/or proposition contained in this document ____________________________________, (date)______________.

I (name) _______________________ (title) ____________________, to herein confirm that I have been informed by RJM that it is RJM's informed understanding that no statute of limitations ("SOL") defense could ever be legitimately pled in any criminal case in which any criminal defendant would have been notified within a reasonable period subsequent to the expiration of any untolled SOL that criminal charges would have been instituted against him or her or that an attempt would have been made to get such instituted, in that the only legitimate purpose for which any such type defense could ever be pled would be that any given innocent defendant ever charged with any crime would not have known prior to the expiration of a reasonable period for service of summons and/or other criminal process upon him or her, beyond the expiration of any untolled SOL period that any criminal charge would have been instituted against him or her - so that he or she would not be left in a position of not having succeeded in procuring whatever evidence would have to have been procured in order to procure an acquittal of any charge ever instituted against him or her attributable to a passage of time, which failure would demonstrably not have occurred had he or she been notified within a reasonable period subsequent to the expiration of any SOL ever applicable in any given matter that (a) criminal charge would have been instituted against him or her, and that nor could any such type defense ever be legitimately pled in any arrangement in which the conditions in which the victim of any given crime would have had to have conducted activity in order to get (a)ny criminal charge ever applicable to any criminal activity perpetrated would have been such as to have made the instituttion of any legitimate criminal charge within any given applicable SOL a practical impossibility (ie. not possible attributable to factors not within a given crime victim/reporter's capacity to control without the use of recourse to "disadvantage negators" the use of which would be susceptible to unintended consequences of such potential magnitude as to render the non-accomplishment of a given objective demonstrably morally justified in any given instance in which such type condition would ever be present) and that the pleading of any such type defense in regard to any charge ever instituted in regard to any of the matters this document and those which it accompanies, concerns, which would not fit into the posture referenced herein supra as constituting a legitimate use whereof, would necessarily elicit endeavors to effect the institution, whether in a C of 300 Controlled and Operated Government Entity, and/or in an ISMA Common Law Tribunal of criminal charges pursuant to the provisions of 18 USC 242 on the basis of an abuse of a SOL defense.


Disclaimer – Notice is herein provided that is the informed understanding of RJM that there is nothing which could justifiably be claimed to constitute any type of quid pro quo contained anywhere in this document. Activity conducted by anyone according to a claim, whether explicit or implicit and presumed, that there is, would subject anyone conducting activity according to any type of claim that there is any type of quid pro quo included herein, to criminal and/or civil prosecution, a challenge to the presumption of fitness to hold and exercise the authority of a given government office, public exposure of any such type activity, and/or if necessary, the consequences of any type of vigilante injustice rectification/predation deterrent project which would demonstrably be in no way morally illegitimate, which might ever have to be utilized in order to ensure that the moral liability, as such can be adequately accurately subjectively ascertained, of Robert J. More in regard to the matter(s) this document concerns, would never remain not adequately covered.

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