Commentary Upon the Presentation of Evidence of the Bland, Young and Spencer Murders (“BYSM’s”) to the Police Department of the City of Chicago on 10/19/11, Report re What Becomes of it, and Some Questions in Re Such Providence willing, RJM intends to supplement and/or supersede this document monthly or bi-weekly as the “Operation BYS Murder Investigation” develops but all such commentaries will consist more or less of streams of consciousness and remain no longer than what can be composed, posted and/or emailed within a 30-60 minute period, though this one took much longer to compose, unless some one would propose to sponsor the creation of a more extensive commentary in a given instance, in which case he or she would be welcome to contact RJM or the webmaster of the site referenced in the ULC of this document. First of all, there is a most useful quote on what exactly is supposed to constitute the scope according to the Supreme Court of the U.S. (“SCOTUS”) according to which grand jury investigations are supposed to be conducted which is herein excerpted from Branzburg v Hayes, (408 U. S. 688): “Because its task is to inquire into the existence of possible criminal conduct and to return only well founded indictments, its investigative powers are necessarily broad. ‘It is a grand inquest, a body with powers of investigation and inquisition, the scope of whose inquiries is not to be limited narrowly by questions of propriety or forecasts of the probable result of the investigation, or by doubts whether any particular individual will be found properly subject to an accusation of crime.’" Blair v. United States, 250 U. S. 273, 250 U. S. 282 (1919). Amongst the unanswered questions in regard to the BYSM’s remain – If the burglary of a few documents from the Watergate hotel in the early 1970’s, was considered to have necessitated the appointment of a special prosecutor and the expenditure of all of the resources expended allegedly to protect the public from the consequences of the usurpations, arrogations and predations of the then Occupant of the Oval Office (who by all accounts with which the author of this document is familiar was at least validly elected, even if he was nothing more than another Committee of 300 puppet) in the case of former POTUS R. Nixon, a fortiori…what resources would have to be expended in order to conduct a noncounterfeit investigation of the BYSM’s in order that those responsible for the protection of the public’s interest in the adequate punishment of crimes, including the entirety of the members of the 112th Congress of the u.s. of A. would not incur culpability for the sin and crime of treason? Has the public received the consideration to which it has been entitled in regard to the investigation, prosecution and punishment of crimes in regard to the Bland, Young and Spencer murders (“BYSM’s)? Could not a refusal to provide answers to questions and/or to participate in an interview regarding the commission of a given crime constitute evidence establishing a basis for the presentation of evidence to a grand jury/conducting of a probable cause hearing for the purpose of ascertaining the propriety in a given instance of the institution of (a) criminal charge(s) by presentment or indictment or information, respectively, in regard to any such type matter? If Wayne Madsen’s reports (“WMR”) that evidence of B. Soetoro’s (“BHS”)and R. Emmanual’s (“RE”) homosexual activity in the past which would have corroborated evidence presented by Larry Sinclair of such type activity has been discovered by him and published in his WMR’s – what inferences can justifiably be drawn from the non-investigation of such type of evidence by CPD? the Cook County, IL, State’s Attorney? the FBI, and/or the US Atty, for the N.D. of I.? What should be made of the report that a member of the CPD warned the mother of Donald Young - Norma Jean Young of danger to her life for discussing her opinion that Soetoro was involved in the murder of DY? Who ordered the US Secret Service to confiscate records of the membership of BHS and RE in the homosexual organization in the Uptown neighborhood of Chicago, IL referenced in the WMR as “Mans’ Country” and could such type order ever have been issued without the incurrment of criminal liability in the issuance whereof? Was there any communication between BHS, RE, David Axelrod, Robert Gibbs, former Chicago Mayor Richard Daley, Michelle Obama, and/or Jeremiah Wright and the office of the prosecutor, the defense and/or the Court in regard to suppression of evidence of homosexual activity of BHS and RE in the Rod Blagojevich criminal trial? Did anyone in the CPD, the Office of the Mayor of the City of Chicago and/or the Office of U.S. Senator B. “Obama”, or the “Obama” Administration ever address the issue of the investigation/non-investigation/prevention and/or interference or suppression of any investigation of the BYSM’s amongst themselves or between any of the entities listed herein? What constitutes the record of activity of any and all of those who since November of 2007 have been receiving government paychecks in regard to activity conducted and not conducted in regard to the BYSM’s – so that the priorities of such individuals can be assessed? Did Barry Soetoro attend any of the funerals for any of the BYSM victims or send any family members whereof any expression(s) of condolences in regard whereto? Has there been a conspiracy of execution of affirmative acts, of passive cooperation, and/or of silence in regard to these murders? And if so, what unjustifiably caused detriment must be eliminated, predation perpetrators incapacitated and retribution administered in order to ensure that the public’s interest that innocence not suffer and crime not go unpunished would not remain unvindicated? Given the record accessible to the public regarding the record of activity of the Defendant’s (“D’s”) listed in CCCC, IL Case # 10 CH2622, regarding the priorities according to which any and all activity conducted by such D’s had been conducted, is there any competent evidence available that any of such D’s would have refused to participate in any type plot which may have fructified into the BYSM’s, or would not have been privy to it? Was whatever activity that was conducted and/or left unconducted in regard to the BYSM’s just the ordinary and customary public payroll parasitism which constitutes the ordinary and customary defraudment of the warmblooded component of the population that the CPD and City of Chicago interminably perpetrate, w/ which private sector Chicago resident burden bearers, and for that matter the lamentably small 5th Column within the CPD, itself, have become so painfully familiar or was there and is there now, something more to it? Does anyone know if in regard to any CPD disciplinary proceeding, any member of the public has ever been permitted to prosecute any such type proceeding on behalf of the public so that no prosecution whereof could have been sabotaged by any of the predecessors of the Board of Independent Review or be sabotaged by that Board itself? Can anyone start a fund drive to sponsor Dr. Ed Vieira’s coming to Chicago to prosecute every matter this document concerns? If so, can an auxiliary security service of ISMA S. C. Level #3 or higher activity conductors be constructed to ensure that neither the invaluable commodity that Dr. Vieira indisputably is, nor any judicial adjudicator who might have to adjudicate any of the matters this document concerns, nor any F. Serpico type CPD member who might come forward with information he possesses regarding the investigation/non-investigation of the BYSM’s would end up being assassinated? Why was evidence of the alleged homosexuality of Barry Soetoro and Rahmn Emmanuel kept out of the Blagojevich trial by the viciously Contra-goyim Judge J. Zagel? After Robert J. More (“RJM”) raised the issues in 2010 of both the unsolved Donald Young murder and a proposal that the then CPD Supt. Jody Weis wear a wire from which those entitled to the “honest services” of his office (18 USC 1346) could assess his performance wherein, which was raised at either the June or July of 2010 Chicago Police Board monthly Mtg (“PBM”), did Weis’es running out of the room while Paul McKinley was video-taping such departure as Paul was repeatedly demanding that Weis answer RJM’s questions in such regard, have any connection to the BYSM’s? Was there any connection between RJM’s raising the issues of both the unsolved Donald Young murder and a proposal that the then CPD Supt. Jody Weis wear a wire from which those entitled to the “honest services” of his office (18 USC 1346) could assess his performance wherein at Chicago Police Board monthly Mtgs (“PBM’s) in the second quarter of 2010 and Weis’es being absent from five consecutive PBM’s thereafter, notwithstanding that the purpose of the meetings is supposed to be to enable the public to get questions, complaints and comments to the Supt. of the CPD into a public record? Did RJM’s questioning of present, as of May of 2011, CPD Supt G. McCarthy (who claims that he was accompanying NY Mayor R. Guliani on 9/11/01 during the period in which the WTC buildings collapsed) in regard to the statements made at the nominally Catholic, St. Sabina’s Parish of Defendant in Case # 10 CH 26622, - “Presbetyr M. Pfleger” (one of those individuals who according to BHS, “brought BHS to ‘Christ’”) at the August 2011 PBM that the true motive of supporters of the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the u.s. of A.’s support of such amendment is actually the “genocide of black and brown children” have any bearing upon McCarthy’s missing the Sept. of 2011 PBM? Is there any explanation justifying McCarthy’s refusal to answer the questions referenced herein supra at that meeting? Is there any connection between the Controllers’ of the PBM’s always calling RJM last in every meeting and the demands made by RJM in regard to the BYSM’s and/or the wearing of wires? Is there any connection between the demands made at PBM’s by RJM in regard to the BYSM’s and/or the wearing of wires and the fact that the PBM’s as of October 2011 are now being conducted at a different geographical location in Chicago, IL each month, after having been uninterruptedly conducted at the Headquarters of the CPD for at least the past 5 years? What exactly is the measure of consideration which those having to bear the financial burden of the CPD (which was over a billion dollars a year, several years ago) have been receiving from the activity of such entity? What about the countless victims of crimes and torts perpetrated by the members of the CPD? Is there any reason that the most pernicious concept/claim which has been in existence for at least for as long as RJM has been conducting activity in the theatre of earthly existence that any given government official – especially any given judge, prosecutor, member of a policing entity and/or government attorney ought not have to provide an accounting of any given component of activity which would have been conducted by, and/or been left un-conducted by him, her or them in a given instance, has still not been extinguished? Why did perennial Homosexual Parade Participant, and alleged former roommate in the IL State Sen. of B. Soetoro, Cook County Sheriff, Thomas (“Tel Aviv Toilet Rim Licking Tom” - the promotional puff piece in Time Magazine regarding this maggot was written by Judge Abner Mikva, who at one point referred to Soetoro as the “first Jewish president” and was enough to make any warm-blooded specimen vomit) Dart suddenly pull out of the race for the position of the Mayor of the City of Chicago, IL, in the fall of 2010 after having gone to all of the trouble to procure the necessary number of signatures to run for such position according to a claim that he would not have enough time to spend with his family, where he holding the office of the Mayor of Chicago, IL, compared to that he would have continuing to hold the position of Cook County, IL Sheriff? Did he receive any benefit(s) for doing so? Given the history of the abuse of the authority of the Office of the POTUS via which the holder of such office has used such authority to suppress and oppress and/or otherwise perpetrate predations upon, those he considers to be his political adversaries (eg. Jefferson’s prosecution of Aaron Burr for treason, Nixon’s Watergate burglary, Clinton’s IRS investigations and prosecutions of his adversaries, etc. etc. etc.) and given the gravity of the matters at stake in any arrangement in which the Chief Executive (“CE”) of a nation (or in the case of B. Soetoro – a claimant to such office) can place himself outside of any check(s) and balance(s) and target for elimination anyone or group that he considers to constitute a threat or source of detriment to what he considers to be his interests, if there would be an argument according to which the 535 individual members of the Congress of the u.s. of A. could possibly justify not opening an investigation of the matters this document concerns {see: Badders v U.S. (240 U. S. 394) “…it [Congress] may forbid any … acts done in furtherance of a scheme that it regards as contrary to public policy, whether it can forbid the scheme or not.” In re Rapier (143 U.S. 110)} that there is some matter of greater importance to the interests of the American people than that the CE claimant not be permitted to transform the Republic of the u.s. of A. into a dictatorship; ought not individual congress persons have to identify exactly what would constitute such matters in order not to be subjected to an investigation of their own activity as treason suspects, for what type of scheme could be more detrimental to the interests of the public that the members the U.S. Congress are obliged to protect than a scheme orchestrated to prevent the conducting of a legitimate investigation and prosecution of crimes as closely connected to the present claimant to the Office of the POTUS as are the BYSM’s? Could any member of Congress who would refuse to participate in an endeavor to get a non-counterfeit investigation of the (non)investigations of the BYSM’s conducted possibly escape the condemnation included in Pope Leo XIII’s Encyclical “Inimica Vos”: “…He who does not oppose an evident crime is open to the suspicion of secret complicity” and if it could be claimed that such objective could be accomplished, according to what argument could such objective be accomplished? Ought not an armed sanctuary encampment be established in Cook County, IL, manned solely by ISMA S.C. Level #3 or above private sector burden-bearers, and provisions for the abiding wherein be offered to any member of the CPD, member of the CCSA Office and/or Judge who would ever end up involved in any investigation and/or prosecution of the matters this document concerns– so that any and all such type activity conductors could sleep at and conduct activity from such as base of operation until the BYSM’s are resolved – for example, possibly at the Little Sisters of the Poor facility out in Palatine, IL – where Mayor J. Schwanz – if his testimony accessible online re his moral convictions was an accurate expression of such convictions and not a pretext via which to procure some benefit, could provide the police protection of Palatine, IL’s police force to complement the private auxiliary security force referenced herein, so that the problems that plagued the Bellis trial in 1915 in Kiev, Russia would not be replicated in regard to the matters this document concerns? For, inter alia, the purpose of the creation of a historical record in regard to the matters this document concerns, so that if there is any world in, say the year 2052, and any child might be moved to inquire whether there was anyone who was not a completely spineless, shameless, heartless and merciless article of massa damnata flotsam, and/or whether there was not anything at all of redeeming character in existence in the year 2007, anywhere in the world: the question is herein posited: could any rational argument be made that the conditions in the u.s. of A at such juncture – 2007, including the conditions which made possible such atrocities as the First WTC, the OK City Bombing, 911, the T schiavo atrocity and so many other uninvestigated, unprosecuted and unpunished atrocities would not have constituted an irresistible inducement to activity conductors of the character of those listed as Defendants in Case # 10 CH 26622 in the CCCC, IL to the perpetration of the predation perpetrations this document references – given the minuteness of the probability of getting caught and punished during this period of the world’s existence in which there is so little activity undeserving of condemnation and God’s wrath? A few more questions to be posited to either a probable cause hearing magistrate and/or a grand jury in regard to whether any criminal liability has been incurred pursuant to the provisions of 720 ILCS 5/33-3 for Official Misconduct in regard to whatever investigation of the BYSM’s has been conducted, left un-conducted, prevented and/or suppressed before terminating this document to take it up at some future juncture: What is the statistical probability that the BYSM’s were unrelated? If such murders were not unrelated, what motive of a serial murderer would there be to commit the murders committed, other than to protect Soetoro from whatever consequences of the publication of his alleged homosexual activity & possibly other moral turpitude & activity engendering concern about his capacity to exercise authority of office, would there be? If a serial murderer had murdered three associates of a U.S. Senator in 37 days, would it be plausible for the associates of such Senator, if not the Senator himself to not notify investigatory/security agencies of such matter – after all has not the personal security for Chicago Alderman Ed Burke cost Chicago taxpayers 14 million dollars over the past 30 years? If a serial murderer had murdered three associates of a U.S. Senator in 37 days and such Senator had not been involved in such murders, is it tenable that no one knowing any of the victims would have informed such Senator of such developments and that such Senator would not have inquired into such matter(s) and used the influence of his office to ensure the vindication of the public’s interest in the punishment of crime in regard to such type murders? Is the reputation for the corruption and criminality of the CPD so low, at present, that someone would presume that (s)he could get away w/ 3 murders in 37 days of members of one social group in Chicago, IL, (in which the victims whereof were not allegedly members of any weapons-toting gang) without having to exert any control over and/or bear any influence upon any investigation whereof, or is the more plausible explanation that members of the CPD itself actually executed those murders so that if they were to encounter complications while committing them, that they could use a display of authority – ie a pretext of the conducting of an investigation at the time and place wherein observers might become cognizant of any situation ever developing, in order to protect any scheme ever orchestrated in such regard from the possible consequences of the public exposure whereof or is it more likely that professional assassins were hired to commit the murders, or is there some other possible explanation for these murders yet to be considered? ‘ Over whom all did Bland, Young and Spencer have information which could be used to blackmail a given individual? Did the Committee of 300 use whatever predicament Soetoro would have been in in their estimation in the fourth quarter of 2007 regarding the allegations of L. Sinclair and/or information which Bland, Young and/or Spencer possessed in regard to homosexual activity ever conducted by Soetoro which in their minds might have jeopardized his election prospects in the 2008 presidential election, via a scheme to get him involved in the BYSM’s so that they could procure leverage upon him greater than they could have ever procured without any participation from him in the BYSM’s, in order to ensure that he would not end up adopting a strategy similar to that of their former puppet Adolph Hitler - namely to use them and their money to get into power so that he could then endeavor via the use of the military and policing entities over which he would then possess control to become the kingpin himself and subjugate them all to him? In regard to the “vagueness and/or overbreadth” challenge to the constitutionality on its face and/or as applied of the State of IL’s Official Misconduct Statute to the (non)investigation of the BYSM’s, that will most certainly be posited in the defense of any criminal charges instituted against any member of any State of IL and/or political subdivision of the State of IL policing entity or prosecutor in regard to any affirmative acts which ought to have been executed but which were left unexecuted in regard to the (non)investigation of the BYSM’s; should probable cause be found in regard to the activity/non-activity of a given such actor in regard to the BYSM’s, the question is herein posited: if a claim could legitimately be made that the rule promulgated in Wecker v Natl Enam....((_U.S._) would not apply herein: "Knowledge will be imputed where one neglects to investigate evidence easily within his reach." - which axiom was the established law in regard to claims of invincible ignorance in 2007 and remains so to this date, then what exactly would constitute the basis of any such type claim? In other words, could it possibly be justifiably claimed that culpability for official misconduct has not been incurred from not only the destruction, suppression and/or concealment of evidence ever available in regard to the BYSM’s but from any non-investigation of whatever evidence has ever been or now is available in regard whereto, and if so, what exactly in light of the Wecker quote referenced herein would constitute the basis of such type an argument? Document List of 10/25/11 Regarding the Posting and Transmitting of the Commentary Upon the Presentation of Evidence…Young…. (“D/L of 10/20/11”) D/L of 10/25/11 X Commentary Upon the Presentation of Evidence…Young…. (“D/L of 10/25/11”) …Component of Evidence Submitted to the CPD on 10/18/11 (…ybcpdevid101811.html) Complaint of 6/1/2010 in Case # 10 CH 26622 in CCCC, IL Letter to attorneys of 10/24/10 Notice to Det. McVicker of 12/5/10 Affidavit of Larry Sinclair of 4/1/2008 Wayne Madsen 13 Page Reports re Young, Bland and Spencer Murders and Related Matters Proposals re confession to commission of crime of official misconduct Complaints re gross dereliction of duty necessitating termination from CPD and relinquishment of any pension and/or any other type(s) of benefits accrued Proposed stipulation re wearing of a wire by CPD Det responsible for controlling investigations and everyone in chain of command in the CPD up through present mayor of City of Chicago Obama Kill List email Challenge in Quo Warranto to Presumption of Fitness to Hold and Exercise Office of All CPD Members Who Have Participated in Investigation/Interference with/Prevention of Investigation of Bland and Young Murders as of …. Petition to Defund CPD – City, State, Fed Petition to Proscribe CPD - City, State, Fed Petition for Appointment of Special Prosecutor – Federal 29 USC 591(g) Demand for Congressional Investigation Invitation to All Members of CPD Responsible for Condition of (Non)Investigation of Bland and Young Murders to Resign Immediately, Consign any Pension Benefits Accrued to Some Demonstrably Non-undeserving Cause, and Establish a Restitution/repayment Plan for Monies Received Without Provision of Commensurate Consideration to Public Interest, to Be Designated to Some Source From Which the Corrupt, Criminal and Cannibalistic Government Officials Now in Office at Every Level Cannot Use Such for Any of the Evil Purposes for which they Ordinarily Use Funds to Which They Ever Possess Access Complaint against ISMA Member Commentary Upon the Submission of Evidence to the CPD on 10/19/11 – see #2 supra Submission of Evidence to CCSA (For what purpose does CCSA employ investigators?) Complaint Against RJM by World’s Children Under Age 7 RJM HOS nomination George Mason – Why No Standing Armies? Roger Roots – Are Cops Constitutional? A Y adjacent to a given entry indicates that the document corresponding whereto was included in what was posted online at the URL listed in the ULC of this document on 10/26/11 -submitted by Robert J. More, ISMA Br. #4 AAA